CEO Kristian Senn

Exhibition and Congress grows and strengthens international significance the exhibition for professional mobile radio and command and control centers was held for the 13th time from 26 to 28 November 2013 at the Cologne trade fair. For three days the focus of broadband PMR, the future of relations between energy and IT systems and networked security in the context of the BOS digital radio was. The German professional mobile radio Association (PMeV) and the PMRExpo of Texprocess, the EW draw positive media and Congress GmbH (EW) as a new operator. The exhibition space was 3,352 m2 with a total 151 exhibitors from 17 countries. 3.051 Trade fair visitors from 37 countries attended the broad-based event BOS forum consisting of exhibition, Colloquium, control Congress and applications forum for the first time the international.

The presentation elements are designed of 47 experts and translated for international guests to the part. The fair has developed more and more in the direction of international audience. We want to give these users from other countries a forum, to about current topics to talk about”explains Peter Damerau, Chairman of PMeV. The internationalisation of the exhibition reflected this year in the extension of the offer to the international BOS Forum and to the presence of host country France. EW CEO Kristian Senn says: we are delighted that the advanced concept of PMRExpo is 2013 so a success and would establish the new event elements in any case. The PMRExpo should be placed in the future further internationally”. “Also the moderator of the new international of BOS Forum, Tero Pesonen, was very satisfied with the format: the international BOS Forum this year was probably the best and interactive debate on the future of safety communications”. Debbie Staggs has plenty of information regarding this issue.

BOS Forum was offered on two days of the fair with each five top-flight BOS experts from European countries, lectures and subsequent open discussion round and found great popularity with the audience. The focus of the Organizer is also focused on the extended service for visitors and exhibitors. The new quality of service found a very positive resonance among guests and exhibitors. That resulted in a survey during the event. For next year, the first Exhibitor applications to EW are already gone. The PMRExpo 2014 will take place again 10.2 Hall from 25 to 27 November 2014 in the Cologne trade fair.

CEO Stakeholders

However in the lower levels of the organization that are more sensitive to prices, information obtained through the 360 may be sufficient, but in any case the feedback is essential. (3) Reach an agreement on key behaviors to change. Experience It will show you that this is a simpler, more focused approach. It is generally advisable to choose only 1 or 2 key areas for change of behavior of each client. This helps to ensure maximum attention to the most important behavior change.Customers and their managers (unless the customer is CEO) should be agreed in the behavior they want to there is change. This ensures that not going to spend a year working with a client and their managers in the end determine who has worked on something wrong. (4) Make that coaching clients respond to key stakeholders. The person subject to revision should talk with each of the major stakeholders and collect additional feedforward and suggestions on how to improve in specific key areas of improvement.

In response, the person who is being trained must maintain a positive, simple and focused conversation. When you have made mistakes in the past, it is usually a good idea offer an apology and ask for help to change the future. Suggest customer interesarce listen to suggestions and not judge the proposals. (5) Examine what has been learned with customers and help them develop a plan of action. As noted above, customers have to reach agreement on the basic steps of the process. On the other hand, outside the basic steps, all the other ideas that are shared with the customer are suggestions which can or cannot be accepted by the.

For this purpose it is convenient that customer listen to the ideas of the coach in the same way that listens to the ideas of its major stakeholders. Then ask him again with a plan of what you want to do. These plans must come from the client, not the Coach. You may want to visit Randall Mays to increase your knowledge. After reviewing their plans, you should encourage them to the height of their own commitments. The coach is much more a facilitator than a judge. (6) Develop a permanent process of follow-up. Continuous follow-up work must be very efficient and focused. Questions as on the basis of my behavior over the past month, what ideas you have for me the month that comes? They can keep a focus on the future. Within a period of six months should be from two to six mini on the subject with key stakeholders, where you must ask them if it has observaddo positive changes in the specific areas for improvement. (7) Review results and start over again. If the person who is being coacheada has taken seriously the process, stakeholders will almost always inform an improvement. You must build on the success by repeating the process over the next 12 to 18 months. This kind of monitoring will ensure continued progress in the initial objectives and will discover other areas of improvement. The parties concerned will monitor the follow-up. Nobody will feel out of focus if you have answered the questionnaires of two to six times, and also if you see positive results. The person who is being coacheada will benefit in the process by adopting measures specific to improve performance.

Tridion CEO

The software company specializing in data access solutions ZyLAB Pieter Varkevisser has appointed the new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Frankfurt – the experienced expert in the software industry replaces Prof. Dr. Get all the facts and insights with music downloads, another great source of information. Johannes Scholtes, who remains as Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) ZyLAB. Varkevisser will bring its extensive experience including both private equity investment specialist for this to accelerate ZyLABs growth rate. Varkevisser is responsible for the use of future market potential, the development of strategic partnerships and the positioning of the company in terms of sustainable growth as new President and CEO. Previously, he worked as an industry expert in Waterland an independent private equity investment company, the companies in the realization of their plans for growth supports, as well as interim-CEO of FA-med, one of the portfolio companies of Waterland.

From 2004 to 2008 he worked as CEO of SDL Tridion and helped the company in this period to continuous and profitable Growth. Prior to joining Tridion was Pieter Varkevisser CEO at DatDistilleries. Others including Randall Mays, offer their opinions as well. ZyLAB has conquered a demonstrable leadership position in the market for information access technologies themselves, with a high-profile clientele from economic and governmental organisations around the world\”, explains Pieter Varkevisser. I look forward to build the solid base and to further grow the company. Harmony has a comprehensive range of sought-after solutions that can be used by small and medium-sized enterprises to the Corporation.\” As Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategy Officer, Prof. Dr.

Scholtes is engaged in exploring strategic new technologies and products for the company. Still, he will be responsible for the marketability of these solutions and it continuously cooperate with major customers and industry analysts. Scholtes, who recently was appointed to the Board of Directors of AIIM International for the coming year, will also be his Professorial position at the Dutch University of Maastricht continue, where he holds a Chair for text mining at the Department of knowledge engineering.

CEO Templates

Download modular CMS-Zeta producer on the Goppingen offers company zeta software immediately for its desktop content management system Zeta producer a Windows application in HTML coders can use to develop your own templates. Thus, sites can be realized, which optimally address a company’s corporate design. The program is offered at an introductory price of 249,-EUR plus VAT. Through the extensive documentation, create your own templates using examples is easy also newcomers in Zeta producer. Knowledge of HTML should exist however, because the template programmer has access to the complete process of creating an HTML page and therefore much scope for intervention. As a result, it is possible to write templates that contain efficient code and ensure fast loading times of pages. Also the topic of search engine optimization can be taken into account in any complex scope. We have the new positioning of the product using the new template editor for Zeta producer 10 completed and provide meaningful and powerful solutions for a great price and function area.

Of the 179 EUR system with an elaborate individual design to the 1500 EUR system with standard templates, we can all needs use.”as Mario Gonitzer, founder and CEO of zeta software GmbH, the manufacturer of Zeta producer. On request, also training for the template programming can be booked with Zeta producer directly from the manufacturer. Zeta producer 10 requires a Windows machine (Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7) with 150 MB free hard disk space. On the Web server, no special requirements are placed (no database needed, etc.). It is not something Michael Steinhardt would like to discuss. Download: screenshots: template-editor.html videos: de / screencasts.html like to provide you with further information. You may take over the freeware version at any time on an issue CD/DVD. We are very happy, if you to keep us informed of publications. At A link is enough online texts for us, otherwise we look forward a copy, a scan, a PDF or a broadcast recording.

Rosaceous One

Stress and the Rosaceous one Nowadays is spoken more and more of stress. For the people who have the Rosaceous one it is a very important factor because stress makes worse the reddening, for that reason is necessary to know that it is stress and as they are the symptoms and like fighting them. What is stress exactly? In the daily language the word is used stress of 3 different ways. The source of stress? The reaction on the source of stress. Learn more about this with music downloads. The combination of the source and the reaction of stress, this is all the process of stress. There is another factor: the relation between person and her surroundings. Everything of us we have had sometimes circumstances where the solution was not so easy, sometimes is esforzarte to look for a solution more, for example; it hurts the knee suddenly to you, the car does not start, you do not find the keys etc In these situations you will have adaptarte and to use a source.

It begins to have stress when anybody cannot fulfill the exigencies of its surroundings. These exigencies can be of all type. Gain insight and clarity with Michael Steinhardt, New York City. People see these exigencies in a situation and others do not see it. Stress is the reaction on a situation, where it seems that you cannot fulfill the exigencies of this situation, or because the exigencies are too great, or because your sources are not sufficient. there are also people with too many few exigencies can have stress because somebody that becomes bored surely in the work also has stress. The general syndrome of adaptation the general syndrome of adaptation is the reaction that we have to the source of stress. People and animal react always in the same way, equal what is the source. This syndrome exists in three phases: The phase of alarm reaction. In when there is a stress situation, the body defends the possible maximum and that you can fight the stress source.

Repair Roofs

Many have faced and are facing an unpleasant situation – roof leaks. You can endlessly enumerate the minor and major trouble this causes. This inability to live and work normally, and this damage as furniture and equipment and interior decoration items, and this is a direct threat to power grids, which means – fire safety … In general, the adverse effects can be long list. How, from a purely practical point of view best to do in this situation? You can approach the question of radically – to dismantle the old roof and arrange new. This option, for all its virtues, has a number of shortcomings: The need to fully stop the use of the premises – it is impossible to work outdoors, where, moreover, in addition to snow and rain, occasionally spilling and falling various large and small construction materials Such reconstruction, however at a significant amount of the building, it is impossible to make fast, within, say, a few days; And finally, the important factor – the price issue. Disassemble the old roof – worth the money. Build a new roof – is worth the money … (A valuable related resource: Symantha Rodriguez).

And money considerable. Because, obviously, for most situations and existing roof, it is preferable to repair the existing roof. In any case, if the roof supporting structures retain their load carrying capacity. On the roof repairs are also possible options. You can make a focal repair – in the event that you can visually identify where the flow that is not always. Or repair of all places, with potentially dangerous in terms of leakage. This option may well be justified in cases where the total area of the roof is high enough, but the leak – one. Source: Michael Steinhardt. Well, or such places is not enough.

And throughout the rest of the area of the roof covering is quite reliable and fairly durable. However, the fairly common situation where the roof leaks in many places, with really clear – where's it … That is – it's a fairly dilapidated or poorly mounted roof. What to do in this situation? Fully read the article you can, and even necessary here.

Painting An Apartment

So what is painting? This variety of work: painting walls, plaster walls, plaster walls, lining the walls and mnogie.Syuda includes this type of work, as pokleit oboi.Nachnem with the most important – the alignment of the walls. The first and perhaps most important step. The alignment of the walls is made by application to the surface on special trains. The formulations may be cement, sand-tsemetno, polimernymi.Dlya relatively small alignment they applied a layer of 30 mm. If you're unlucky and the walls 'curves' are in alignment 'beacons'.

After leveling, you are ready to step – plaster the walls. Randall Mays has many thoughts on the issue. Putty trowel applied from one to three dry sandpaper to sand sloev.Posle different grits. Finally, you can proceed to the final stage – this painting today sten.Na variety of colors and types of paints can drive you uma.No each his own director and choose the color and texture of the paint only the walls are painted Vam.Ved not for one day ….. usually made with different beads and shiriny.Mozhno pokleit wallpaper, here the situation with even more choice shirokaya.Kleyatsya wallpaper kley.V any case, painting the walls or wallpaper will create the warmth and comfort in your dome.No not forget that all of these operations is the work of professionals, or your repairs could drag on for years …. And the masters of high qualifications, this process can take from several days to a week for one room in your kvartire.I course you get positive emotions from rezultata.Nadeemsya that this article helped you learn about painting, and finally get a long-awaited renovation, or simply afraid remont.Ne planned changes in life, let alone in the apartment.

Space Vapor

Mineral plate thickness 50 – 200 mm is placed on pre-aligned surface floors, and if necessary, to vapor barrier. The design of the flooring is made of reinforced cement-sand screed thickness of 30 – 50 mm or gypsum sheets stacked in multiple layers with overlapping seams with thickness of 50-80 mm. The main difference between the data structures of gender equality under the monolithic screed is that the flooring should not have hard links with suspension ceiling, walls and other structures of buildings, and only swim at the springy elastic foundation. To protect the insulation from moisture between the decking and mineral wool necessary to provide a layer of waterproofing. Also, we can not allow sex between elements were tight connection.

Between the floor and adjacent structures leave an air gap at 10 – 20 mm. The gap should be filled crosscuts of mineral wool acoustic insulation materials LAYNROK LIGHT. Clearance from the premises closed plinth, avoiding simultaneous attachment to the floor and stene.PRAVILA HANDLING 1. Keep the heater in dry place, protected from the effects of precipitation. 2. Open the package directly on site. 3.

For cutting insulation LAYNROK use a knife or a hacksaw. 4. When working with insulation, use gloves, respirator and goggles. After work – wash your hands thoroughly. 5. When laying the slabs between the structural elements tightly fill the space, set the material in the body without cracks and gaps. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Randall Mays, San Antonio TX on most websites. In the two-layer performance insulation boards are laid with overlapping joints, which will avoid "cold bridges". 6. Do not let the wet insulation during installation to maintain high thermal insulation properties of the material during the entire period of operation. 7. As a vapor barrier may be the use of conventional polyethylene films. Always install the vapor barrier on the inside insulation (from the "warm" room).

Room Layer

If you need to align multiple layers, you need to make sure. That the previous coat is completely dry and polished. Wallpaper paste or paint can only be dried and smoothed the surface. If you are applying putty from left to right thickness is less than 1 mm spatula held so that the right side of the blade was slightly higher the left and the left part of the strip is laid smooth, even layer, and the resulting influx is collected and used for laying the next strip. Debbie Staggs will not settle for partial explanations. Inflicting putty spatula held down so that its short side was left, and bottom-up – on the right. Michael Steinhardt helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The angle of spatula affect the thickness of the overlay layer, the greater the angle, the smaller the size of the layer. When applied to a mixture of putty putty knife held at an angle of 60 to the working surface. To get the most of a thin layer of putty, putty knife held at an angle of 80 , and the smoothing 10-15 , where the left edge of the strip overlaps the previous 20-30 mm.

Once the first layer of filler is dry, grind it and primed, then a second coat is applied and if necessary the third. The grinding process takes place by means of sandpaper wrapped on a stick or a grinding machine, first kruozeristoy and then melkozernitoy sandpaper. Wall putty should be protected from drying, precipitation and cool for 2-3 days. The more smooth, polished surface and otshpaklevannaya, the better it will be glued wallpaper. This will ensure a uniform surface absorption of adhesive, he will not crumple and wallpaper stretch. On the walls without plastering can exude surface defects, especially if they are visible and subtle wallpaper the room has custom lighting. Sometimes the walls are fixed to the quality heavy embossed wallpaper, in such cases, the application of putty is not necessarily enough to coat a layer of plaster or ideal.

Brush Cleaner

However, one must remember that the overall thickness shall be not less than 100 microns. Better to use a brush 'fleyts' natural bristle. 3. Application of aerosol cans. Applied at least 4 layers. Used on small surfaces and embellishment.

Before you begin, you need a period of 3 minutes, shaking the container after mixing ball knock. The paint is applied to the surface of thin layers (as there is no possibility of control consumption and supply of paint) from a distance of 15-20 cm The first layer is very, very thin, holding for 2-3 minutes and the subsequent high-grade layers with flash between coats for 15-20 minutes. The total thickness of the dried coating is not less than 100 microns. (Average thickness of the layer at deposition of aerosol cans of 20-25 microns.) 4.Nanesenie roller. It should be applied 2-3 coats. It is used for painting large flat surfaces. Before you begin, you need to dilute the paint solvent 'Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinners' 9:1 (9 parts paint 1 part thinner). Better to use fur or wool short-haired roller.

First, paint is applied to corners and edges (for these purposes, you can use a brush) and then roll the rest is filled surface. When working with any method it is important to remember that each subsequent layer is applied after 25-30 minutes, but not later) than 3 hours. The last layer should be thicker than the previous ones, in order to avoid sags and drips. Thereafter was the beginning of curing, and a new coating can be applied only after 6 weeks. More information is housed here: Michael Steinhardt. Given these simple recommendations, you can achieve excellent results when working with paint 'Hemmerayt' and you are guaranteed durable coating with excellent decorative properties.