Puzzles Of Human Life

To live – good and live well – even better! This well-known phrase in many ways reflects the essence of our approach to life. The vast majority are not interested in doing a search for truth, to think, what is the meaning of life, or even something that same spirit. We are much more interesting to know how to get a life so thrive. Who among us does not seek to find their way to success, your key to happiness? Measure of happiness, however, all different, but you can still derive a common formula: ‘Get as many pleasures, putting as little effort. ” But that’s not all.

Sometimes, people made their ‘settled’. However, he is constantly comparing yourself to others! And if you suddenly discover that someone has more – will again suffer and not enjoy the achievements. That is our essence. And so it was established that a truly happy person never will be, no matter how much he had. Nobody would give him the assurance that tomorrow everything will be continue as well, not get rid of fear for their health, their children’s future, etc. It turns out that we are doomed to endless suffering. Is this is the meaning of our lives? There must be some way out, something that will relieve us from suffering once and for all.

And this withdrawal does indeed exist. Meaning, purpose and rules of life, we have long been explained – is considered by his neighbors. Do not do to others what is hateful to you by yourself. It is in implementation of this rule lies the path of deliverance from suffering and the basis for a happy existence. It is very simple in theory, but in practice can not be performed. Our selfish nature of the interests of not passing considered. No, we, of course, something is considered and can even be polite and courteous. But doing it just as much feeling as a result of their own interest – to receive pleasure or from suffering. It turns out that we have put in a hopeless situation. We can not love someone for free, and at the same time, must do so. Nature has its suppressive effects on us. When the level of suffering comes to a certain point, people in many ways. including the fact to consider others. And nature is gradually brings us to this level. Enough to track how increased level of suffering humanity in the past hundred years. Therefore, anyone who wants to avoid suffering, is looking for painless method to make a necessary change to get the power to implement the principle of caring for their neighbors. And the sooner the better: in order, so to speak, prevention, not bringing ‘disease’ to the stage of surgery.

Economic Development

People who have traditional attitudes and has only experiences traditional economic organization – can not understand due to what under the influence of any economic laws such grandiose results Now in particular, is very intense correspondence, meetings and other ways to communicate with officials of Ministry of Economic Development, where specialists, heads of departments and directors of departments spend a lot of time and require more and more documents in the hope to reveal the secret of success from the application of this innovations in practice. I think that this is an inefficient way of cost of effort of the state structure. There is now time to search for reasons for disclosure mechanisms, but there is an urgent need for immediate application of this method throughout the country. Let us use the method in practice, and officials, scientists and researchers suppose then, based on the results, looking for reasons for success and output patterns! Why support the method of government? The fact is, and this must be prepared outlining each person to try to apply the method in my own practice, that under the circumstances, the business, working on the proposed principles – will not last long. Once Surrounding find that your company before this was not much success, "suddenly, unexpectedly starts to get more profit, begins to create competition in their own environment – it immediately attacked. This may be local officials, security forces can, can the bandits, the director may be similar enterprises, enjoying the patronage of the regional leadership. But the result is always the same.

Your business or take over or liquidate! Most often, as a justification put forward the idea that a modernized enterprise "wrong" is exercised, "wrong" shared resources "wrong" the payments are so similar. That is why the method is vital to support or approval, or recognition of the legitimacy of the state structures. Ministry, of course, enjoy the possibilities of resuscitation crumbling business but to approve it only if they agree to get to where the dog is buried in the high efficiency of the new organization. That's marking time for the second year. And the situation is, all persistent and insistent calls for a wide application of the method!

Caucasus Media

Due to the fact that I had to spend several weeks in the hospital for chronic pancreatitis, I asked to bring me into the ward as much as possible of newspapers. Soon the press was delivered to my wife. I would like to share with your opinion about what is lacking modern media, and that, conversely, attracted my favorable attention. If a newspaper, which unfortunately is now rare, distinguished by the variety of subjects, solidity, careful selection of news, the presence of the old school of journalism – she did not even need any additional public relations, the so-called promotion – it will always be in demand and popular Now quite often come across the press quite another kind, which I do not even want to talk, but there are newspapers, which are among the various other media outlets island on which the eye and pleasant to stay where it is possible to breathe clean air. In particular, call my sincere interest in inter-regional newspaper 'North Caucasus', which was a pleasant discovery for me in the media world. Many publications are addicted to negative, which already makes our life difficult and hopeless. I would like to ask 'North Caucasus': more bright colors! The newspaper only benefit from this. Do not be morbid concentration on the destruction and killing.

Heavy news Nobody has added to health. Yes, Newspaper favorably with other editions of the lack of total , as well as popular publications to date from the racy lives of public people. But still, I would like more light moments. Let's write about the positive: the construction of new plants and hydroelectric plants, the theatrical premieres, but you never know about anything else. Our long-suffering people deserve at least a few minutes of rest, which the reader can draw from communication with the progressive, but at the same time, a little conservative, a truly professional media. Sometimes do not even want to discuss is not what the news, printed in some editions, but just take these books into the hands – Beautiful glossy cover, and you open a magazine – and do not understand to whom and what can be addressed to such information. With horror, you think that an attractive appearance of some publications is a good lure for young which sometimes thoughtlessly, blindly browse through the pages of newspapers or magazines, on a subconscious level, soaking up all that negative, which breaks with the glossy pages.

Native Faith

They know that the Slavic people are the most dangerous weapon against their system of government. They also realize that their time has passed and that the Slavs are beginning to wake up, breaking their offspring – a democratic society. And since 2012 the Earth will be sufficiently covered by original light, which can awaken the spirit of the people, opening all sorts of abilities and power of those who think pravedno.Chtoby reduce the number of people needed to create exercises, going consciousness of the Slavs from the truth, causing them various fears and to Jews, Christians, rulers, and just to each other. After Judge for yourself, what would happen if suddenly all the awakened people instead of empty claims to someone will be engaged in the development, unite and create a new society, as opposed to modern umirayuscheymirovoy system. People feel that this system will collapse soon and hurry to secure their lives.

They were happy to join in a new way of life came out of the slavery of money and stopped supporting "world government". But "the rulers of the world" want to extend its sweet parasitic century, introducing the agents in the Slavic spirit. Already, there is a split in rodnovercheskih communities. Some Slavs hostile to others, and this is what should have been done "Rulers". From Native Vedic Faith ancestors chapter slavyanskihobschin try to make another religion, which is not much otlichaetsyaot same Christianity. But the essence of Native Faith – the knowledge of the universe by himself and the world, successfully concealed, and any knowledge that comes in from outside the community just ridicules. .

Express Communication

Communication and its importance in Mexican society. Communication is a very important aspect of our society, is the only way in which we can express ourselves among ourselves and communicate our ideas, thoughts and feelings to other people in a clear and effective manner. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate how to express ourselves we are influencing all those who surround us, either for good or for evil. The essay deals with two important issues; the way we express ourselves with our loved ones and the way we express ourselves with society. In recent months, Mike Shinoda has been very successful. Family is the center of society, in it we grow and we operate, developing every aspect of our personality, thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, it is not strange to observe how the communication in the family completely affects the personality of a person.

I A. Richards defined communication as the way in which we express our experiences to achieve in turn affect those around us and get them to experience a little of our experiences. This way when a family member is Express, all the experiences passed to other family members. The family atmosphere is generally, the environment in which we spent the years most important of our human development when we are children, therefore the type of communication that we experience is crucial for optimal personal development, since children are particularly sensitive to the communication of their parents, in such a way that it affects them until the lack of communication, since it is the only bridge towards an intimacy with our beloved. Therefore I conclude that at the family level effective communication is crucial in the family since it affects people since its birth, affecting his personality completely. This second topic I will talk about how we communicate with other people, and as this has a direct effect on society and our culture. Many people today are not aware of the impact and importance of communication in a social sphere, since usually don’t realize the way in which you communicate is like the true image that These giving to the people that surround you, i.