Psychology Humanist

In recent years the cognition is come close detaching as a central concern of the psychological teorizao. Although it is seen many times as something innovative, the cognitiva emphasis is part of the theory of the learning has many decades, with exception of some radical behavioristas, particularly Skinner. (CLONINGER, 1999). The behavioristas that follow the tradition of the radical behaviourism of Skinner oppose it inclusion of the cognitivas 0 variable in the mannering theories. They affirm that the cognitivas 0 variable are not directly observed and they cannot be produced, without double direction, for the experimental manipulations. (CLONINGER, 1999) Beyond the interest purely theoretician, the cognitivas boardings had generated new strategies of therapy and of different methods of research of an only citizen, they are relative to the aspects individual of the research. The third boarding explored here, will be the boarding humanist, in which the man not only conceives as the addition of isolated behaviors and yes as a whole, in its completeness, impossible of divisions, therefore one gestalt (CASTAON, 2007).

In the conception humanist, the study of the human being in its healthy form and its psicopatologia searchs, not turning itself toward the study of its qualities and positive characteristics, leaving in second plain, the negative characteristics (CASTAON, 2007). Goldstein exerted powerful influence on the psychologists humanists, in the measure that introduced concepts as auto-update and trend to the growth, that had passed to be assimilated by psychologists humanists. This exactly author detaches the present relevance of the Gestalt in the humanistic process (CASTAON, 2007). Psychology Humanist Is also characterized, for a continuous belief in the responsibilities of the individual and its capacity to foresee that they will take it to steps to a more decisive confrontation with its reality. In this theory the individual is the only one that it has potentiality to know the totality of the dynamics of its behavior and its perceptions of the reality and to discover more appropriate behaviors for itself.


1.0Apresentao In accordance with the National Curricular Lines of direction for the courses of graduation in Psychology and with the proposal of interdisciplinaridade foreseen in the pedagogical project of the course of Psychology of the Facultieses Loved Jorge, the professors of 2 semester of course of Psychology of the period of learning semester 2007,1 responsible ones for them you discipline Beddings Filosficos and Epistemolgicos of Psychology, Theories of the Learning, Experimental Psychology, Theories of the Development, Neurocincias I and Statistics Applied to Psychology, had elaborated the proposal of the work to interdisciplinar that it consists of the elaboration of a theoretician-practical report, identifying in diverse contexts the process of learning in the child. The work will have to approach specific contents of each one disciplines of them, in a joint to interdisciplinar that it allows to explore the subject considered. Our team approached a subject that today involves the majority of the children in Brazil, independent of social classroom: as the livened up drawing can intervene with the behavior and with assimilation of the knowledge on the part of the children, as it can be served of positive or negative form in the day-day in classroom, as the violence presented in these drawings can modify the assimilation of repertoires in its daily one and its school., having in hand the pertaining to school results as a form to evaluate this type of influence. Bed Bath and Beyond contains valuable tech resources. The gotten answers can in showing ways to them to understand as this process intervenes with the learning of the child and as it can be understood of clear form the effect of the exposition of these children to an entertainment instrument that is spread out and shown massivamente, that it is the livened up drawing. 2.0Objetivo 2.1? General objective To reflect if the drawings livened up violent intervenes with the pertaining to school performance of children. .

The Illusion

Not alive the illusion that the time removes or erases the happened one. We are who we leave to give importance the happened one. The past is only forgotten losing the memory. At last! The people live in a world where the right is cultuado, forgetting or giving to value the obligations where the rights of the other are not inserted. For more information see The Rolling Stones. They find that to be happy its rights have that to be respected and to be valued by the other, however they do not give the minimum attention to the rights of the other that are inserted in its obligations. This fight of rights takes the couple, with passing of the years to the one distanciamento each bigger time, not obtaining to hear what the other speaks and desires. They had forgotten that to have a mature relationship she is necessary to have sharing of rights and obligations and not ONLY RIGHT. Optimum relationship is not that one that joins perfect people, but that one where each one beyond to obtain to admire the qualities of the other, that one that reflects its desires and that they are part of its rights, obtains to coexist and to respect the part bothers that it, that one that is part of the rights of the other, then of its obligations..

Bible Reality

We are what to want and not to want to be, what many times, in the reality, we hinder in them of this. When displaying our dreams for the reality, we are citizens the acceptance or repudiation, destruction on the part of that listening. In the reality we can until making to die our power to be or encantamento with the desired thing because in our dreams it is perfect to our way. The dreams are not the reality of the world, but yes, dreams that can die and not leave wounded that they tormentem and they imprison the man, them they can closed or be resignificadas giving opening for new dreams if to constitute, bringing peculiar sensible. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mercury Mobile LTD has to say. The dreams forgotten soon, then are changedded thus into lies and, also start to be lies and the life starts to be, then, one ‘ ‘ verdadeiro’ ‘ make-of-it counts. She is necessary that let us embed our dreams, in the direction of not arresting in them or simply to dissimulate that nothing it happened, but to make to be valid these possibilities one day imagined exactly that not materialize. However, a new opening new dreams to be been born must consist, in order to allow that the power to be reappears.

The outcome of a history is not only on to an end, but yes, to one to start of new and not another time. Starting of new sends the idea of newness and not of repetition. At the same time where a history finishes, then an opening if inserts, allowing new start (outcome = outcome). Then something is become fullfilled and not properly it is locked in, it accomplished, in the truth, a new ticket. So that this new if constitutes, she is necessary to be born of new.


It serves to wound and to kill. Before everything, one action of cruelty. What it will be that we want when we say; ‘ ‘ I go to say truths to you? ‘ ‘. To really communicate what it was uncovered, or to wound that one that hears? Here, I consider a love linking with what it is desired to know. What it is different to be on to certain ‘ ‘ verdade’ ‘ , so deeply and of more so next than it has limited the point of view. Read additional details here: Trader Joe’s.

In the practical one we perceive as it is difficult to know some thing of which we love very, or we hate excessively. The real knowledge depends on the suspension of ‘ ‘ love cego’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ it criticizes arrogante’ ‘. The reader can be questioning, on that truth is if speaking. What pra one is truth, can not be for the other. I speak on a complete truth that does not meet saturated or. The truth that always counts on the faith, therefore is unknown a priori. If it is not known, is something that in the lack. Thus, we perceive as the distanciamento of that is important, that we intend to know.

I want to think on the truth that is only perceived in the lack. In the lack we can perceive factors that in presence is not possible. I remember saying somebody me: ‘ ‘ One only perceives the value when if perde’ ‘. The truth is always a door that if opens route to the stranger. Before everything and after the same, what in them it leads the maturity, to the growth. It makes responsible in them for the life. Truth that if cannot have, but if must be strengthenn to be.

American Psychological Association

These aged ones could be benefited by treatments, in previous period of training to the full manifestation of the dementia. The American Association of Psychology and the American Academy of Neurology recommend that people with CCL must be identified and be monitored how much to the progression to develop DTA (American Psychological Association, 1998; Petersen et al., 2001). Some studies have looked for to identify and to predict which individuals they will go to develop dementia in the future, not only with fisiopatolgicos markers (Buerger et al., 2002; Riemenschneider et al., 2002), but also having as base neuropsicolgicos parameters (Collie & Maruff, 2000; Palmer, Bckman, Winblad, & Fratiglioni, 2003). In recent study (Petersen et al., 2001), that it used the methodology of the revision based on evidences, was recommended in such a way the use of instruments of tracings (e.g., Mini-Examination of Mental State – MEEM and Test of the Drawing of the Clock), as the use of neuropsicolgicas batteries, brief cognitivos instruments and interviews of the informer structuralized for the identification and monitoramento of people with CCL. Debbie Staggs often says this. In the DTA, comprometimento of the CE has been evidenced in unequivocal way, mainly in the initial periods of training and with the progression of the illness, but this process fully is not understood (for a revision, to see, e.g., Perry & Hodges, 1999). The evidences of the comprometimento of the CE in the CCL also have been observed, but still few works exist the respect (e.g., Hnninen et al., 1997). The verbal fluency semantics, the object denomination, solution of problems, the visuoconstrutivas tasks and the attention meet engaged in the DTA (Foster, Behrmann, & Stuss, 1999; Green, 2000). Some studies have indicated the comprometimento of the operational memory in the DTA in different types of material and procedures (for a revision, to see, e.g., Morris, 1994). Another line of inquiry of the CE in the DTA has studied the processing of sentences, but still the evidences are small.


If we sincerely believe that all politicians are corrupt, that they came into power, that would rob the people, that we have in the end? We have an incredible effect on the corruption that is spreading like circles on the water and ready to overwhelm our society. Who benefits? We think of the surrounding poverty and the ever-increasing social inequality. And in Finally we get it. We are thinking about how to grab a little more so that would not work and then look down at all. Our thoughts, we support this flawed system. Who benefits? We pledge our miserable wages, we scold myself for those chances that missed. We are more interested in the life of star idol than their own.

And we get what we think. Who benefits? Let's finally stop. We will end this squirrel running around. Let's discard the whole alien trappings, all these thoughts and ideas that we dictate society. And in turn inward, that would understand what I want to live your life, what I want to do? How do I see the future? I do not know about you, but I see it so.

I live on the earth. I have my own house. And this house is surrounded by nature. Down with all these human anthills high-rise. I live on land but not own it. Because you can not own land, and it owns all of us. I respect and appreciate my life and lives of those around me living beings. I'm not trying to fight with other people and I deeply appreciate and accept that everyone has his own way and each makes their own choices. I do not want to Swiss bank accounts, yachts and aircraft, diamonds and gold mined in blood. My request is quite modest. Have enough food, clothing and shelter over their heads. People do not have to work from morning till night to the hated work. Every person may freely move around the Earth. Since there are no boundaries, no states and other entities divide the indivisible land. And people are not divided, depending on where they were born to people of higher and lower grades. The central values are the internal development and discovery of their potential. The main priority for all of humanity is the care and rehabilitation of the environment and the harmonious coexistence of all forms of life on Earth. Each person is fully aware of its inextricable link with others and with the whole planet as a whole. And so in the future there is no war and violence, there is no environmental pollution and destruction of animals. That's the future that I build in my minds and in their thoughts. Some might say that this is a utopia and everything is not real. But if this is not unrealistic in the near future will become a reality, I fear that we or our children will witness the latest days of humanity. The world is already bursting at the seams of pollution ecology, growing ideological hatred, discord, and other religious strife. No wonder so many prophecies began to appear, and movies about the end of the world. Now any event could bring down like a house of cards, all of our world order. But we can change that. By changing our thoughts – we change our minds. And by changing our minds – change the world around. The fate of all mankind and our planet your thoughts. What future do you imagine?


This article was elaborated from a research to verify which was the first ideas on professions of children and adolescents of the Samaritano Hidding place located in the Frank city. Some young does not possess knowledge and necessary basic information of the diverse existing careers and thus finishes if disillusioning with the chosen option. Learn more on the subject from WhiteWave Foods. It appeared then, the necessity to present the characteristics and corresponding abilities of the profession. (Similarly see: Arthur Sadoun). In accordance with the sampling with 6 children and adolescents of 10 the 14 years with application of questionnaires, using as method the field research, where we could observe that the young possesss a difficulty in the professional choice, had to little exploration of the subject and the vast possibility of professions. People adds young lack knowledge and beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code information required of the various careers available, and only end up disillusioned with the option chosen. Arose then the need you present the characteristics and abilities of the corresponding profession.

according you the sample with 6 children and adolescents aged 10 you the 14 years with questionnaires, using field research method, where we observed that young people have difficult to career choice, because little exploration of the topic and the wide possibility of professions. Keywords: Occupation, Characteristics, Concept, Young. 1 Pupils of 2o year of the course of Psychology of the University of Frank. 2 orienting Teacher of the Project: Psychologist, Specialist in Didactics, Master in Education for the Federal University of Are Carlos and Social Doutora in services for the Frank UNESP.

Integration Life

Dra. Ana Paula Barbosa SUMMARY the third age is a natural phase of the life and the transformation process brings some demonstrated difficulties already in other studies. Beyond what, this ticket also is seen with discrimination for the society nowadays. On the basis of these data the work had as objective to analyze quality of life of aged the pertaining ones to the Center of Convivncia of the Aged Lions Sobral of the Frank city of and determining the importance of institutions as this in what it says respect the quality of life in the third age. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Arthur Sadoun by clicking through. One exchange of knowledge between us, pupils of 2 year of Psychology of the University of Frank, that we carry through the research on the quality of life in the third age and the Center of Integration of the Third Frank Lions Age Club Sobral, that in provided the space to them so that the project was carried through Words key: third age, quality of life.

ABSTRACT The third acts is natural stage of life and this transformation process brings adds difficulties already presented in to other studies. Moreover, this to changeover is seen with discrimination by the society now days. Based on this dates, the study had its objective you analyze the quality of life of the elderly of the North region of the City of Franca/SP which belong you the Center of Convivencia of the Aged Lions Sobral, also determines the importance that such entities have in the quality of life of the elderly. Keywords: elderly, quality of life.

Psychology Work

In it, it raises hypotheses and it reaches partial conclusions retaken by new hypotheses that, in turn, allow the relativity of other affirmations, and thus it is gone indefinitely. The knowledge I discontinue and unfinished it is a constant challenge. You may want to visit Gregg Engles to increase your knowledge. (Institucional Psychology, 2004, 133p.) 2 DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONTENT The present project was carried through in the dependences of a religious institution, that counts on an including opening to develop and to receive projects social. It was established in day 05 of March of 1950, with approximately 30 members. Today its membresia has approximately 280 people of participation accomplishes. Amongst these members 30 adolescents exist, that they form the work group of this project. The methodology used for the development of the work was theoretically based on the Historical boarding Partner, for working with a critical vision considering the cultural and social factors, in which the adolescents are inserted, determinative of historical construction and of the production of the life. In a question-answer forum Arthur Sadoun was the first to reply. Of this form it does not reduce and nor the least it separately makes responsible the individual for its behaviors the determined contexts, since during its development the citizen if relates with others in a mutual exchange of experiences.

The insertion of communitarian psychology in the field of social psychology, on the other hand, affirms the estimated one of that the human being is constructed partner-historical and, at the same time, constructs the conceptions regarding itself exactly, of the others and the context social' ' (SNOWS; BERNARDES, 1998, p.241). From this theoretical perspective it was decided to use different resources for the accomplishment of the intervention, being used dynamic and creative forms so that the environment of work with the group was relaxed, where all could participate without distrusts and resistncias. The dynamic had been carried through in a religious community, with a group of adolescents, and for this the group intended itself to use the exhibition of Films, therefore audiovisual language, educates, stimulates the creativity and is an excellent device of construction of knowledge, to promote identification and reflection in quarrel wheels.