Autonomous Metropolitan University

This Committee should deliver to the holder of the SCT an annual report since 2007 on the introduction of DTT, with the necessary recommendations to adapt the transition process. The Secretariat, in turn, should publish on the internet a version of that report with the information that is considered as public in terms of the transparency Act. So far there is no public information from these reports (do exist, perhaps?), with the exception of a table that includes the digital stations that have begun broadcasting in digital. Misinformation is aggravated by the disinterest of the companies to accelerate the transition. Televisa, for example, is It had committed itself to transmit in digital in the cities of Villahermosa, Merida, Morelia, Uruapan, San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas, from 15 December 2009. In 2008 he changed his mind and requested Cofetel to modify the titles of concession of the repeaters of channel 2 on five of those seats and channel 5 in two, to start their digital transmissions by December 2015 in San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas and Morelia; in 2012 in Villahermosa and until 2018! in Uruapan. This means a delay of between six and nine years to deadlines agreed with the Government originally.

According to Cofetel, there are 63 channels in the country which already transmit in digital. Of these, 45 are the cities for the first period, from 2004 to 2006, considered in the digital tv policy agreement: Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Mexicali, Ciudad Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros and Reynosa. The rest of the channels are in Toluca, Perote, Puebla, Queretaro, Sabinas Hidalgo, Leon, Cerro Culiacan, Torreon, Hidalgo the Parral and Durango. Based on the said agreement, the second period should cover between 2006 and 2009 the cities with more than one million and a half inhabitants. According to the INEGI only three cities come in that criterion: Puebla, Toluca and lion, plus Tijuana, already considered in the first period.

This means that coverages have been exceeded very easily, because source targets were very ambitious. TV Azteca is the company that has most put into operation digital channels, even ahead of the periods laid down in the agreement, while Televisa has opted to conform to the official calendar, and if we rely on the listing, has failed to comply with the obligation to have a digital presence in Toluca and Puebla. We must also recognise that the launch of HiTV, the television station of the Ajusco, placed the topic of DTT in the level of importance, which would always have. Good news. As uamero I am very pleased by the decision by Cofetel to approve that the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) has its own radio station. The assigned channel is 94.1 FM. Although it will be low-power, the arrival of digitisation will allow that the station can be heard throughout the capital of the country Hector Villarreal will be new media regulations in Segob Undersecretary. His sensitivity about the need to update the legal framework for the media and its experience in the sector paid in this topic.

Managing Evaldo Coast

You believe in the power of the dreams? He believes that he has an ideal model for a happy life? He wants to know as to reach the happiness? He desires to become the trip for the life most pleasant? All we desire restituted above for the questions, but nor all we want to give the necessary quota of sacrifice to get them in the dose and the certain time. The lies to be are many learned if, really, we desire to find our true intention in the life. It is fact that the life has been, many times, compared with a game, where the rules are not clarified. To read more click here: A. F. Chief of Staff . We, simply, start ' ' jogar' ' discovering our way through the signallings throughout ' ' estrada' ' , in the hope to play right. We can say that we do not know the objective accurately to play, nor what he really means to earn. Each person in the planet has its proper way, its set of lies to learn is individual, only intransferveis. We need to make ' ' to have of casa' ' with it disciplines if we desire to assimilate the lies with nimbleness and to evolve for the next stages.

How then to evolve finding the happiness? It does not have reply in cake prescription format, but some tips, as following the described ones, can taking in them to the meeting of the happiness: 1 – The first lesson to be assimilated is not to believe fast solution – emotional Problems, spirituals, intellectuals and of health are consolidated gradual; 2 – It does not wait that the time decides all its problems? the time helps in many directions, but its challenges its is responsibility e, therefore, they must be surpassed by you; 3 – Alive the life with sapincia? It does not have jeitinhos to surpass the lies of the life, therefore, to learn them is always the best solution for that they desire to evolution and a better life; 4 – He does not find that he goes to make success without working – You remember the phrase that says: ' ' in the dictionary the word success only appears before trabalho' '. Secretary of Agriculture is often quoted as being for or against this. Therefore it is this same, to win you will have that to give its quota of sweat. Therefore, ' ' it works as if everything depended on you and prays as if everything depended on Deus' '. 5 – Finally, it has much faith, love and hope, therefore hardly somebody will know the happiness without these three words that function as if they were the tripod of the life. It thinks about this and excellent week, Managing Evaldo Coast of the Institute of the Concessionaires of Brazil Writer, consultant, lecturer and Site professor: Blog: Email:

Scottish Widows

By means of the assembly of transparent complex financial projects and frequently nothing, administrators search to reach some objectives: to increase the financial yield of its groups, to enrich personally and to escape to the control of the shareholders (grifo ours). ' ' They demand, therefore, that the activity of the groups of which they withhold action is come back toward two objectives: the maintenance of the quotations of the actions in a possible level the most raised and the maximizao of the flows of dividendos' '. Filed under: financial planner. It is what Franois Chesnais observes, in Notices of lecture (6) on the book Fonds of pension, pige to cons? Woollen Mirage dmocratie actionnariale, of authorship of Frdric Lordon: (…) Les critres of capital gestion DES propritaires actuels du sont entirement financiers. Les gestionnaires DES grands fonds of pension et of placement collectifs les Fidelity et autres Calpers or Scottish Widows sont jugs sur there performance of leurs portefeuilles, qui results d' boursire joins combinaison enters valeur there et le rendement trimestriel DES titres qu' ILS dtiennent. Official site: Jack Fusco. ILS exigent donc that l' activit DES groupes dont ILS dtiennent les actions soit tourne vers deux objectifs: le maintien du cours DES actions au niveau le plus lev possible et there maximisation DES flood of dividendes (grifo and boldface ours). Still Franois Chesnais (3), now commenting the book Le woollen Pouvoir Finance, of authorship of Andres Orlan, indicates one in the ways by which this alchemy of the financial centralization is carried through. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Harold Ford Jr has to say. Thus, the autonomy of that the finance enjoys on this plan (of form necessarily passenger) rests on the internal mechanisms of evaluation of the prices of the proper headings to the financial markets, as the following one: There premire dimension of ' 'l' autonomie ' ' est le to pouvoir that les dtenteurs et les gestionnaires of patrimoines financiers acquirent sur there base of certaines institutions prodaily pay to there finance (celles qu' Andres Orlan tudie), of if dresser capital face au engag dans there production et donc galement travail face au, pour to exiger et to imposer joins participation to rpartition there qui est lgitime pair there seule possession patrimoniale, et dont les bnficiaires fixent les termes eux-mmes.

Relationships Management

In general topic of CRM (Customer Relationships Management, which means the customer relationship management) in the books the author does not appear for the first time. And it almost always is considering CRM, a CRM-system. But is this correct? Propose a more detail to understand the concept of CRM … We all have heard about the strategy CRM.

The basis of CRM-strategy is customer-oriented company … For a small organization that knows all of his clients in person, be customer-centric is not so difficult. The main thing to know what the customer wants quality and timely meet its needs. But if the customer not a thousand or ten thousand … Although, frankly, a private treatment and birthday greetings will never block the experience of blatant stupidity or rudeness of staff … and here it does not help either CRM-strategy, or the latest CRM-system. Staff must be trained, and only then think of customer-oriented approach and implement the CRM-system. Very often you can find the view that high-quality implementation of a CRM strategy simply need to implement an automated system class CRM …

And the thing is done. Not far from it. Effective CRM-system – a combination of optimized business processes and technology. By itself, the introduction of CRM-system virtually nothing useful companies do not bring. Well, except that some employees will be able faster to perform their functions and they will have more time to disposition “scarves.” Any introduction of CRM-system must begin with a definition of current project goals, analyzing and optimizing business processes to be Automation … Only in this case, the CRM-system will allow the company to save for the benefit of its customers. And most importantly, any CRM-project must have measurable real business results! This applies not only to CRM-solutions, but any project to automate processes. Choose a company-integrator for the implementation of CRM-systems on the principle “it will make us more customer-oriented” – is silly. How you’ll measure the success of this project? Unfortunately, it is because of an incorrect approach to the introduction of CRM-systems on the market is disappointing statistics – according to various estimates from 40 to 85% of CRM-projects fail, according to the customers. Ie Customers believe that the expected effect unachieved. But while almost no one argues about how they felt the effect. The recipe for success is simple – you need to think … and not only during the introduction of CRM.