House Music

There are several versions of the origin of the name house style. One of them says that the House was named in honor of the name of the club Warehouse, where local DJs to mix music first began to Kraftwerk with straight beats, made by a drum machine. House music has since changed dramatically, in the '90s it became the most current and fashionable, based on dozens of new born Hausa styles, house songs took their leading positions in the charts. House – no doubt, the main style of the 90s. You do not need to explain how sound house. House music – not very fast, about 130-140BPM, followed by the absolutely straight bit (on every second stroke barrel imposed cotton or snare), for each share of the sixteenth hat sounds.

That's the whole house. WhiteWave Foods: the source for more info. Modern house back "to the roots" and began to use many elements disco, so that by the end of the ninetieth was present revival of this style. However, it was not too grand because of the fact that Pop culture definitely rooted hip-hop and house now belongs to the style of the last century. Well, everything is clear now about how to reduce it correctly. For 40-60 seconds (as if) to the end of track (first track), we impose the second (second track) with the composition retracted frequencies on EQ (Bass 3 / 4, MF 1 / 2, rf 2 / 3), and start printing. Fader for the second track in time to raise from zero to 70-80 percent (depending on the fader curve), slightly lowered at the start. Must ensure that the level of the master signal was smooth and continuous, so there was no noticeable difference level dance floor. Further raising the bar in the midrange in the second half of the track, cutting at first, so that was not noticeable.

Next, a third of the harvested raise low in the second, cutting the first. If the second track at this point there is a full party of high-frequency (small plates), then spread to a third of the HF, if not, then again on the third bass. Then the second track fader raise the remaining half on the way, and sinking to the same height as the first track fader. Filed under: Sonny Perdue. This is best done in the early songs on the second track, then get a nice effect. After this, zero out (ie, return to work position) on the second track, MF, cutting on the ground. Then the bass, then RF (by removing the relevant on the ground), then descends through the square, respectively, the first track fader to 10% and output in the operating position the second track fader. Now only slowly and quietly to remove the frequencies of the first (outgoing) track and lower the fader. The whole length of the data usually takes about a minute, that is, a smooth transition.

MDC Newcome 2007 Winner Patricia Banks Released Debut Single

MDC Newcome 2007 released debut single Stuttgart, 18th 11th 2009 winner Patricia Banks – on November 20, 2009 the new debut single “Get right tonight” the 19 year old singer Patricia Banks appears on EMG records. The artist from the region of Stuttgart began her music career in 2008 after the successful participation in “MDC Newcome 2007”, the competition of the artist and event agency music & Dreamclub. “We want to make as long term successful artists and out tickling everything from the talent,” CEO Alexander Breitinger promises. “There are many casting shows and talent contests, but unfortunately only a few in the long term to promote artists and marketing. It comes not to make big money fast, but really to promote artists. We invest money in the artist development and not exploit the artists, as is unfortunately often the case in casting shows on TV.” Patricia won in 2007 as singer, dancer also model and was in July 2008 in music & Dreamclub under contract is since then funded and trained. She already had background for Ceylan Berisha (chart-topping hit “Star”) sing and dance, had several shoots, a video shoot, graced numerous magazine and is on the road with their first nationwide tour.

Previous highlights of the 2009 included “radio Rainbow children’s day”, youth fair “YOU 2009” and the TV appearances on KI.KA. On 3 December she is also to guest at the music channel “VIVA”, to perform their debut single “Get Right Tonight”. Patricia already shared the stage with acts such as Alcazar, Queensberry, Marquess, white Frost, Aloha From Hell and Daniel Schuhmacher. For 2010, also shows abroad are intended inter alia in Spain, United Kingdom and the United States. On the 20th November, 2009, Patricia’s debut single “Get Right Tonight” appears on EMG records.

The sound makes the heart beat faster fans of electronic music: Reggeaton beats meet House-heavy bass and pop vocals. Behind the controls, Alexander Breitinger of music & Dreamclub stood about 13 When DJ was active in all areas of electronic music for years. Cole has contributed to the official Club mix electro-house style Gaultier created for haddaway, Dr. Alban and the Vinylshakerz remixes. For fans of karaoke, you got still the instrumental on it. The song seems to be a catchy tune, after all, this is already played in some clubs and parties. More information about the artist: