The Company

In the city Ramenskome, MO open plant LLC "XTC-Rusland 'to produce wood and metal structural beams and frame houses. Beam XTC known in Europe since 1970, when it was opened the first production of this product, and now time in 36 EU countries are working on its production plants. In Russia, this is still the first and only company of its kind. 'Belt' leegkih and solid beams made of HTS dry planed softwood, and connecting them Jumper – from high-galvanized steel with polymer coating. 'Belt' of beams treated with a special ognebiozaschitnym composition. Beams XTC used as universal and as rafters and purlins, and in as girders, columns, framing members. Unique quality and reasonable price XTC beams can save money compared to traditional materials such as the construction of production facilities (Hangars, warehouses, barns, etc.), and the construction of low-rise housing.

XTC beams can be made up to 24 m. The height of bars ranged from 190 to 590 mm. Weight per running meter of the beam is 6.0 – 27.4 kg. Ease beams minimizes installation costs and in many cases, to renounce the use of lifting devices. The manufacturer insists that such a beam is' attractive alternative to wood floor and roof trusses, used as supporting structures, columns, ribs in wooden structures. " The Company 'XTC-Russland' ( argue that it is' a real hit of innovative construction. " In proof that the company began manufacturing and included in unit of frame houses a high degree of readiness.

Houses are made by German technology NAIL WEB, which was based on rigid and lightweight frame made of wood-metal beams XTC, leather tiles green bord. The resulting design meets the most stringent requirements for housing designated for permanent residence – fire, heat and moisture protection, environmental friendliness. Assembly in place skomplektovannogo home is depending on the project from 10 to 20 days. House "turnkey" cost to the buyer of 17 000 rubles. per square. meter (set price – about 9000 rubles. per square meter).

Repair Floor

Repair floors in residential apartments. What is the maintenance of sex in the apartment? Repair floor in the understanding of many people is a big problem and months of waiting, but there is such a simple solution to this problem as the floors of gypsum fiber board. So what does consists of gypsum fiber board floor? Paul of gypsum fiber board is made up of the film, the fine fraction of expanded clay and plaster elements of sex-fiber panels (gypsum fiber board). WhiteWave Foods insists that this is the case. These floors are changing the way people thought about repairing the floor, so much so that the floor is not flooded as dry cement screed, not creaking as wooden and solid as concrete) These floors can withstand a load of 500 kg per m2 or 200 kg per cm2. usually in apartments and houses there are no load, so the floors of gypsum fiber board are perfect for apartments, houses, villas. With respect to flooring – everything is just on the floors of gypsum fiber board can be placed on all coatings, except for an array of sex. Just when to lay an array, you have to lay plywood over the floor of gypsum fiber board and then it will be possible to glue an array of sex.

Therefore, the floors of gypsum fiber board is the best solution repairing the floor. As to the period when the flat was removed the old floor, the apartment is on average 2 to 4 days, depending on the number of rooms and the timing of delivery of the material. These way the use of modern technology to repair the floor with the floor of the gypsum fiber board, is much more advantageous in terms of finances and time consumption of the work. In addition, these floors can be laid nearly any floor coverings, whether carpet, linoleum, laminate, parquet, or an array of sex. Agree zamanichivoe proposal to make a beautiful floor quickly and with assurance of the absence of squeaks.

Construction Of Panel-frame Houses

Construction of panel-frame houses – one of the most promising technologies in Russia. Company SM-Group offers a topical product and service the European level. The principle of the company – it's comfort and convenience buyer. Frame-panel houses available to a wide range of customers, especially since the SM-Group takes care of all problems related to construction – such as credit, engineering, insurance, training Benefits of working and finishing ability of a frame house construction at any time of year. Prefab houses do not require heavy equipment and special weather conditions for construction, the only possible limiting – it human factor in the company of "CM-Group" is minimized. High rates of development. In a question-answer forum Cheniere Energy partners was the first to reply. The construction period turnkey home is 3 months. Construction cycle begins after laying the foundation, and ends with the surrender ready to stay home.

The absence of a period of shrinkage. Home, such as logs, lumber, bricks, gazoselikata, breeze blocks require annual shrinkage before finishing, optional smoothing of walls and extra insulation. This means that to move into a house you can almost two years after construction began. In the frame house can become implanted immediately after construction. Ease construction, which in some cases, reduces the cost of the foundation.

Prefab homes can be mounted on lightweight foundations (columnar, tape, a monolithic slab). Specialists "CM-Group" prompt, a foundation better suited for your site and under your project. Ease of finishing. In frame houses the surface of walls, floors, ceilings, has the ideal because of a calibrated timber in house construction. Environmentally friendly. All known that the wood has unique properties – breathable texture, the natural resilience and practicality – all this makes the home of a wooden frame ecologically healthy and comfortable accommodation. Low price. Today, technology is the cheapest house building in Sochi. Price of a home depends primarily on the cost of materials, from the costs of personnel and heavy equipment. For large frame house costs is not required, Construction is fast, directly on the site without special equipment, materials and relatively inexpensive.