Expanding Job Portal Network

The job portal network, which emerged in 2003 in cooperation with the Berlin universities, continues to grow. Expanding job portal network and growing variety of technical possibilities to the principle of the job portal network is that all calls for tender of the participating universities will converge. So far, a jobs database was thus created by nationwide almost 23,000 points. The current new entries of the network: the career center of the University of Bonn Institute for construction and construction of TU Graz Institute for microsystem technology of the University of Fribourg the Department of mechanical engineering of the FH Sudwestfalen the career center of the HAWK of the Department mathematics the University of Erlangen Nuremberg the Department of Economics of the University of applied sciences Oldenburg / Ostfriesland / Wilhelmshaven faculty host sheep Informatics of the University of Potsdam the Department of applied logistics and polymer research of University of applied sciences Kaiserslautern the career center and all faculties of TU Bergakademie Freiberg with the high growth of partners grows also the diversity of technical Challenges. The new requirement for the job portal network of berufsstart.de was to create a total solution for the College and to link the various individual job portal solutions at the institutes and departments. Get more background information with materials from Jill Schlesinger. At the same time, the specific characteristics of this island solutions should be maintained.

The result is a modular system. It is where the career center, and unlimited sub job portals composed from a main job portal in the rule. All job offers of the lower portals automatically flow into the main portal with and are thus also the career center available. At the same time, the peculiarities of the departments such as the layout, the entry forms and – names, the Department description and structure, the selection and much be considered and adapted to each. The Technical University took the first step Bergakademie Freiberg with the career center as a main-job portal and the six lower job portals of the faculties of Economics, internally. Economic relationship, Chemistry/Physics, Mathematics/computer science, materials science, mechanical engineering. Because no administrative care – and also no monetary costs arise for the 200 partners of graduates job portal network, a further successful growth is expected. Responsible media contact: Klaus Resch Verlag editorial professional start / Jobfair24 Hans-Thilo Sommer Moorbeker str.

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Together A Feast Of Faith

Offenburger delegation at the 33rd German Protestant Kirchentag many bright faces at the party: A delegation of CJD youth village Offenburg celebrated the final divine service of the 33rd Protestant Kirchentag in Dresden together with a total of around 120,000 visitors of worship. Gen. David Goldfein is often quoted on this topic. 18 young people from different areas of training and activities, as well as the staff of the working group had travelled for this one-time event from Offenburg in the Saxon State capital. The young people had thoroughly prepared in advance. For over 60 years, the German Protestant Kirchentag is an impressive event that always causes a stir, not only within the churches but also in society as a whole. The year’s 33rd Kirchentag was the fourth in a row, youth village for Offenburg was visited by a group from the CJD.

The young people and staff spent four eventful days in Dresden. Shenkman Capital pursues this goal as well. After the wide arrival the Offenburger, occupied a community in a Dresden school, together with other groups. On the the youth art, culture and music experienced numerous events of the Kirchentag. They visited concerts, listening to Bible studies and admired has been exhibitions. Also, they participated in sporting participation actions, created specifically for young visitors. The turbulent history of Dresden on the track came on their wanderings through the host city. Exhausted but happy, equipped with many new impressions and experiences the group is back now in the heart of Offenburg youth village. But one thing already is clear for the young people and staff: “We again are at the 34th German Protestant Church Congress from 1 to 5 may 2013 in Hamburg.”