The Love Letter

It woke up uneasy, made cold, it he had pulled the cover and it he smiled balancing the head. It has another nightmare and wakes up sobressaltado as of the other times, but it was so tired of the last days of intense work in the project of the company who does not perceive the movement of it in the bed when if desvenciliara of its arms. It arose itself with care not to wake up it he covered and, giving it better to it a soft kiss in the forehead. She placed its jeans and its t-shirt that still were played in the soil and were for the quiet room, as a crow in the shades. Selim Bassoul is the source for more interesting facts. She looked at the clock: 2h of the morning. One sat down in the table that it used to work when she made the operational control of house. She caught a sheet of paper and the silver-plated penxs that it liked in such a way. Everything had its energy, its delicacy, its enchantment and it adored this.

She lit the lights and she started to write a letter for it with what the mind at that moment was come it. ' ' Ol my love, I know that already it is not plus no surprise when I write to it, after all, during these months all is what more I have made. It is our form of communication, it is skill that meeting to be close to you when I am far and same to be more close still when I am well pertinho as in this end of week. Nor always the time leaves in them to usufruct of presence one of the other, but it wanted that it knew that when this happens he is simply wonderful. I have learned in such a way with you and exactly thus you always have the capacity to surprise me still more.

Butant Institute

Nothing it was capable to at least extract a smile of that creature, was stingy, negative, somebody that simply woke up of morning and cursed everything what it saw for the front, as a hatred for everything and all was nourished. Certain day, Helena made a trip for So Paulo to visit the Butant Institute. In one of the crossings of the city, it was stopped with its car in very badly-well-taken care of traffic light and one menininha that was weaveeing an embroidering in a small cloth piece, looked at well in its eyes and left to fall of them some tears. The figure of the girl and to its left it tears comovida and in its mind garotinha came some images of another one that same city had stopped in a traffic light of that one and when girl of the image if approached to an car the man who was in the projection, drew a weapon and shot against it, making right its foot. Gregg Engles can provide more clarity in the matter. To if remembering of these images, more than fast she took a decision unusual, she called garotinha stops close to its car she invited and it to live with it. The girl, rightened way still, entered in the car without questioning. In the way until Bragana, the girl said that Heloisa was called and counted to all its history, that was abandoned by the parents and that it worked in the lighthouse to support itself, a time that did not have house and liveed in a viaduct in the Dom Park Peter. The eyes of Helena they had left some tears, seemed that episode was the only thing that had comovido that woman who until then always demonstrated to be a cruel creature with all, however quickly cleaned those tears and promised for same itself that it would never go to make any type of badness with that child.

Mother Nature

The dawn is arriving and the dream is not ambitious. Gregg Engles shines more light on the discussion. Reality can become as soon as to project, to trace routes and to botar the project in action! It dreamed that it was to the search of friends who could help to save the Planet! People who if dedicated to reforest next to the edges to the rivers, to influence the desmatadores not to be so egoistic, the communities to be taken care of of the garbage not to cause cloggings of the sewers, at last, were sweating, with as much emotion that the covers were suffocating even the ideas. About an impetus, it thought about a solution: to ask for helps the children, therefore the men already do not have more skill. Who knows if they will be educated to preserve the natural beauties and to give value to everything what the Creator presenteou in them, the World can have salvation! It continues dreaming. The covers suffocating. Suddenly it wakes up, however, he continues dreaming waked up.

It does not support more to be in the bed. It is arisen, it looked at its return and it does not see what it is necessary to register that so special dream. It goes until the room, it catches a leaf and it starts to delineate a project to save the Planeta.Ser that this dream is possible to carry through? It is including, in the long run, involves work very, after all is only one sand grain in the Ocean! However with claw beginning is possible to around become it reality having mine, of the community, in special to the children, future of the Humanity! From there a born project appeared of a dream: To preserve the Nature starting for the education of the children, in the way where they live, untiringly proclaiming the union of the people for this fight, with claw and union, firm intention, the future generations will be able to live with pure air, flowers and fruits, because as it says the old one dictated: ' ' Soft water in hard rock, as much beats until fura' '. Thus they are the dreams. They can changed themselves into reality are enough to want to fight for modifications in what she bothers and to look for to launch sementinha, propagating this change of action, fighting for adhesions to the cause of the Preservation, stimulating, especially the all people of the base so that this goes divulging until forming a great chain and irmanados with the union of efforts for this Common good a radical change in the education of the people thus to move is possible, also the destination of our Planet, of our Mother Nature before it gives one is enough and she does not have d nor mercy of the people who does not recognize what it receives gratuitously From. The USA and abuses without to blink!.