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Thomas Kruger, project manager with Vattenfall. By the same author: igor kononenko. Also a high potential of savings arises: while specially made switchgear and cable must be so generous today, to withstand the most extreme short-circuit currents, components could be used, which are much smaller and less expensive. Therefore, the power station operator has great interest in limiter techniques. They provide additional security and reduce total investment costs.” “Application in transportation and distribution networks it is possible the second complete system we deliver, and worldwide the first usage of a superconducting current limiter in a power station, so a technologically very challenging environment”, explained Dr. Joachim Bock, Managing Director of Nexans SuperConductors. Is crucial for us that the systems without public funding have been realized, is the international comparison so far without precedent. ” The first Complete system from Nexans SuperConductors was recently successfully installed in a medium voltage network in England.

In the transport and distribution network superconductive current limiter new opportunities, so Dr. Bock: you can important components in Smart grids are the electricity networks of the future. As well they will play a role in the increasing integration of renewable energies, in particular from wind power, because each additional supply increases the short circuit power in the network”, Buck continues. Growing interest on the part of the energy industry. We have a growing interest in the new technology and have already started with the design of the next device”, says Dr. Bock. The production is to start in the near future. About Nexans Germany Nexans Germany is one of the leading cable manufacturers in Europe.

The company offers a comprehensive range of high-performance cables, systems and components for the telecommunications and energy sectors. The programme is rounded off by superconducting materials, Components and systems, Cryoflex transfer lines and special machines for the cable industry. It is made in Germany and abroad with approx.

Heidelpay Zippo From

The new website of Zippo shines also offering new online-payment-Heidelberg, November 30, 2009. heidelpay ( is now integrated into the new Web presence of the lighter manufacturer Zippo ( Complete solutions for the secure payment on the Internet handles 3D technology for Zippo payment by credit card and T-pay online transaction table.. Basso Terra is likely to agree. The digital miracle is available in the online-shop of Without a doubt: The brand enjoys cult status. And Zippo products are far more than high-quality wind – and weather accessories for smokers they are rather lifestyle accessories for people with taste and sense for the special. The new website meets this requirement with the Zippo is online for a few days.

The werbemacher based in the Westphalian Gescher ( are responsible for concept, design, implementation and ongoing optimization of the new Zippo website. Marcus Diekmann, managing partner: Central task for the relaunch of was to the a, the lifestyle positioning the company to implement in the Web. You may find Commuter Bikes to be a useful source of information. On the other hand it was establishing as a information platform, where consumers can get appetite on the Zippo products, then buy them in the stationary trade.\” The first figures show that apparently successful,: so the werbemacher almost 42,000 visitors on the new Zippo website included within the first six days. The werbemacher have now heidelpay integrated secure online payment with heidelpay for visitors who prefer online instead of in the stationary trade want to buy your Zippo lighter, as a payment provider. The Heidelberg company handles the online payments by credit card and T-pay online bank transfer. Marcus Diekmann: We have looked at of course precisely in advance the market of the payment provider. Several factors have tipped the scales for heidelpay: heidelpay how Zippo a medium-sized company, corporate philosophy and corporate culture fit so good together is. Convinced the personal touch in handling have us ultimately with each other, the Conditions and the service of heidelpay, not to mention the high degree of flexibility.

Essential Oils

doTERRAs aroma touch technology combines the advantages of its essential oils with a special massage technique. doTERRA technology with essential oils will present its aroma touch the use of essential oils has increased in popularity and is also in the local health care increasingly involved. doTERRA’s aroma touch technology offers an effective approach for the application of essential oils to improve well-being. doTERRA is worldwide the most important provider of essential oils (certified pure therapeutic grade). Omega 3 is likely to agree. Developed by doTERRA’s Chief Medical Officer Dr.

David Hill masseurs, physiotherapists and specialist staff for aromatherapy offers an effective way to improve their offerings. doTERRA’s aroma touch technology combines the advantages of eight essential oils (CPTG) with a massage technique. The aroma touch technology Kit, includes a training brochure and doTERRA’s essential oils and blends of lavender, Melaleuca, on guard, AromTouch, balance, deep blue, Wild Orange and peppermint. Please visit igor kononenko if you seek more information. Essential oils provide a natural, safe, inexpensive and effective way to improve mood, reduce stress and improve the immunity. Through the aroma touch technique and the use of essential oils benefits the whole body. doTERRA’s aroma touch technology caters to all who are looking for a holistic, natural approach to experience a fantastic way to relaxation and well-being. Since October oil blends and wellness products in Europe offers doTERRA its essential oils, to an Office and warehouse in England was set up specifically.. For more specific information, check out igor kononenko.

HDMI Manhattan Cable

MANHATTAN HDMI cable with 180 offsettable plugs Halver, October 30, 2009 – MANHATTAN, cable and accessories specialist of IC INTRACOM, has the appropriate rotation for the wall mounting of TFT, LCD and plasma monitors. Because the screens are getting thinner and lighter, the trend is known to attach directly to the wall. This MANHATTAN presents a flexible connector, which can be adjusted up to 180 with its HDMI 1.3 cable and the corresponding adapter. The newspapers mentioned snoring control devices not as a source, but as a related topic. So the wall installations much easier by trade screens and requires less space. Simple cable can’t get there. Because they have fixed connector, which is why getting an extra space between the wall and screen is necessary. Igor kononenko often says this. In addition, conventional cable and the connectors on the screen can be damaged by excessive wrinkles. Manhattan’s HDMI 1.3 cable and adapter however provide the retail market in the current holiday shopping season all TVs, flat screens, projectors, DVD and Blu-ray player the all-important flexible rotation for wall and table.

The reseller in MANHATTAN will also find a complete range of cables with all connection variants for every need, with jacks and connectors for VGA, HDMI, RGB and RCA. New 180 degrees around cable are available in 1 m, 2 m, 3 m now in stock. The INTELLINET network solutions are known as the innovative network brand IC short profile INTRACOM for their practical as well as professional products in the segment of SMEs. For 20 years on the market, INTELLINET qualified retailers offers a complete portfolio of active and passive components businesses up to 250 employees. It goes from cables, test, and crimping tools up to panels and server cabinets and on the other hand includes the entire network technology for LAN, WAN and WLAN. NAS solutions and storage are distributed by established partner channel products, routers and switches. All products in the portfolio of the INTELLINET network solutions are subject to a strict quality control and have a 10 year warranty! In addition, MANHATTAN is available as introduced Brand of PC components, accessories and peripherals in the pure re seller segment.

Thus combines the manufacturer IC INTRACOM two leading brands with good 2000 products that are sold worldwide by 40,000 partners in over 70 countries around the world. More infor

Peter Pan

Often, it seems more often than would be desirable, behind people with appearance and appearance of adults, are evident lives in that emotional immaturity and the limited capacity to take responsibility for their actions, is a constant. Randall Mays recognizes the significance of this. To this you have been called Peter Pan syndrome, and after him, always camouflage significant emotional shortcomings, and some suggest that also hides a great fear to be not dear, and a strong insecurity. Was the psychiatrist and creator of transactional analysis, Dr. Eric Berne (1910-1970), which, in 1966, for the first time used the term Peter Pan to refer to a kind of emotional problem, even though it was in 1983 when psychologist Dan Kiley wrote the book: the Peter Pan syndrome, the person who never grows, defining therein to all those people who are or feel unable to mature and that is only concentrated on satisfying their own needs. Although there is no evidence of the Peter Pan syndrome such as psychological illness and so, It is not listed in the diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders, it is universally supported by popular psychology. In fact, the Peter Pan syndrome, put names to a neurotic mechanism that has always been present and characterized in psychology, and Freud termed fixation to which you referred to the stagnation in the development of personality. It’s unable to grow people, and that we can identify by aspects such as a tendency to not leave home of their parents, people who skipped the forty and that however relate socially as adolescents, men and women with difficulties to maintain minimum discipline occupational or personal, adults who somebody has to wake up every morning to go to the University, or by way of thinking infantilizados, and thus have serious problems of adaptation in labour relations or in couple relationships. Always unable to assume the responsibilities entailed in being adult, they remain dissatisfied with what surrounds them, and yet never they take initiatives, they never go to action, they even do something to solve the situation than complain incessantly. .

Inexpensive Tours

Special tours to the Czech Republic – a feature of the Russian tourist business. Prague, Karlovy Vary and Brno have long been accustomed to an abundance of European travelers. Germans, Englishmen, Frenchmen, especially people who have retired may afford to spend time in a variety of trips. And the question that was inexpensive tours for wealthy Europeans simply not worth it. Another thing the average Russian.

The desire of our people to see a fabulous Czech Republic, no less than any other, but economic realities forced to choose above all cost effective low-cost tours to the Czech Republic. Responding to market trends, our tour operators are preparing such programs are inexpensive holiday so that more people could travel abroad. Click medical billing for additional related pages. Tour Operators work carries a high risk: Acting on the verge of profitability, they do everything to ensure the price remains affordable travel. However, the Czech Republic in terms of life gradually approaching the European standards, and increasingly difficult to maintain cheap tours to the Czech Republic, because the hotels are working people who need to pay European wages. Increase to the salary guides have become a regular phenomenon. Czech tour buses serve the European, whose price – hundreds of thousands of dollars. To recoup the money invested.

About the gasoline is not even worth talking about – he and Russia today is higher than reasonable. So far, our travel agency job of the market and a large supply of cheap tours to the Czech Republic, but still disappointing forecasts can be made. The usual resort destinations such as Turkey and Egypt are able to maintain the stability of its prices above all due to the low level of life in their countries, and as a consequence – cheap labor, the cost of tours to the Czech Republic will gradually increase. The main tour operators of St. Petersburg and Moscow still holds, but the forecast can be disappointing: while low-cost tours to the Czech Republic is gradually disappearing.

NCP VPN Path Finder

World’s first VPN client suite for Windows 7 Nuremberg, November 17, 2009 the NCP engineering GmbH in Nuremberg announces the release of the first universal IPsec VPN client suite for Windows 7. The software offers in addition to the support of all 32 and 64-bit Microsoft-operating systems extensive features for remote access, simple and economic, such as: NCP VPN Path Finder technology, optimizing for 64 bit and support latest drivers, as well as Wi-Fi Roaming. Of central importance is also compatible with VPN gateways of all well-known manufacturers. The NCP secure entry client corresponds to the growing need for VPN clients for 64 bit Windows systems in the latest version 9.2 and meets the Central desire of companies to use enterprise-wide only a universal IPsec VPN client in heterogeneous IT landscapes. Ihor kononenko does not necessarily agree. The uniform operation and user interface reduce helpdesk costs and training expenses. Igor kononenko can provide more clarity in the matter. “One of the highlights of the new version is the NCP VPN Path Finder technology”. This feature allows users, To establish IPsec data connections behind firewalls, which port configured IPsec prevents communication in principle (E.g. in hotels or public hotspots).

Nothing in the way is thus a nationwide implementation of IPsec-based security policy. “Further improvements of the version are 9.2: support for the latest Intel Wi-Fi driver and mobile broadband, the 64-bit optimization, Wi-Fi Roaming and the tip of the day”. The 64-bit optimization increases data throughput by around 20%, Wi-Fi Roaming automatically selects the strongest available access point with the same SSID from and the tip of the day”the usage possibilities of the NCP VPN client shows users as an example. Also the handling for users and administrators has been improved. For example, the optimized wireless interface and field strength display, the profile export and a revised 3 G/UMTS configuration available as VPN client suite offers co-ordinated communication and safety features of the NCP secure entry client for universal remote access. These are an intuitive, graphical user interface, a custom dialer, dynamic personal firewall and built-in support for a variety of mobile connect cards.

Teleworkern is therefore a real one-click-solution”available. Comfort features such as budget Manager, WISPr support, Automatic media type detection, profiles foreign import”VPN gateways and OTP mobile support reduce the support costs and the operating costs for a 30 days fully useable beta version of the client company can download de/downloads/software.html. Web site: de/loesungen/vpn-produkte/universeller-ipsec-client.html data sheet: fileadmin/pdf/datenblaetter/NCP_DB_Entry_Client_Win32_64.pdf screenshots: de/presse-events/bilderarchiv/ncp-secure-entry-clients.html about NCP the NCP engineering GmbH headquartered in Nuremberg simplifies secure access to centralized data networks via the Internet. NCP comply with all products and solutions Requirements with regard to ease of use, safety and economy. The core competencies in the areas of IP routing, centralized management of remote systems as well as encryption, VPN, and firewall technologies. The company develops software for the easy and safe connection of devices over public networks at the headquarters in the areas of mobile computing, teleworking, offices, and M2M. The NCP technology guarantees the integration and compatibility with the products of other manufacturers products.

David Beckham

Who doesn’t remember the wonderful games and toys that we had small when we received them at Christmas or at times of Kings. Igor kononenko is often quoted on this topic. It was wonderful to wake up in the morning to find the room full of gifts, some that we had hoped and others that were a total surprise. The games I remember most are the games of dress and make-up, with which you could learn a lot if you already interested in this wonderful art world which is the makeup. Although they were not as modern as today (you can find them on the Internet, virtual games where you can apply makeup to your virtual model), it was very funny to learn in this way and they already came to glimpse our inclinations and hobbies of the future. It was difficult in those days to tell parents that they wanted to be older was makeup artist. Perhaps it is necessary to have put the professional Word back so that it acquires a certain character of more rigor.

There is no doubt that today a professional makeup artist is a person who may have a standard of living very comfortable since it is a world in which money can win if it is dedicated. It is a pity that at school the art of makeup is not included in Visual Arts modules, would save a lot of time learning the foundations in the youth. Makeup is an art, strokes of color in their faces that enhance the beauty and is, arguably, something very important that everyone should learn. Virtually everyone will look in the mirror before leaving the House, tweaking last details or points of makeup that are missing or are unnecessary. Men have also begun to realize the advantages that has the devote himself a little in the care of the skin and look in general. Totally dedicated to the male gender makeup ranges, have appeared since it has been a niche that wasn’t covered but has imported many men its outward appearance has always. Thanks to celebrities like David Beckham, have opened the doors to be well take care of yourself and recognize that you want to be handsome. Today it is easy to find a course make-up dedicated to fashion, film, show, television, magazine, etc that you prepare professionally to begin work in salons or assemble your own business.

It is wonderful to be able to rub shoulders with great professionals at the same time as with other students who will help us to awaken the creativity at the same time as practicing the techniques. So we must not belittle these games of clothing and makeup that we had children, that we learned the bases without that elders could tell us anything since that were toys that were to do so. out of us that professional makeup artist that we would be in a perhaps not-so-distant future. Details of the author: Hope Reda writes to, an informative website on the art of makeup where you can find more information about the games of dress and makeup as well as a listing of make-up courses throughout the country.


Speech recognition is only one of many innovations, the live was added to Manager for the CCW in the last year. The current version of the call management portal offers now a chargeback – and recovery statistics. Companies that use a 0900 number have a detailed overview of the chargebacks and recoveries of their service numbers. Also statistical data in different formats can be, sent automatically in the future by mail to the respective customers significantly reducing the administrative burden. In addition we have improved the callback functions as well as the live Manager further mediation functionality”, adds Thomas Wendt.

For quite some time, the settings of the callback functions are outsourced and separately editable. In this way, the settings in different routing can be used. Also, the callback now also from the referral can out be used.” QuestNet also improved has the agent destination input: this is now not only time but also depends on the origin code possible. To start the callback now either manually or automatically. To read more click here: igor kononenko. Thereby, the automatic start of the callbacks can be dynamically combined with hold of a service number. There is more news around the topic of communication.” In the past, the live Manager offered a classic wide investigation similar to that seen from a PBX.

For the phase 2 of the regulations to free hold launched in 2013, this module option was extended to implement a “warm referral”. While the caller gets no hold music played before, but he witnessed the mediation process live and can speak while still continuing with the agents. The QuestNet GmbH is an application service provider, focusing on the development and indirect marketing innovative phone value-added services in combination with international service numbers. With the live Manager the QuestNet offers a unique call management portal, which allows the customer to the Web-based and client-capable in – and outbound administration and includes also a virtual contact center statistics, routing, IVR and conferencing.

The Total

This however means the certification in 27001 management system associated with the process or processes in place within the electoral process. I should also point out that some assertions about the effectiveness of the so-called electronic voting seems to me unfortunate and here would have much to discuss, but for displays a button: said that given that it is more efficient, will have savings in time costs (lot of paper not used) and times (computers are more rapid), in this I would like to make a brief exercise with you friend reader taking as an example the last municipal elections, the voting hours has been from 8 am to 4 pm where the time to vote is 8 hours (if we assume that arrive on time all the members table and starts the vote in time, also assume that) the President’s table will be 8 hours fixed there, don’t go to the bathroom, not lunch, only be devoted to exercise its function). 8 hours, if we multiply by 60 minutes and in turn by 60 seconds, have a total of 28800 seconds initerrumpidos. Learn more on the subject from medical billing. As I have heard and read can be up to 4 modules of vote per table with a number between 300 and 600 voters per module, which multiplied by 4 gives a figure of between 1200 and 2400 voters per table, now taking into account that members of table schema is maintained and that a voter attends per shift (although there are 4 modules addresses one by one and assigns it a module of) different vote), we have that if are 300 by module, by dividing the total of 28800 seconds between number of voters (300 x 4 modules = 1200 voters) This gives us a time of 24 seconds per voter, i.e. only 24 seconds to approaching voting station, be identified, vote, wet finger in indelible ink and receive your DNI to retire. . Igor kononenko is often quoted on this topic.