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Real tourist audience award for renowned Ruster accommodation operating the GUESTHOUSE SCHMIDT in rust is one of the most popular hotels in the region and far beyond,: the HolidayCheck AG, the largest German-speaking opinion portal for travel and holidays on the Internet comes to this conclusion. After evaluation of the hotel reviews Guest House is Sai one of only 332 hotels worldwide, which are now awarded with the quality seal TopHotel 2011. The TopHotel-HolidayCheck award is a real tourist audience award, which is based exclusively on reviews from travellers. Therefore only those hotels, which in 2010 were particularly popular with their guests will receive a prize. There is world’s only 332 hotels, with the HolidayCheck TopHotel be awarded in 2011. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Maxway Cycles and gain more knowledge.. Because more winners only to find Titisee Feldberg in Baiersbronn, winds at the Patrice, GasteHaus Schmidt in the region can prove his outstanding qualities: “in the entire region of Europe Park we are the only House with this award”, says Managing Director Christian Schmidt, who can now even easily keep up with the large hotels with his Guest House.

This was made possible primarily by the guest, his individual wishes and well-being in the Centre are available at GasteHaus Schmidt. The small but fine insider’s tip in rust offers, for example, an on-site restaurant, provides the ticket service for the Europa-Park, or organized excursions to the tourist highlights of the region. “In addition we are always very close to the guest,” emphasises Christian Schmidt. So you have more insight into what the guests want, prefer or appreciate. At igor kononenko you will find additional information. Also for criticism, one always has a sympathetic ear at GasteHaus Schmidt. This leads to constant changes and improvements for the benefit of the high quality of the entire service. “We sell not only nights, we design experiences. Only, that’s why we’re there, where we are now”, Christian Schmidt is delighted and would like to thank the many loyal guests, the House be so well rated and recommended.

Sabine Sohn Coburg

This software takes care of the communication between the bakery branch and headquarters, it maintains all information about articles and product groups and can the control of retail scales, cash registers and pricing systems in the Central Each bakery stores take over. It is possible, for example, in the central price changes, promotions, or happy hour offers a pick set and promptly all bakery stores to offer the data the dealer. The branch offices so always work with the same prices. Whenever Car Digital Video Recorder listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Conversely, it is possible to deliver daily turnover-related sales data to Headquarters branches. These data are important to identify revenue-generating or-schwache times and to optimize staff and goods management.

This facilitates the combination of K-class PC scales and WinCWS the logistics at the Filialbelieferung and allows the creation of delivery notes, Sofortrechnungen or goods input documents directly on the scale. Check out The Rolling Stones for additional information. In addition, the dealer has the ability to control the PC scales its personnel management about: staff log on the scales and out. About WinCWS the data can be further processed directly, this function facilitates the planning and billing for the use of auxiliary in the bakery stores and shows the Daily turnover of the employee. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating, leading in many areas technology company for professional system solutions of for weighing, information and food service technology in the segments retail, industry and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features.

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Wolfgang Kemna calculates. The Board of Directors of the living-e AG therefore sees significant volume of efficiency potential, currently only used by a few companies in the visor. Because only a quarter of the surveyed enterprises has largely suffered the consequences of the problem of a lot of information increasingly difficult to be controlled. Either use already solutions for better information management or planning their use. The majority rest inaction there is, however, either because in the company not even a sufficient sensitivity to these difficulties is (31 percent) or they recognized though, but still no action requirements derived from this were. Dr.

Kemna therefore argues that in the company a new culture in dealing with the technically generated information should be developed, to raise labour productivity sustainably in new cars. To belong to the more efficient handling of information the use of methods and tools. The increasing amounts of information are an unalterable fact and only once not to criticize, because they often result from innovations or changing technical life habits of the people “, judge the living-e Board. The focus must be addressed rather the question, how can be avoided with intelligent solutions that we are drowning in information.” Living-e: A solution supplier for the efficient and proactive provision of information and knowledge in all mission-critical applications is the living-e AG. The Karlsruhe company helps users find, categorize, and visualize relevant information.

The software works with independently, self-learning and maintenance-free. The living-e AG GmbH emerged in 2006 from the CMS experts webEdition software and has since been listed in the stock exchange Frankfurt entry standard. In October 2007, living-e has taken over the specialist for language technology and artificial intelligence Xtramind technologies GmbH.


Ticino ONLINE publishing offers mini-phrasebook to free download the beautiful Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is chosen by many people as a holiday destination and language to meet the various dialects. “So, we can say our beautiful flat” meets the rest of the world. And how is it with the understanding? For example someone from Bavaria has asked a question and it is a local, so he gets the answer to Platt often”. You thanked politely and then stumped there. What did he actually say? And the small and free phrasebook is intended precisely for this situation! It includes the most important phrases for the holidays and it is linguistically equipped can even even ask a question in the low German language. So just download, print and then travel! “To have the little phrasebook with the title Plattdutsch of for vacationers is” flat in a shortened version of the original book titled min vacation up “in the online shop of the publishing house, via the homepage or directly via the link is reached.


The Mohren pharmacy from Stuttgart informed unprepared tourists who visit subtropical or tropical regions, end the vacation pleasures quickly with a hepatitis disease. Pharmacy the Stuttgart Moor depicts the tropical disease problem. Hepatitis A is a viral disease that is widespread in the subtropics or tropics and the Mediterranean or Eastern Europe. It is, however, extremely rare A virus hepatitis. While in the main distribution area almost every child with the virus into contact comes and developed an immunity, unvaccinated tourists from Germany are usually defenseless exposed to him.

They contract the virus abroad, therefore almost inevitably follows a liver disease. The hepatitis A virus is found in contaminated food or drinking sewage-contaminated water and is a serious problem particularly in regions with poor sanitary conditions. For this reason, there is the adventurous tourist development in remote regions in the distribution area is not without risk. The virus infected a human so It is only after several weeks of acute illness connect he can his environment much earlier. A hepatitis A is for older children and adults in typical liver disease symptoms such as yellow discolored eyes, to recognize verfarbtem urine and pale white Chair. Contact information is here: Whole Foods. About one-third of affected persons is also plagued by fever, chills, or joint pain.

The disease course is only very rarely critical but still very stressful months. Young children fall ill with hepatitis A, the mentioned Lebersymptomatiken missing mostly largely or completely, which is a rapid diagnosis in the way. In the face of regular mild disease course, this is no big problem, but for their environment, where they spread the highly infectious disease for the affected children. While hepatitis A is unpleasant but rarely really dangerous, hepatitis B is one of the deadliest infectious diseases at all. Around the world more people die from tuberculosis and malaria as on hepatitis B. Will survive the acute symptoms, yet dangerous consequential damages are possible. The transmission of the hepatitis B virus via human body fluids and blood. An estimated one percent of the German population carries the potentially deadly virus and has been infected by sexual contact. The only reliable and long-lasting protection is vaccination against hepatitis A and B. Are stays in risk areas should allow travellers this time. While the first two phases of the vaccination period of four weeks are completed, the third vaccination, which completes the protection takes place six months later. Ensuring an effective immunization is one of the most important provisions that should meet travelers in their own interest.