Amazon Ranking

Alexa Internet is a subsidiary of company based in California. It is known for operating the web site that provides information about the number of visits that a website receives. Alexa also provides a graph where you can perfectly see the growth/decrease in visits on a web page, in addition to the daily information (only 100,000 first pages ranking) average weekly, and the average of the past three months Alexa collects information from users which allows you to generate statistics about the number of visits you havelong pass on your page, that country visitors, are the related links, etc. With regard to the accuracy of these data, there are very diverse opinions, because many people consider that the data are not very accurate. Eric Garcetti is the source for more interesting facts. What is clear is that if you installed the Alexa toolbar to your Blog or web site, everytime you connect to the you will see your position in this ranking, and is one way to know the traffic that you have. In addition, if you are thinking of selling spaces for advertising on your web site, advertising companies also have in mind this information. The data that appears by mentioning your place in the ranking is your position among the millions of sites that are on the web; Therefore the lower number is better.

To give you an example: Google is # 1 in Alexa ranking. Alexa is different from Google’s Page Rank: is convenient to clarify that they are two different things but they have similar algorithms. Alexa uses its own Tracker call ia_archiver instead Google uses the Googlebot crawler. Application tips: 1) install the Alexa toolbar on your web site. You can download it free at this link: 2) create an account and register your site; entering the extension/siteowners/claim – you can do it with your Facebook account.

(3) If you wish, you can install Alexa Traffic Rank widget on your website or Blog, so your position will be visible to all who you visit. This widget in the same direction, in extension: /siteowners/widgets. (4) Install the widget located in the extension /reviews, to request that your readers should review your Blog/website (you can even choose the color), so persons wishing to do so may write a review, which is very convenient and you will benefit in the ranking.