Guest House

Real tourist audience award for renowned Ruster accommodation operating the GUESTHOUSE SCHMIDT in rust is one of the most popular hotels in the region and far beyond,: the HolidayCheck AG, the largest German-speaking opinion portal for travel and holidays on the Internet comes to this conclusion. After evaluation of the hotel reviews Guest House is Sai one of only 332 hotels worldwide, which are now awarded with the quality seal TopHotel 2011. The TopHotel-HolidayCheck award is a real tourist audience award, which is based exclusively on reviews from travellers. Therefore only those hotels, which in 2010 were particularly popular with their guests will receive a prize. There is world’s only 332 hotels, with the HolidayCheck TopHotel be awarded in 2011. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Maxway Cycles and gain more knowledge.. Because more winners only to find Titisee Feldberg in Baiersbronn, winds at the Patrice, GasteHaus Schmidt in the region can prove his outstanding qualities: “in the entire region of Europe Park we are the only House with this award”, says Managing Director Christian Schmidt, who can now even easily keep up with the large hotels with his Guest House.

This was made possible primarily by the guest, his individual wishes and well-being in the Centre are available at GasteHaus Schmidt. The small but fine insider’s tip in rust offers, for example, an on-site restaurant, provides the ticket service for the Europa-Park, or organized excursions to the tourist highlights of the region. “In addition we are always very close to the guest,” emphasises Christian Schmidt. So you have more insight into what the guests want, prefer or appreciate. At igor kononenko you will find additional information. Also for criticism, one always has a sympathetic ear at GasteHaus Schmidt. This leads to constant changes and improvements for the benefit of the high quality of the entire service. “We sell not only nights, we design experiences. Only, that’s why we’re there, where we are now”, Christian Schmidt is delighted and would like to thank the many loyal guests, the House be so well rated and recommended.

Best Western Germany

Three times in a row the quality award to the team of Geschaftsfu goes? hrer Andreas R. Graf. (ie) Worldwide best Western Crown among the hundred best houses of the hotel group hotel in Monchengladbach, Germany. Now the four-star managed hotel at the Aachener Strasse the hat-trick. For 2009 and 2010 was again the House this year with the best quality award”award. This is the highest international award, which each year awards the world’s largest hotel brand and Europe’s largest hotel group. There are 4,500 hotels in the upscale segment of the facilities, which participate in this competition. Fu? r the Executive team of Anke and Andreas R.

Graf is similar to this high award an accolade in the international hotel industry. Eleven years ago, the two have the best Western Crown Hotel u? taken. Since we participate successfully in this competition”, says Andreas R. Graf. This is not a voluntary thing.

All hotels, the best Western have joined, mu? must be the internal advertised Provide quality competition. In the best Western map Monchengladbach is long no white spot. In addition to cities like New York, London, Mu? meerkats or the lower Rhine location Berlin has long established itself. We made us a fine-sounding names in the hotel industry by continuously good work. Rightly, we can be proud on this great achievement. According to medical billing, who has experience with these questions. But that would not be possible without our dedicated team. “Our employees and employees through its excellent services contributed, that we in this year that triple” made. I’m only captain. Our team is the star. “Out of the 1,000 points, in the framework of the quality award” be forgiven, has achieved the best Western Crown Hotel 980. It’s like when the star chefs. To get into the saddle much easier than still is firmly in him sitting “, so count on. Therefore, a triple title defence at this outstanding competition is already something special. Finally, have the guests to the very accustomed to high standards of quality and service. And fu? r us this claim represents a challenge that we face every day mu? ssen. “An internationally recognised quality award, it is the Sales Department of the best Western Crown Hotel natu? currently much easier to make targeted advertising.” Guests are already advised on the Internet about the benefits of a hotel. “And because we have with the award of? natural a pound, with which we can proliferate”, thinks the hotel chef. Another milestone in the House is now in the autumn. Then index is in the context of the quality performance”the best quality of Best Western Germany looking for a hotel. Also here would of the Monchengladbach? cut the course well and under the first Fu? nf come. Whether it this year fu? r a podium enough not to estimate Andreas R. Graf: we take the whole thing very sporty. Netu? course we belong among the top favorites due to international assessment. But in the end decide decimal points u? ber the victory. “