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New industry association accelerates the product and service development in the telecommunications industry in Munich (15 July 2008) Spirent Communications (LSE: SPT), a leading provider of performance test and service assurance systems for the IT and telecommunications sectors, are the establishment of test automation Alliance (TAA) known. TAA is an Association of leading test specialists, who is with strong their commitment for a significant increase in productivity in the telecommunications sector over the entire product life cycle from development to the provision of services. As the first industry association of its kind the Alliance helps service providers and manufacturers of network equipment, more efficiently use their laboratory resources with a high degree of automation. For many laboratory Manager, the realization of an overarching, uncomplicated and at the same time cost effective test automation means a clear challenge. Therefore TAA automation continuum “framework developed, the” proven test automation technology such as laboratory management, configuration management, test development and test management integrated with each other.

Until today, the automation of testing procedures usually with proprietary solutions has been developed and implemented. However, this traditional approach calls for that highly qualified staff of test in the laboratory between ongoing testing and troubleshooting scenarios and build of complex automation environments need to switch back and forth a resource-intensive process. Now, modern, cost-efficient automation technologies have become developed however so prominently on that the need for internal solutions can be minimized drastically. The automation of TAA continuum platform offers two options: labs can either select device-independent test tools to optimize targeted specific areas of their existing automation frameworks of a suite or use the complete test automation framework. TAA allows the continuous expansion of automation structures regardless of the degree of automation, a test laboratory has so far realized. Members of Spirent in life called Alliance amongst the other EdenTree technologies, FanFare and MRV. Each of these companies can look back on outstanding achievements when it comes to the provision of reliable and efficient automation technologies. TAA able continuously to optimize the continuum platform automation and to adapt to the growing needs of service providers and device manufacturers is through the exchange of expertise and know-how, the combination of tried and tested automation solutions and the common commitment to research & development.

The Spirent TestCenter offers a high level of test productivity by combining a wide range of different network technologies from Layer 2 to Layer 7 for municipal, local and company-wide networks, as well as carrier and broadband access networks on a single platform. EdenTree provides a proven software as the basis for a dynamic Lab environment is used. The usage, the use of distributed and the assignment of these test systems to be the solution of EdenTree optimize. iTest team iTest staff, the powerful Testentwicklungs and test management tools by FanFare, eliminate manual entry of periodic test procedures. MRV controls a comprehensive set of tools that allow the automatic test of the physical network layer. MRV’s solution s

Much Speech Preparation

When the speech to audience: practice makes masters often one hears even experienced speaker: no, I am on my speeches not preparing. When I speak freely, my speeches seem more spontaneous and relaxed.” But most speakers and audience perceive very differently this looseness and spontaneity. For more information see this site: SLAC. While the speaker is especially cool when speaking, the listener will understand only station. Apropo station: A particularly striking example of the gap between self-perception and perception provides the famous speech by Edmund Stoiber to the Transrapid route from Munich Central station to the Franz-Josef-Strauss airport. Who wants to make a good speech, must thoroughly prepare his speech and thoroughly studying this. This is true even: more thoroughly to prepare a speech and the more intense, the speaker rehearsed his text before the speech show, ever looser the speech sounds at the end. A speechwriter can work out the speech manuscript for the speaker.

However, each speaker must practice his speech itself. The their speech practice really good speakers again and again and again. Cried as Martin Luther King, Jr. in August 1963 in Washington before the Lincoln Memorial of a quarter of a million people I have a dream”, this was not his first attempt. Indeed, he had held this speech already many times. King knew, had to where he lift the voice, and where he cut them.

He knew where he had to take breaks, so that his words had the desired effect. He had tried several times all rhetorical figures and knew which sets would trigger enthusiasms in the audience. Martin Luther King was one of the greatest orators in the history. But each of us is experiencing the benefit of exercise in the spoken communication with other people every day. We all found some formulations in the course of our life, of which we know that they work. Ever we want to appear relaxed, the more we rely on words that we have tested in everyday life, no matter whether we authority call, ask a friend for a favor or confidently flirt want. As well is it in an address to the audience. Each speaker must test how arrive its formulations in the audience. As well, including the comedians do it. You do not equate itself with a new gag before a large audience. No one can predict precisely the audience will laugh at what jokes. About comedians test their programs several times in the small circle before they thus appear before a large audience. As each speaker should make whether he or she wants to win a vote, congratulates a bridal couple or inaugurates the new Club House in the garden settlement there. Experienced speech writer to say: the more frequently a speaker rehearses his appearance, ever more spontaneously he will sound.