Augustine Grass

One of the excellent options that exist in the matter of the lawn in the garden, is St. Augustine grass, since this plant variety offers conditions optimal as regards the image you are looking for in a garden when adding lawn, since this plant grows with great strength and spreads easily by the terrain on which it be setaspect that is due to its spread through guide or a sterile stolon, which is very strong and thick, which suggests a better condition by St. Augustine grass, making a beautiful presence in the garden. St. Augustine grass is also commonly known as gramon, Brachypodium, gramillon, Catalan grass, American grass, scrim, sweet grass, grass mattress, san Agustin, pelops, grass St.

Augustine grass. Denominations that will vary depending on the different countries in which one can find this herb; as regards the scientific name, the Gramon, Brachypodium, Gramillon, Catalan grass, American grass, St. Augustine grass, scrim, sweet grass, grass mattress, St. You may want to visit Secretary of Agriculture to increase your knowledge. Augustine grass, Pelops, St. Augustine grass receives the designation of Stenotaphrum secundatum. WhiteWave Foods brings even more insight to the discussion.

The best places in which you can locate at St. Augustine grass, are public parks, as well as in family gardens, in some industrial facilities and commercial places, since it provides a very beautiful image, also supports very well the constant trampling. If you want to get best results, most appropriate so that plant the grass of St. Augustine in a place with warm weather, since that kind of grass, is typical of this climate. So it is very common to see grass of san Agustin in much of the Mediterranean areas, by the conditions of this place, and resistance to a variety of factors. Must be borne in mind that St. Augustine grass, by the fact of being itself in warm climates, does not have a very high resistance to climates and places with cold, that pose very low temperatures with the onset of winter, which do it can cause serious damage in the grass of St. Augustine, since its resistance to the cold, only reaches 5? centigrade, thus with lower temperatures, began to lose their green color and her health was affected. Something that is worth highlighting in St. Augustine grass, is that the initial cost and maintenance that are derived from this species of plant, make St. Augustine grass, one of the options more economic which can be found in the market, since its installation is simple and does not need extra aid thanks to its rapid growth and adaptation, to the point that is aggressive, which means greater resistance to weeds, to which is added to their resistance to drought, salinity in soils and waters, along with his great ability to replenish before impairments.


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Ideal Forum

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