Since Albuquerque

It continues liveing in the farm, that I eat promise passed to its name. Days later she gave the news that was pregnant all had been very glad, but it half worried, therefore not wise person who age the father of the child, for all age Incio, but it wise person who could not be son of it. The only solution was to wait it to be born to see that fisionomia would go to have, thus would know of who it was son. Months if had passed Will be already were ready to give the light. It had a boy. To who it gave the name of Lencio, very pretty, that inherited all its black fisionomia, hair and eyes very clear skin.

She was despaired, but it could not leave nobody to perceive this. Then it found another solution would wait its son to grow to see which would be its personality and thus to discover who is the father. A. F. Chief of Staff is actively involved in the matter. when it made 15 years would count it all truth until all had continued there thinking that the father was Incio. 15 years if had passed flower had 30 years and Incio 45 years. All in harmony lived, Incio still worked. It assumed all the businesses of the family. Since Albuquerque was not more with conditions. The flower mother had deceased and it she was very sick, had few days of life.

Lencio already had the age certain to know of all truth, was enough to know if Flower already wise person who age the father. it wise person. It was surpreso when knowing that he was biological son of another man and not of Incio. Flower counted to all the history to it and spoke that it had a brief romance with this wonderful man, very funny that in to its for the first time made it life to smile of truth.


We have the history of our relatives all and more still we have the history of the society of our country that in the ones of the one identity. Therefore, before being born, already we have one meaning very important and to continue to deserve this importance all is basic that let us accept the incumbency to act in agreement and let us deserve the identity that in them was bequeathed with affection and love. To deepen your understanding Secretary of Agriculture is the source. It is necessary that let us deserve the identity that we load? this merit? it is translated by our actions to construct people, as one day we were constructed proper. history He was the young accountant? married to one seven years? already with two children, just been born and another one with three years. Just formed in Accounting and with a injure will to grow? to grow in the case? if to establish as citizen and to acquire a position that its small family allowed to have some comfort? this there for the 1973 gone ones. In these conditions was offered a position in the same company of navigation where worked? how counting? in Manaus, with a wage addition more residence, offers in such a way and. Against a loss of convivncia with familiar of the wife and its proper family. Final curiosity? when finishing to be offered the chance? the acceptance decision was instantaneous and definitive.

It changed my life and for better. There receiving an inspector from Income tax? with direct and personal work? we are almost friends? in the measure where this can be possible? my behavior always was very cerimonioso and with a distant and trembling treatment, it would say thus half ‘ ‘ tati-bitati’ ‘ , until one day, I received direct and frank a commentary, to the end of the works of the day.