Relationships Management

In general topic of CRM (Customer Relationships Management, which means the customer relationship management) in the books the author does not appear for the first time. And it almost always is considering CRM, a CRM-system. But is this correct? Propose a more detail to understand the concept of CRM … We all have heard about the strategy CRM.

The basis of CRM-strategy is customer-oriented company … For a small organization that knows all of his clients in person, be customer-centric is not so difficult. The main thing to know what the customer wants quality and timely meet its needs. But if the customer not a thousand or ten thousand … Although, frankly, a private treatment and birthday greetings will never block the experience of blatant stupidity or rudeness of staff … and here it does not help either CRM-strategy, or the latest CRM-system. Staff must be trained, and only then think of customer-oriented approach and implement the CRM-system. Very often you can find the view that high-quality implementation of a CRM strategy simply need to implement an automated system class CRM …

And the thing is done. Not far from it. Effective CRM-system – a combination of optimized business processes and technology. By itself, the introduction of CRM-system virtually nothing useful companies do not bring. Well, except that some employees will be able faster to perform their functions and they will have more time to disposition “scarves.” Any introduction of CRM-system must begin with a definition of current project goals, analyzing and optimizing business processes to be Automation … Only in this case, the CRM-system will allow the company to save for the benefit of its customers. And most importantly, any CRM-project must have measurable real business results! This applies not only to CRM-solutions, but any project to automate processes. Choose a company-integrator for the implementation of CRM-systems on the principle “it will make us more customer-oriented” – is silly. How you’ll measure the success of this project? Unfortunately, it is because of an incorrect approach to the introduction of CRM-systems on the market is disappointing statistics – according to various estimates from 40 to 85% of CRM-projects fail, according to the customers. Ie Customers believe that the expected effect unachieved. But while almost no one argues about how they felt the effect. The recipe for success is simple – you need to think … and not only during the introduction of CRM.