Currently, gels and ointments in this group used NSAIDs ketoprofen. The use of diclofenac – the most popular drug in this group, not brings the desired effect in small doses at the local application. Use the same creams and gels with high doses of diclofenac, means giving up the advantages of an external drug delivery. After causing the gel to the skin, we thus avoid too much medication by mouth – no systemic effects of chemical drugs do not develop side effects, and treatment is focused. Ketoprofen diclofenac easier penetrate the skin, its efficiency is higher and thus you can use less of the drug at the same level of therapeutic effect. According to Stepes, who has experience with these questions. Preparations of this group used either in parallel with surgery or other treatments diseases of the spine – as an aid for relieving pain and improving the trophic tissue.

Or use them as a primary means to control pain. We can say that creams and gels from this list must be in home first aid kit – as the ambulance, and a list of medications of those who have chronic back and other bones and joints. These drugs are effective for back pain on a background of sciatica, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, and gout, bruises, sprains, and after surgery. Use them to treat joint diseases: bursitis, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, tendonitis, synovitis. The next group of drugs used in cases where cause of back pain is clear, that is diagnosed. This is due to the fact that the composition of these drugs include various components that affect directly to the source of back problems.


If we sincerely believe that all politicians are corrupt, that they came into power, that would rob the people, that we have in the end? We have an incredible effect on the corruption that is spreading like circles on the water and ready to overwhelm our society. Who benefits? We think of the surrounding poverty and the ever-increasing social inequality. And in Finally we get it. We are thinking about how to grab a little more so that would not work and then look down at all. Our thoughts, we support this flawed system. Who benefits? We pledge our miserable wages, we scold myself for those chances that missed. We are more interested in the life of star idol than their own.

And we get what we think. Who benefits? Let's finally stop. We will end this squirrel running around. Let's discard the whole alien trappings, all these thoughts and ideas that we dictate society. And in turn inward, that would understand what I want to live your life, what I want to do? How do I see the future? I do not know about you, but I see it so.

I live on the earth. I have my own house. And this house is surrounded by nature. Down with all these human anthills high-rise. I live on land but not own it. Because you can not own land, and it owns all of us. I respect and appreciate my life and lives of those around me living beings. I'm not trying to fight with other people and I deeply appreciate and accept that everyone has his own way and each makes their own choices. I do not want to Swiss bank accounts, yachts and aircraft, diamonds and gold mined in blood. My request is quite modest. Have enough food, clothing and shelter over their heads. People do not have to work from morning till night to the hated work. Every person may freely move around the Earth. Since there are no boundaries, no states and other entities divide the indivisible land. And people are not divided, depending on where they were born to people of higher and lower grades. The central values are the internal development and discovery of their potential. The main priority for all of humanity is the care and rehabilitation of the environment and the harmonious coexistence of all forms of life on Earth. Each person is fully aware of its inextricable link with others and with the whole planet as a whole. And so in the future there is no war and violence, there is no environmental pollution and destruction of animals. That's the future that I build in my minds and in their thoughts. Some might say that this is a utopia and everything is not real. But if this is not unrealistic in the near future will become a reality, I fear that we or our children will witness the latest days of humanity. The world is already bursting at the seams of pollution ecology, growing ideological hatred, discord, and other religious strife. No wonder so many prophecies began to appear, and movies about the end of the world. Now any event could bring down like a house of cards, all of our world order. But we can change that. By changing our thoughts – we change our minds. And by changing our minds – change the world around. The fate of all mankind and our planet your thoughts. What future do you imagine?