Space Vapor

Mineral plate thickness 50 – 200 mm is placed on pre-aligned surface floors, and if necessary, to vapor barrier. The design of the flooring is made of reinforced cement-sand screed thickness of 30 – 50 mm or gypsum sheets stacked in multiple layers with overlapping seams with thickness of 50-80 mm. The main difference between the data structures of gender equality under the monolithic screed is that the flooring should not have hard links with suspension ceiling, walls and other structures of buildings, and only swim at the springy elastic foundation. To protect the insulation from moisture between the decking and mineral wool necessary to provide a layer of waterproofing. Also, we can not allow sex between elements were tight connection.

Between the floor and adjacent structures leave an air gap at 10 – 20 mm. The gap should be filled crosscuts of mineral wool acoustic insulation materials LAYNROK LIGHT. Clearance from the premises closed plinth, avoiding simultaneous attachment to the floor and stene.PRAVILA HANDLING 1. Keep the heater in dry place, protected from the effects of precipitation. 2. Open the package directly on site. 3.

For cutting insulation LAYNROK use a knife or a hacksaw. 4. When working with insulation, use gloves, respirator and goggles. After work – wash your hands thoroughly. 5. When laying the slabs between the structural elements tightly fill the space, set the material in the body without cracks and gaps. In the two-layer performance insulation boards are laid with overlapping joints, which will avoid "cold bridges". 6. Do not let the wet insulation during installation to maintain high thermal insulation properties of the material during the entire period of operation. 7. As a vapor barrier may be the use of conventional polyethylene films. Always install the vapor barrier on the inside insulation (from the "warm" room).