Rosaceous One

Stress and the Rosaceous one Nowadays is spoken more and more of stress. For the people who have the Rosaceous one it is a very important factor because stress makes worse the reddening, for that reason is necessary to know that it is stress and as they are the symptoms and like fighting them. What is stress exactly? In the daily language the word is used stress of 3 different ways. The source of stress? The reaction on the source of stress. Learn more about this with music downloads. The combination of the source and the reaction of stress, this is all the process of stress. There is another factor: the relation between person and her surroundings. Everything of us we have had sometimes circumstances where the solution was not so easy, sometimes is esforzarte to look for a solution more, for example; it hurts the knee suddenly to you, the car does not start, you do not find the keys etc In these situations you will have adaptarte and to use a source.

It begins to have stress when anybody cannot fulfill the exigencies of its surroundings. These exigencies can be of all type. People see these exigencies in a situation and others do not see it. Stress is the reaction on a situation, where it seems that you cannot fulfill the exigencies of this situation, or because the exigencies are too great, or because your sources are not sufficient. there are also people with too many few exigencies can have stress because somebody that becomes bored surely in the work also has stress. The general syndrome of adaptation the general syndrome of adaptation is the reaction that we have to the source of stress. People and animal react always in the same way, equal what is the source. This syndrome exists in three phases: The phase of alarm reaction. In when there is a stress situation, the body defends the possible maximum and that you can fight the stress source.