The Fuel Crisis

Myth No. 2: 'American car – is not practical. " In the 60 years of XX century, the American automobile industry booming. Engine power and top speed was almost the most important parameters in selecting a model. This situation lasted for a relatively short time.

The fuel crisis of 1973 and 1979 in largely forced automakers in the U.S. Hear other arguments on the topic with Medical billing career. to think about reducing fuel consumption. And the restriction of the scope and power of the engine was fixed, even legally. However, in the American cars well established name of the 'petrol-hungry'. However, if you compare American and European cars of the same size engine, it becomes apparent that the difference in fuel consumption between the models of the Old and New Light is not so great. For comparison, take the popular options minivans Dodge Caravan and the Renault Scenic, 2003. When driving in city cycle fuel consumption of these models is 12.4 and 10.8 l/100 km respectively.

And despite the fact that the volume Dodge Caravan engine is 2.4 liters, and the Renault Scenic – just 2.0. For large cities Chrysler released the car Neon, which has high maneuverability due to small size and small time acceleration due to engine Chrysler. For clarity, we consider Features Dodge Neon 2.4 i 16V SRT-4 (234 Hp). Acceleration time (0-100 km / h): 5.9 c (Best for a big city!) Maximum speed: 238 km / h. Fuel consumption on the highway: 7.9 l/100km Fuel consumption in city: 10.7 l/100km Curb vehicle weight: 1315 kg Myth No. 3: 'In American Parts can not get, and if you get one, then at exorbitant prices. " Our company is engaged in supplying spare parts from USA and Canada for American cars. Our specialization – parts Chrysler, Dodge, Infiniti, for which we have in stock a wide range of original spare parts and counterparts from leading manufacturers. For other vehicles produced for the U.S. and Canada, have established operational supplies to order. Carry out the delivery of spare parts in Moscow and sent to Region. Low prices are set for all parts in stock.

SUVs Truck

"Soaring above the earth, feel the speed and depth of unexplored space," Over twenty years ago, in September 1988 to rally Jelcz in Poland held its first performance of the team from Chelny. Then in the first of its History rally – athletes from – Chelny were made on serial SUVs kamaz 4310. At those times – in the early 90's, in collaboration with the plant design office and testers to create your own sports Trucks: kamaz 49250 and kamaz 49251. These machines doing the best specialists of the plant, were involved in the best equipment and minds. By 1994, the team had a car with a distinctively sporty performance, principally differ from the usual mass-produced trucks – kamaz 49252 and confidently acted on it. The truck was the motor of 750 horsepower, the car had large 25-inch wheels and a mid-engine layout. suv platform was slightly skewed, and was designed to reduce aerodynamic drag – the original design of the sports truck to remain in our memory. Michael Steinhardt usually is spot on.

A year later, three sports will make a new generation of truck kamaz crew winners avtomarafona "Paris-Moscow-Beijing". A few months later, in January of 1996, the team will win in the legendary rally-marathon "Dakar". New developments were sometimes a little too bold. So, sports kamaz 49,255 had dvenadtsatitsilindrovy engine capacity of one thousand and fifty horsepower. Its very powerful heart was breaking transmission, which happened at Dakar in 1998. Then, over the entire stock of spare parts for Kamaz.

Motor Sports

Why deal with motoring? – To lose excess of adrenaline, to prove to yourself that you are something you know how and why some are standing, as a driver, join the mysterious and sparkling world of motorsport. To find decent rivals are not in "traffic light races, but on the highway. Learn from other more experienced pilots. Some contend that WhiteWave Foods shows great expertise in this. I'd add that during the race, you can experience the overwhelming feeling of flight (both in direct and figurative sense) and the happiness of full communion with the machine (even sitting right in place of the navigator). What are we available? – There are a number of events where any of us can come on your machine (assuming that it passed inspection), and drive it without damage to itself and car. This so-called amateur competition. In the first sprints, slalom, and amateur rally and rally-sprint.

Slalom – a contest that passes, usually on a large paved lot with artificial limiters (cones). The route should pass as quickly as possible. For every second of your time – 1 penalty point, the time is fixed to a tenth of a second. If you have mixed scheme – Fail. Contact cone and the failure of the finish line "base" (the finish line must remain between the front and rear wheels of the car) also fine. Sprint – about the same, only instead of cones – the natural constraints (a snow parapet, curb, etc.) Sprints longer than slalom – from hundreds of meters to several kilometers.