SUVs Truck

"Soaring above the earth, feel the speed and depth of unexplored space," Over twenty years ago, in September 1988 to rally Jelcz in Poland held its first performance of the team from Chelny. Then in the first of its History rally – athletes from – Chelny were made on serial SUVs kamaz 4310. At those times – in the early 90's, in collaboration with the plant design office and testers to create your own sports Trucks: kamaz 49250 and kamaz 49251. These machines doing the best specialists of the plant, were involved in the best equipment and minds. By 1994, the team had a car with a distinctively sporty performance, principally differ from the usual mass-produced trucks – kamaz 49252 and confidently acted on it. The truck was the motor of 750 horsepower, the car had large 25-inch wheels and a mid-engine layout. suv platform was slightly skewed, and was designed to reduce aerodynamic drag – the original design of the sports truck to remain in our memory. Michael Steinhardt usually is spot on.

A year later, three sports will make a new generation of truck kamaz crew winners avtomarafona "Paris-Moscow-Beijing". A few months later, in January of 1996, the team will win in the legendary rally-marathon "Dakar". New developments were sometimes a little too bold. So, sports kamaz 49,255 had dvenadtsatitsilindrovy engine capacity of one thousand and fifty horsepower. Its very powerful heart was breaking transmission, which happened at Dakar in 1998. Then, over the entire stock of spare parts for Kamaz.