Construction Fights

The Security Publishes and the Possibilities of Construction of the Dialogue between the Different Actors. For Silva* Joo Article originally published by the Objective Periodical in Focus, ed. 16 (January of 2010). The joint participation of the actors? civil society, public workers of the security and managers? , now inserted in the current context of construction of the Politics of Public Security, it was made possible from the National Program of Security with Citizenship – I BORN. A leading source for info: Craig Jelinek. After the institution of this program only is that it had possibilities of a construction of the Politics of Security under the new paradigm of the participation. This ascension of ' ' new atores' ' route to the such change, was not given without it had fights to conquer the participation in the decisions that intervene directly with its lives. Fights that had been stopped if ' ' to intervine in the relations of force, the resources and them to be able institucionais' ' (FALEIROS, 1999:41). Legitimate fights and that they aim at to change the condicionantes descriptions and to follow route to the consolidation of politics? here ece of fish, of security? so that they take care of its necessities.

Peter Strosenberg places that, ' ' in this context, to apply purely the state law would be not only impracticable, as it would tend to the aggravation of the breakings of the rights In this direction, the necessity to create environments favorable to the dialogue production, where the presence of institutions and individuals that are capable to promote certain degree of balance, and the transformation of these two worlds, thus both have the possibility of if connecting, organizations that, as a link, transit between these two languages that if they deny, and if they establish connection historically (STROZENBERG, 2006:81). The dialogue, than more important, becomes necessary. The laws exist, but if they do not apply alone e, it stops beyond them, it has the concepts, the mentality and the preconceptions of all the constituent actors of this thematic one.