Sheet Metal Paints

For example, galvanized sheet metal paint can not be an ordinary alkyd paint, as a result of alkaline surface alkyd paint oxidized and lose their encircling the property. (A valuable related resource: music downloads). The result – Paint peeling occurs from the surface. For painting galvanized steel sheet to use specially designed for such purposes, industrial paints, which contain corrosion inhibitors. In galvanized iron more passive surface than in black iron. Therefore, in this case requires specialized paint with greater adhesion and flexibility than the version with black iron. One of these specialized coatings for galvanized roofing is a matte acrylic paint for metal roofs Tsikrol, which has excellent adhesion to the galvanized surface. Painting of metal roofs Before painting metal roof, you need to check the condition of the substrate, if necessary, replace corroded layers of sheet metal, drain pipes, gutters, drains, etc. You also need to calculate the area of the painted the surface to find out of ink.

Before painting the metal roof's surface should be cleaned of dirt, rust and old loose paint, if need be then used GF-021 primer. To remove the old paint used wash. Rust usually clean off with steel brushes or use chemicals (rust converter). Rust is applied to the cleaned of dirt and fat-free surface with brush. Work should be wearing rubber gloves and safety glasses. Paint the roof only after complete drying of the composition, ie, after 4-5 days. Steel roof rust not only from outside but from the inside (that is, with attic side). This usually occurs between the crate.

That part of the roof, which lies on the crate, does not rust, as protected by wood (planks). Rust comes from the fact that through the ceiling into the attic is warm air. From experience we know that it is often made between the crates are corroded places, but sometimes they are, and under the crate.