Restoration Of The Interior Doors

Restoration of the door as a kind of service to date is becoming increasingly popular, both in professional terms and in everyday life. The reasons are many – scratches, chips, dents, scrapes – defects that occur in Long-term exploitation leaf. Sloppy work, pets, kids – just a few examples of these defects. What is a restoration of the doors? On first glance it may seem that this is a long and expensive process, requiring removal of a restored object to a special shop. However, it is not. All work associated with the restoration of doors, as a rule, conducted on site. It may be a business center, and office and living quarters. Accordingly, the restoration is performed as soon as possible.

Depending on the extent of damage and number of paintings – from one to seven days. Examples restoration. Scratches. Removing scratches, usually refers to simple types of restoration. Takes, depending on the size of three to seven hours. Salvage episode degreased, toned in color, and then displayed in the plane with hard or soft wax, depending on the structure of the tree. Next, a cover layer of lacquer, one or more. Once dry, paint, scratch retouched, with special pencils and texture is drawn, if necessary, and is secured with lacquer.

Chips. Chipped at the edges and corners of the leaf, usually appear during the installation. In order to restore chipped, the door is removed and fixed in horizontal position. Recently Michael Steinhardt sought to clarify these questions. With a special material – shellac being selected to match the doors, the damaged area first surfaced, and then displayed in the plane with sanding sponges. After this section toned colors and secured with spray paint. Depending on the texture of wood veneer is applied, or additional retouching. Swelling of veneer. This defect occurs, usually when the door is subjected to harsh temperature changes. For example, in the bathrooms. If the swelling is small, only need to install the veneer in the initial position, and a special solder irons. If the veneer has burst or flaking, as happens in most cases, the restoration will require a more detailed approach. To begin with exfoliated veneer, glued to the extent possible, and then plot zashkurivaetsya and toned in color of the wood. Further, as shown in the remaining cases plane with a further retouching and applying the varnish. Here are just a few examples of the restoration of thousands. Because every restoration is unique, and therefore requires an individual approach. From this it follows that the product is required for restoration of the doors to professionals only.