This story mentions in passing, one of the most terrible episodes of my life, nothing is said about my temper, or that have been uprooted from my own family, that despite being a woman with no experience extramarital, I had to marry off my family in the house of strangers to me, then go to live with my husband’s large family, who had never once seen even in the midst of the largest private economic hardship and all that until then had been part of my life, family, friends, etc. a I’ve often wondered, and who know the brothers of the church on Emma Smith? and most terrible of a question: do they have Emma Smith? a manipulators, the makers of clip art, so that they possess a suitable profile to the significance and importance of the central character. a The translation of the Book of Mormon: a By way of introduction, we will read the verse 59 of Joseph Smith a “History: a At last it was time to get the plates, the Urim and Tumin and pectoral. a On September 22 of 1827, having gone to the end of another year, as usual, the place where they were deposited, the same heavenly messenger delivered me, with this caveat: what I would be responsible for them, that if allowed to be astray by some carelessness or neglect of mine, I should be, but if I tried with all my efforts to preserve them until he (the messenger) came by them, they should be protegidos.a a Joseph, came home with what had been entrusted by the angel, and covered with a blanket very soft suede for preservation, he spoke to me in a grave and solemn tone, saying that nobody, not even I could figure out what is involved in the blanket, which happen to anyone who dared to do so, just as had been arranged by the Lord in relation to the Ark of the Testimony, at the time of Moses, so I had to assure him that nothing could even come close to where they were..