Concrete Industry

Sales development draws positive image for the entire industry – stable employment confirms this assessment – optimism of the industry relies on strong innovation will Vienna, February 23, 2012. As shown in the latest economic survey of the Association Austrian concrete and precast works (VoB), the mood of the industry despite sustained imbalance remains positive. Without hesitation omega 3 explained all about the problem. The VoB members with strong innovation will encounter the lack of large-scale projects and orders of public authorities. They are so right, collected figures: 31% of the companies surveyed report for 2011 stable revenues, more than half of the respondents reported increases in sales even. The tense economic situation makes successful strategies for challenging times the entire concrete and precast industry for years to the test. The uncertainty is great because investments fall, calls go back and missing funding.

The recently collected figures confirm that the VoB members the uncertainty of the past few years always better cope with, because the new conditions increasingly adapt: 55% of the surveyed companies of the VoB were able to increase sales with distinctive innovation will, in 80% of cases by up to 20%. The main reasons for this positive development see the respondents in the expansion of the product portfolio and performance and in the creation of new areas of business. The company swing a so successfully with a new strategic orientation to the changed conditions. Bernd Wolschner, President of the VoB sees therein a great opportunity: the concrete and precast industry can stay competitive only if it reacts flexibly to the challenges of the market. The structural changes we have seen in recent years, will continue to intensify themselves. If we want to remain successful, we must be open to change and go new ways.” Optimistic with regard to the industry as a whole, remain the respondents on the basis of the current Economic situation in their careful assessment: 22% consider possible revenue increases in the single-digit range.