General Objective

The school is an organization human being where the people add efforts for a common educative intention. 3. To broaden your perception, visit Debbie Staggs. 3,1 OBJECTIVES General Objective the objective of the work is to rethink the possibility in uniting the use of the games to daily of the professor, assisting the learning of the mathematics when propitiating a scene where new situations are presented. Introducing, also, one forms of the professors to discover, without constaint for the young, which the difficulties or the points not so clarified of the studied contents. Moreover, to stimulate the use of the logical reasoning, since, after the learning phase, the pupils start to weave strategies and to elaborate plays to win the adversary. 3.2 Specific objectives? To present some suggestions of games of easy confection, pleasant to the pupils and that they can be worked in classroom, despertando the interest of the students and assisting the learning of the mathematics.

To apply the suggested games and to evaluate of subjective form the envolvement of the pupils with the game, its developed applicability and capacities 4. PRESENTED GAMES? Handle rods: (a) N of pupils: 2 participants for game; (b) Duration: Time to conclude the game or 20 minutes; (c) Objectives: To develop the concentration, mathematical reasoning, and the arithmetical operations; (d) Contents: addition, subtraction and multiplication in the set of the natural numbers; (e) Used material: Industrialized material of the 1,99 or with palitos of churrasquinho painted in the colors: 10 yellow ones, 7 greens, 6 blue ones, 5 red and 1 black color in a total of 29 palitos. Educative Bingo or Lottery: (a) N. of pupils: At least 4 participants; (b) Duration: Necessary time for the accomplishment of the game; (c) Objectives: To develop the attention to the concentration and mathematical reasoning with the basic operations; (d) Contents: Multiplication, addition, subtraction and division; (e) Used material: Industrialized game of the 1,99.