A complete house key and ready for occupancy, in the work of the construction of a House is built a long and laborious process often. Medical billing wanted to know more. A man who himself ordered the construction of a House, is usually not a building contractor, but regardless he has in the course of construction activities to take some important decisions, about what he has actually hardly any knowledge. At the same time a such contracting authority thus has to reckon that he has most likely to contact the protection of his rights in the Court due to a selection not properly made of the architect or the supervisory institution. However, the situation in reality is not as hopeless as it seems to be due to the above. In all areas, including in house building will be constantly with the invention and elaboration and development of new equipment and methods employed.

So the manufacturer has implemented a new revolutionary technology in the field of home construction, which consists of that built the House in operation (in the plant) from the very beginning up to plate Foundation end on a special concrete made ready and then as a whole is transported to the land desired by the client. Also finally finished the House and also the internal machining carried out been is are here even the kitchen appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, electric cooker with oven, air cleaner, etc.), floor and wall cabinets, washing machine, electric hot water heater, heating stones for sauna, with module chimney fireplace, security systems, ventilation and heating system, as well as a part of indoor and outdoor lighting have been installed. This final solution allows you to forget all worries and problems related to the construction process, the contracting authority and ultimately everything is similar to a car purchase itself much more. For the principal building is extremely simple in accordance with this new technology.