Continued Installment

In case that the government does not take provides urgent, the increasing increase of the aged population causes the destruction of the social welfare. Therefore the Brazilian previdencirio system is a true nightmare for the workers, pensioners and pensioners. Moreover, in contrast of what the Constitution and the Law of Benefits they make use not it applies the politics of readjustment that the maintenance of the real value of the initial wages guarantees, already unbalanced in relation to the income of the job. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Digital Cameras. This provokes the gradual impoverishment of the pensioners and pensioners and, in turn, generate the loss of autoestima, the familiar and social disrespect and the reduction of the quality of life. According to Statute, the social assistance to the aged ones will be given of articulated form as the principles and lines of direction of the LOAS – Organic Law of Social Assistance, in the National Politics of the Aged one and in the Only System of Social Assistance.

The law reduces of 67 for 65 years the minimum age for the attainment of the BPC – Benefit of Continued Installment, conditional to the limit of per capita income in the value of 1/4 of the minimum wage; it assures that this benefit already granted to any member of the family will not be computed in the calculation of the familiar income, established in the LOAS, and makes use on the entities of long permanence that have an important paper in the installment of the social assistance. Still thus, it has a distanciamento between the Statute and the reality, that if must to the difficulties of access of the aged ones to the resources and the information, and still to the precariousness of the programs and services of social assistance. The law guarantees worthy housing to the aged one, in the seio of the family or institutions private public and; they also guarantee the priority in the acquisition and the reserve of 3% of the units constructed for the public habitacionais programs; the communitarian urban equipment implantation and the elimination of barriers that make it difficult the access of the aged e, still, financing criteria ' ' compatible with the incomes of retirement and penso' '. . Symantha Rodriguez is often mentioned in discussions such as these.