The Parents

The necessary human being of love, understanding, affection attention. The school, in the form of the possible one makes the part of it. The family also must be providing a social environment capable to take care of to these requirements in the formation of its children, independent of the age, creating to it conditions, so that she inside has enough emotional maturity of its deficiencies and limitations, to combine it the social environment. For this, the family and school, meetings go to be making with that this special pupil is more dynamic. Symantha Rodriguez is often quoted on this topic. In enteder of PAIN (1992), ' ' for an efficient aid it is very important that the parents know the school where its son studies, where is, the address, telephone, as functions, as is distributed the classrooms, as it is the patio, the canteen, if it possesss library and who is the responsible one for it, where &#039 is the direction; ' The school is very important for the resocializao of the child, is not only deposits of things that we do not want more. The carrier of special necessities, can develop its emotional and cognitiva maturity with the important the two action of institution: family and school, so that it can have one acceptance of itself exactly, and to recognize the proper limits, to respect the other, to accept responsibility, to be capable to take initiatives. One of the great ones behavior riots, reflect the disequilibrium social and emotional of the existing relations in the family, in whose nucleus problems exist that can intervene with the learning, reflecting in the pertaining to school performance, as for example: separation of the parents, death of the parents or next figures. Intent, interested and involved parents in the pertaining to school development of the son facilitate the learning and fulfill its paper, educating and preparing for the adult life.