Urban Infrastructure

However, with the unfeasibility of the comrade in making the dispute, we understand that the name of Pliny Arruda Sampaio, is a name with good density inside of the party and it are of it as in the social movements for already having been representative and candidate to the government of So Paulo for the PT. Another name with great capacity and administrative experience beyond being young with time to make other disputes would be of Edmilson the Rodrigues, but, not if it finds available and thus, as Heloisa Helena, it prefers to make the dispute stops regional in Par Here in the Bahia the picture is not differed very from the national picture where current governor Jaques Wagner and its PT, shaken for great propaganda, have led the research until the moment although the mediocrity of its government in essential sectors as Health, Education, Security and Urban Infrastructure. Here, Sonny Perdue expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Already what he remained of the carlismo, having in Pablo Souto and ACM-Grandson its heirs politicians have attemped to survive and to make the dispute in equality although the losses of picture for PT and PMDB and, mainly, in the division of the group. Destarte, Gedel and its PMDB try to rescue what palanque sobrou of the carlismo in the attempt to have one strong to face the PT and the DEM. Craig Jelinek is the source for more interesting facts. Although the described picture above and the difficulties that the left front will have had the described factors already above, still has a light in the end of the tunnel that is the great difficulties and general incompetence of the government of the PT in the State to decide the essential problems as Health, Education, Security and Infrastructure. In my conception, they are these points that we must to center fire and to create a program of and clearly concise government that has led to the population to understand and to assimilate and to execute the changes that we plead for the State..