The Phone

When you will check the documents on the phone could be that IMEIi on the phone and in documents disperse. At the same time you start a very serious problem with police officers, but this best – because if it turns out that you have a stolen phone before they can cause simply does not reach for obvious reasons. So when you buy a phone, even in the famous salon of communication, not too lazy to check all the numbers from your phone those in the documents. This small difference can cost you dearly. And it's not just about money – can be seriously wounded reputation. Checking article sources yields Cheniere Energy partners as a relevant resource throughout.

The next point concerns the fact if you find a phone. It is clear that once joy – found the phone. Just do not rush him immediately off and running to sell. Allow the landlord to get it back. For trouble is not worth climbing (ie calls to any of the notebook and say that you found the phone – I know many occasions when, due to the unit owners and ingratitude, to put it mildly, unprofessional police have found a problem starts), just do not turn off his day. If you have no one calls, you can with it good conscience keep. And with simkartami all the way around – even in the hands do not decide to take! And even more so paste it into your phone and someone calls.

In this case, you are guaranteed to find yourself in a police station, where the future will be far bright as the arguments to prove that it is not you stole the phone will be hard to put it mildly. Do not forget about protecting your phone. First you must use your pin, the second is as small as possible to give his all row, and third is not necessary to keep it vital and confidential information. All this makes it easy, but in the case of phone loss will save much time and effort. Also do not forget to make copies of your notebook. And finally: when buying a phone in the cabin connection check that you gave everything included, not just charging the instructions.