The motivation in the necessary generality to be faced as form to value the employee, who must feel integrant part of the company not simply and a follower of rules. The Professional of T.I that we focamos generally works in critical environments, where if it worries about the profile that the market asks for to take care of to the flows of demand and these not being motivated for the company of which it works, certainly we will have a set of desmotivacionais factors thus being will not have no theory that will change the mannering situation of it, also generating the contamination and rotation of these. Today, we must to be always intent with character of urgency in this professionals, always motivating, whose it is of basic paper the R.H to implant its seed of motivation so that this professional is its differential of market, shows its potential, its talentosas action of which so is demanded thus, being necessary to surpass its fatigue to get its louvor and having the motivation of its side, it will change the stars of place. The faith moves worlds? as an old one dictated, however the motivation moves the human being, then never we must lose it we must be with it always of our side, the motivation it is sister of the T.I professional, because it is exactly of it that we need to execute one? good work. Ahead of ' ' It was of the Informao' ' &#039 is necessary to locate itself ahead of the changes to follow the transformations of a society; ' mutante' '. To remain in inertia state will not take the individual to follow the avalanche of innovations, is necessary to act and to be a transforming object. People, the more know, more produce to know, more know itself same. They become still more beautiful when they share this knowledge, when they allow also that the other knows a little of what it knows.