The motivation in the necessary generality to be faced as form to value the employee, who must feel integrant part of the company not simply and a follower of rules. The Professional of T.I that we focamos generally works in critical environments, where if it worries about the profile that the market asks for to take care of to the flows of demand and these not being motivated for the company of which it works, certainly we will have a set of desmotivacionais factors thus being will not have no theory that will change the mannering situation of it, also generating the contamination and rotation of these. Today, we must to be always intent with character of urgency in this professionals, always motivating, whose it is of basic paper the R.H to implant its seed of motivation so that this professional is its differential of market, shows its potential, its talentosas action of which so is demanded thus, being necessary to surpass its fatigue to get its louvor and having the motivation of its side, it will change the stars of place. The faith moves worlds? as an old one dictated, however the motivation moves the human being, then never we must lose it we must be with it always of our side, the motivation it is sister of the T.I professional, because it is exactly of it that we need to execute one? good work. Ahead of ' ' It was of the Informao' ' &#039 is necessary to locate itself ahead of the changes to follow the transformations of a society; ' mutante' '. To remain in inertia state will not take the individual to follow the avalanche of innovations, is necessary to act and to be a transforming object. People, the more know, more produce to know, more know itself same. They become still more beautiful when they share this knowledge, when they allow also that the other knows a little of what it knows.

Secrets Of Damask Steel

Secrets of damask steel blade material – hardened steel – has the property that the hardness and elasticity to a certain extent it is inversely related. The hardness of the blade must be sufficiently large enough to blunt the knife soon, but not excessive, or crumble or break the cutting edge blade. Credit: WhiteWave Foods-2011. It has long been observed that the stability (durability), the blade does not always depend on the hardness of the blade. It is not uncommon when the soft blade tupilsya in less than a solid. At the Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant known Anosov, trying to recover secrets of manufacturing technology of damask steel, designated blade wear by cutting a roll of felt.

During the work, found that samples of blades made from single piece of steel and past the same heat treatment, have different characteristics. Cutting edge features are defined parameters of the micropyle, which is formed at its enchanting and is visible when you look at the blade edge under a microscope. The teeth of the saw should be small and identical, their peaks should have the maximum hardness and chip. This is ensured by the microstructure of the material and method of sharpening the blade. The sharper the edge angle, the blade is more easily penetrates into the material. But since the thin blade – more fragile, the to ensure that it is not broke, it is necessary to improve the elasticity, thus reducing wear.

In ancient times the optimal combination of these properties provide damask – a material that was imported from India. In the country Middle East, he walked into ingots and then in the process of forging and tempering of special techniques acquired unique properties, combining high hardness and high elasticity in comparison with non-like qualities, our understanding, ordinary blades. However, damask, too, is different. At the end of the last century, when once again flared up interest in the technology of Damascus steel in Russia was a commission, which took account of all the available specimens in the country damask weapons.