Here We Go: Shaping. Benefit. Move.

A competition of millionways and an opportunity for creative talent (students, freelancers, employees, pensioners or otherwise interested talent), E.g. in the fields of looking for advertising, media, arts creative competition for students, freelancers, employees, pensioners or otherwise interested talent the world’s first helping non-profit organization”to September 15, 2011 REVOLUTIONARIES who is creative tender… Are looking for new and fresh ideas in text, image and sound, which communicate the millionways revolution of the labour market: dreams no longer by a work that makes you really happy working your dream! Task developed a communication concept, which known as soon as possible millionways is as a real revolution, which concerns everyone, a wider audience in Germany. This applies to content ideas for the future of work – millionways basically how does. Add your ideas and suggestions coming: what is important to you, what can you offer to customers, how do you get the people the in the Moment yet “away from the society” are, etc.

This involves logo, website and all creative ideas such as comics, promotional products and completely new things! In all of this is do what you want! There is no “crazy” or similar. How large is your submission, is you – the more, the better. Are needed! The new organization’s goals millionways working want to as we know it today to revolutionize. millionways is a platform – and not just in theory or on the Internet, all the people who want to make something of their talent and their passion, but because, where we still live: in reality, real orders. Good to know: millionways is recognized as a non-profit organization and organized as a social business.

The running costs of the millionways GmbH and the appropriate remuneration of employed talents come profits profits uses the Club millionways e.V. for the funding of projects for promoting talent (examples: homeless outreach, integration of disabled, artist support) both Organization forms together result organization”the world’s first helping profit. Trace all submissions submitted to the September 15 takes into account and millionways, artists, representatives of large companies and representatives from the communications industry assessed by an Expert Committee consisting of representatives from. The legal action is excluded. Profit all participants whose ideen come to realize in the selection and are paid with so-called participatory notes is millionways involved for five years on the company’s profit. A joint project of people from all walks of society is millionways from the outset! But also the personal profit is regarded as “Profit”: you are part of this revolution – immediately and your talent is public! In other words, your name and talent is mentioned in press, media, and handouts – so you’ll get a free advertising platform for you and other customers. Participate can anyone who has reached the age of 18 terms. Ideas from among old should for legal reasons in the Case a win over legal age be submitted. All submissions are always that what we do please until to submit no later than September 15, 2011 electronically at bar your individual contribution to the first real revolution in the labour market is detailed conditions of participation, organizational objectives and precise specification as a download at possible! Contact person: Martin record Chandran, founder & Chairman of millionways and Sonja Deuter, 2nd Chairman –