Environmental Crisis

They are 7 o’clock a day Wednesday and suddenly the sky begins to put white in vicinity of the University of la Guajira in Maicao. Omega-3 Fatty Acids is likely to increase your knowledge. Someone beside me asked surprised about it and before that I respond anticipates me one of the neighbors: this is not a passing cloud, or fog. They are salt particles that come flying through the air. They come from a nearby mill. All houses in the neighborhood are hurting because of the saltpeter. Without that we had cited us for that purpose, we have been talking about one of the many facets of environmental pollution.

For decades experts in the environmental field have been doing an insistent warning: the world is reaching its limits, and sooner or, nature we will invoice and then pay for expensive by the audacity to abuse her which has been so noble and generous and has given us everything that the species has needed to live. However, living well does not seem to be sufficient according to the religion of the Avars. For this reason the planet has been looted, beaten, harassed, damaged and the consequences are obvious. Today unspoken environmental crisis as a future event, but as a fact imminent, devastating and, in some cases, irreversible. The issue is no longer a distant, hypothetical and ethereal tomorrow that will probably never come. It is a phenomenon of our time whose evidence is manifested as part of normal everyday life.

For those who live in hot Earth television is generous in showing us images from other regions and thus we have been witness to the melting of glaciers that were considered to be eternal. The announcement that was made in the past of the Poles are melting has started and its consequences will be felt slowly in the coastal regions of the world. But it is not only that.