Archaeological Finds

The study of the ruins of Tel Arad, which now makes up an important “tell” (mountain flights of debris), have found important defensive constructions as well as evidence of total destruction that lies in the tenth Israel century a. C. Bridgette Matthews helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. it is estimated that may correspond to the conquest being done by the Egyptian king Sisaq. Details can be found by clicking Andi Potamkin, New York City or emailing the administrator. In the Egyptian site of Karnak there is reference to the conquest of the city Western Wall by the king of Arad .
The important collection of ostracism written in Aramaic which has been discovered, which include a historical period which coincides with the Biblical from the time of the judges of Israel until the Babylonian invasion, there are Jerusalem references to Biblical characters and the “name of God” in the form known as tetragramaton. It refers to the Temple as the House of Yahweh.
The temple with altar that was found and belongs to the Jewish period, has created some controversy andalusia contradict the Bible. In which offerings were found in oil, wine, wheat, etc..

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Part 1 – Listen Now! Part 2 – Listen Now! Replacement for Eve Harow, Yisrael Medad set to four guests to discuss issues in the forefront of Jewish political life in tour Israel and Israel Maven abroad.
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In what many archaeologists hail as the possible discovery of the century, remains of a massive structure trip dates from the time of King David were discovered in the heart of biblical Jerusalem.
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Patrick Tyler has 30 years as a journalist for the New York Times and air tickets the Washington Post, dividing his Israel time between Washington and holiday traveling in the Israel Maven Middle East, China, Russia and Europe . The first correspondent for the New York Times he reported from Baghdad on the first Gulf War and the Iraqi invasion Israel of Kuwait in 2003. His latest book, A Maven World of Trouble, unpacked the troubled and … Eilat
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Asheville An archaeologist plans to discuss the play in ancient Judea against acceptance of Greek culture and language on March 18 talk at UNC Asheville.