If Don Ernesto

Speaking for example, it is clear how, in interaction with our peers, we try to hold harmless us blaming a table. Do some examples that reveal our chronic disposal: example 1 some novelty during my absence Cristina? If Don Ernesto, called it the SMT company… Who called? Do not told me Note that the final answer is not told me instead of not asked, which exempts the Secretariat from all liability for not having registered the identity of the individual who phoned his boss Ernesto. We must consider that the response of Cristina is probably sincere, but it rests on the interpretation of the unconscious that she does not have responsibility for not having obtained the name of the peer. She has desapropiado. Example 2 I invite you tomorrow after work to take a few beers not I, I have to study the disposal of the guest is clear when it is intended to be acquitted of responsibility for not accepting the invitation, appealing to circumstances that force him to do what he does here, you can not choose; Can’t he says, but in reality you have chosen to study. However does not say: decided to study avoiding perhaps having to take an appeal from who is inviting him over. The response of the guest could be interpreted as: I do not have nothing to do with my refusal to accept your invitation, are circumstances which forced me to reject it.

Example 3 if my wife were more comprehensive in this case believe that another person limits our possibilities. We are not responsible for what happens to us and we assume that our frustrations, or miscues are caused by circumstances beyond us, in this case, the wife. Example 4 check the lyrics of the song quiereme tal como soy Sergio Fachelli: I am so is my way of being that you can’t say love I’m good I’m bad at times and I am not best I have my cross my madness my dark evenings my way of speaking I am seriously I am sweet at times and nothing will change.