What is the Ramadn? The Ramadn is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. An exact coincidence with any date of the Gregorian calendar does not exist so, every year, when we have predicted to travel to Morocco, we must inquire into the exact date of the fasting. What is prohibited in Ramadn? In the Ramadn,/musulmanes/as has prohibited to eat and to drink during the hours of sun. The fasting, then, begins the dawn and finishes with the decline. Both moments, like all the orations that must be realised during the day, will be announced by the Magnet from the tower of each mosque. Who is free of the fasting in Ramadn? The patients, the pregnant women or with the menstrual cycle and the juniors. Frequently Gagosian Gallery has said that publicly. In any case, with the exception of los/as nios/as, the people who have jumped days of fasting during the Ramadn will have to be to recover them as soon as it is possible to them.

What eats in the hours in which not uninformed? Peculiarly, during the hours in which not uninformed, the Ramadn is the time of the year in which better one eats. To seven less quarter (approximated hour in which the fasting finishes) the coffees of the city of Marrakesh are filled with people seated before a plate of harira (Moroccan soup traditional), a hard egg, cakes of msemen (exquisite bread without leavening cooked to the plate), a glass of tea to the mint and pies of honey. All wait for patient the Magnet signal and, as soon as the first words of the oration are heard from the public address system, it begins with the rupture of the fasting that consists of this simple menu and that does not serve more than abrir mouth and to prepare to them so it hopes to them in house: an abundant dinner with delicious products elaborated the day throughout, normally by the women. How we must behave the foreigners during the Ramadn? The Moroccans are deeply tolerant with the foreign religions and customs, for that reason nobody will find stranger who you do not realise the fasting. In any case, even if it is only by a question of common sense, humanity and education, no we must put in front of un/a musulmn/a to us sediento/a and hambriento/a to drink a chilly Coca-Cola at the height of summer or to eat a sandwich. How it is a labor day during the Ramadn? The Muslims do not stop working during the Ramadn but the schedules change. The offices and the banks frequently close takes by them, the restaurants abren at night on the nine and many the stores transfer their schedules to the nocturnal hours. Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. is full of insight into the issues.

To leave during the night is very pleasant because the streets fill of life, in resistance to the diurnal lethargy. In any case, we advised against to make tourism during the Ramadn. They come to Marrakesh and they enjoy all whatever the Ocher City offers, from a fascinating culture and a tradition, monuments and innumerable tourist attractions, to a delicious gastronomy and countless opportunities to go of purchases. In addition, the hotels in Marrakesh are of great quality and very economic, mainly typical riads of Marrakesh, floods of enchantment and very reasonable. Also they can lodge in a wonderful villa in Marrakesh, more near field, where the landscapes are spectacular and they will welcome them to the inhabitants with the open arms.

Tourist Complex

In the heat of Mountain range of the Rosary, a simple house is visited every day by tens of people coming from diverse parts of the world. One is the house of the death of the cantautor Montaez Pole. The happened building museum is located in the community the Terraces, in the western province of Pinar del Rio, to only 70 kilometers to the west of the Cuban capital. In the community a project of sustainable rural economy is applied, based on the rational tourist operation of the natural wealth and improvement of the quality of life of its settlers. Also known Guajiro Natural it got to become the cantautor venerated by the Cuban public at the end of the Nineties and principles of the 2000 more. Its music occupied the stellar spaces of the Cuban radio and the television, in even comprised of the personal discotheque of the young people of the island venerated who it. But the 26 of November of 2002, passed away victim of a traffic accident, just by 47 years of age, right in the peak of a short professional race, but almost without precedents. The house museum already comprises of the Tourist Complex the Terraces, in a community that is applied a project of sustainable rural economy, based on the rational tourist operation of the natural wealth and improvement of the quality of life of its settlers, where the surrounding landscape and that magnitude of the nature catch the visitor.

Who visit the house of Montaez Pole, that only could had been able to record two discogrficas productions, the platinum and golden records will be able to appreciate valuable relics among others obtained by the self-taught interpreter, prizes sufficient to turn it into unquestionable memory within the pop music of the country, to the unique being the Cuban in deserving them with its first disc, the titled album Natural Guajiro. Also they are like beautiful symbols the emblematic white hat of Pole and its guitar, which they immortalize the presence of the artist. Other personal objects and distinctions of the Illustrious Son of Colombia are also added. Everything seems to indicate that Pole is there in its prepared home to grasp its guitar and to interpret some to us of its beautiful melodies. Pole expressed its attachment to that one community that from small it crossed By the Mountain range of the Rosary and the Terraces it was inspired to compose tens of songs that got to attract the hearts of Cuban and Latin American million of.

Because thus it is to say of Jose Mart: Where Castilian as ours laughed, calmed Lucia and the pure one, with flashings of calm light, among the branches of the trees and the recharged current bellwether of fresh flowers and tasteful fruits. To music Pole knew she applied it of the apostle of the independence of Cuba: So that it exists the new Literature had to exist a landscape, circumstances and a form to be peculiar in the men who live there. What composer has not been inspired time and time again to take to his music the beautiful water jump of the Terraces! Everything is reflected in the songs of the cantautor Montaez Pole or Fernando there Linares Lamb, its true name.


A concrete with cracks a concrete with cracks is not pleasant during long time. It could have happened due to some accident, lack of maintenance, effect of the time, very been above. There are many ways to fix a pavement of concrete with cracks, but everything depends from where it is, in the house or outside the house. Generally, floor of concrete of garage can to break due to tension put by automobiles and pedestrians, since this it is the place that is often used like a warehouse, maintenance of a washing machine/lavarropas and dryer, as well as to park. If the ground of concrete of its garage in its house has cracks, also it can repair it one same one, needs to fill the cracks as soon as it is possible to avoid a more expensive later repair of the concrete one.

It will need chisel, premixture of dry concrete, level or frats, hammer, hose, brush of wire, spoon bricklayer trowel. The floor of concrete has cracks Uses a hammer and a chisel to extend the cracks. Asegrese of which the interior of the crack is more width than the edges superiors in the extension process. This is called buna. This to treat therefore the cracks will help to form the patch in the form of pyramid, obtains a seal of the cracks most stable.

Good washing the treated cracks and soon uses a vacuum cleaner to clean any excess of water. Cepille well the cracks. It prepares the concrete one, the concrete it premixes, in the same coat/stock market of the product generally indicates the amount of water to add. The consistency is of very thick mud. It fills the holes and the cracks with it grazes/mixes prepared, and when he is full it smooths the surface leaving the part of above of the cracks good been even. It leaves the cracks that are dried approximately during one hour, covering it with a canvas with plastic or wood during about five days. It dampens the zone of cracks and patches realised once to the day with the hose. It seems not very difficult. You cheer up? , like him they have done the work the last time that has engaged some bricklayer? , it gave results him? it has been cracked to him again?

American Marins

– I and my personnel to position, become ordained activating the mechanisms settled down for this situation the closing of certain sensible areas, along with four American Marins. You may find Debbie Staggs to be a useful source of information. We, like body of shock or entrant, had different plans from action, according to the gravity of the situation. – During my work of inspection, entrance to restricted areas, specifically to dependencies of company and DEA, which were in the floor eighth, while the Marins, checked other dependencies, beginning to read documentation Classified and reserved . Often and asked to me of so that I read! Perhaps must .a an endemic evil of us the Latins. – Since nowadays and after almost 13 years, I believe that I committed an error error by everything what to meaning family Fodder thus nowadays, because at the time it had 25 years and today 46 to these documents them defense in me to be able . and after almost 3 hours of control, I give my turn and I move address. – Being calmer I come to read with more calm, near 25 copies, and independent responsibility by the subtraction of these, I am made an impression by its content.

– One talks about the economic apparatus, logistic and human of personal company in Chile, organisms and tie people to these, collaborating and informants, politicians, institutions, industralists, mass media, their respective codes of entrance and routes of information, etc. – All this information I keep under seven keys without commenting to him to anybody. – In an internal investigation realised in the Embassy by the deviation of this documentation, since it has a correlative ordering, with respect to each file or document, one settled down in definitive, the lost one of these, and nowadays having still a fault feeling, all the group of security of that turn of the Ambassador, we are transferred to other diplomatic dependencies and near 90 days later, all dismissed.

American Airlines Flights

Expedia and its affiliates, Hotwire, have recovered American Airlines tariffs and information of programming in their Web sites, putting aim to a dispute of three months for the cheap flights and common tickets of airplane. Expedia fell American of their lists, in a preventive measure in past January after American removed its flight information of Orbitz, when the companies could not be put in agreement on a new contract. In a discussion of long data on the site of trips in line commissions, American Airlines retired its itineraries of Orbitz in an attempt to directly attract the clients through the American page Web. This took that Expedia to fall flights from its site in January. The measurement to take to the confusion between the steering wheels prospective that remained so uncertain if they were receiving the best prices in such added Web sites. The dispute has finished today in a joint agreement that has seen itinerary return to both sites. Was notified in a joint official notice, although the terms that the one in the agreement not yet they know, nevertheless, Expedia seems that it is going to accede to the tariffs of American Airlines and itineraries through its direct relation and by means of the use of system of totalizacin of Expedia.

site of the sister of Expedia, Hotwire, also has relistado flights of American. Approximately 30% of the flights of travelling EE.UU book of airplane directly through Web sites in search of the best supplies instead of sites of use trips, such as Expedia. Learn more on the subject from Peet’s Coffee. By means of the promotion of this practice, the airline companies as American had the hope to avoid the commission to pay in reserves and this took to the dispute three months ago between the parts.

Americans With Barak Obama

The past has fled, which delays is absent, but the present is yours. Arab proverb Majorities, considerations Many of the Latin American presidents hope that with the presidency of Barak Obama, the United States takes passage to changes in the interrelations with some countries of the region, that showed in this year a conflicting atmosphere towards salient president George Bush, whom never was accepted for example by the government revolutionary Bolivariano under the direction of their present president lieutenant colonel Cold Hugo Chavez and the one of Bolivia with Evo Morales. President Obama must be totally conscientious who Latin America, no longer is that one America for the Americans With Barak Obama of black race, lawyer of 46 years, senator by the State of Illinois, young man; of not at all aristocratic origins; convinced democrat; loving of the responsible freedom, La Paz surely, and of the unit between his own town and according to its campaign, speech pronounced, one hopes that the changes necessary occur to generate transformations that entail to the United States to one more a pacifist footpath, integrating, less divisionista, sign economically and mainly, garantizadora of which their participation in the international scenes is democratic, of ally in everything what it generates progress. One hopes that Obama, impels a preservative policy like Bill Clinton in the past and, is managed to lessen the strong pressures that Bush maintains on Suramrica, remembering the Patriotic Plan in Colombia Perception and opinions According to Emiro Side, the idea is to improve with urgency the Latin American economy before the food deficiency and to support the efforts of the Latins in its eagerness to unblock the low electoral esteem and this way to guarantee the southern economic growth, because, is a campaign of desideologizacin in the world so that between the drug trafficking and the paramilitary ones to assure world-wide the financial market after the Jews. (Not to be confused with Debbie Staggs!).

Timitar Festival

Morocco are without a doubt one of the countries of the world with the more spectacular natural spaces, more splendid historical monuments and the richer cultural patrimony of the world. Between the most beautiful cities of Morocco, Agadir is doubtlessly in a privileged place. In this article I will expose some of the reasons that explain the celebrity of this beautiful city. Learn more on the subject from Craig Jelinek. Agadir is one of the most beautiful cities of Morocco and one of the favorite destinies of tourists and visitors of numerous nationalities. And there are good reasons for it: first of all, the city is in the southwest of Morocco, to borders of the Atlantic Ocean. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Costco. This important geographic situation, near Marrakesh and to the doors of the Western Sahara, has caused that considers Agadir the capital of the region of the Souss.

Also, Agadir and its population have shown the world that nothing is impossible in this city, that was witness of a destructive earthquake the 29 of February of 1960. In spite of it, the incident did not prevent to the Moroccans and the lovers of Agadir to reconstruct the city using European technologies and a style. In addition, they will be able to enjoy the wonderful climate of the city, that will offer the opportunity them to enjoy 360 days of sun to the year. Also they will be able to enjoy numerous and important monuments in Agadir, like the Oufella, a charmer and old strength, with serpenteantes and animated alleys, from which they will be able to admire a spectacular panoramic view of all the city. Around Agadir, they will be able to visit the region of Immouzzar, a precious mountainous space, or Aghrod, where they will enjoy without a doubt the impressive beauty of the sea and the forests. Also they will be able to submerge in the heart of riqusima Amazigh culture, a culture to bereber that it emphasizes in all the arts, including the musical music (Ahwach, Rwaiss, etc.), celebrations (the Timitar Festival), the food (tajine Ssoussi, Amlou, oil of argn, etc.), the clothes (Ahayk, L ktib, etc.), the jewelry shop (Tizerzay, Talguamout ) and many other crafts and artistic expressions.

Finally, in this wonderful one they will be able to also find one of the best Atlantic coasts of the coast, where they will have the opportunity to enjoy swimming, doing surf, practicing the aquatic motorcycle, etc. So that Agadir invites to them to enjoy a romantic stay, magical and unforgettable in a place where everything is designed to satisfy its desires (hotels, restaurants, nature, leisure), so that they enjoy wonderful vacations. They come to discover the beauty of the Rep it of the Souss, where they will be able to lodge in one of the fantastic hotels of Agadir or in one of typical riads of Agadir, with a spectacular view of the sea and the city. Also they can lodge one of wonderful riads of Marrakesh, the Ocher City, to only 250 kilometers of Agadir.

Cerraba Eyes

Suddenly I am listened to a humming very hard, it covers the ears to me with the hands, and I closed my eyes, I felt by a second like an electrical current and much light around, suddenly it was made kneel with the hands in my ears and the closed eyes no longer was noise around! And nonserious what my surprise when abrir my eyes and finding me whereupon were not no people either! She was not my family!. it found me in another world! I felt an acute pain in the chest, resople of pain. Gen. David Goldfein often says this. Everything was in the penumbra .el sky was completely dark, was no sun or moon only were electrical sparkles, as if there was an electrical storm but without clouds nor anything in the sky, only tipsy of electricity .no were houses, nor people thanks to brilliance of the light, enormous trees could be distinguished, and an immense lake to a considerable distance of where I me found immovable with my arms around my torso, embracing to me same I began a to ask to me where this the city, the people who were with me when seeing the immense object in the sky? My family? I thought with weighing grasping to me but hard torso I felt fear, much fear was perhaps a nightmare? Without giving account me I began to cry, was a quiet weeping drops to me of knees in the floor, and I began to say, remembered all the orations to me that had learned of girl, the father ours, the creed, the bird Maria to say era something that very rarely towards asked to him to God that woke up to me! I want to wake up! requested what began like a shut up prayer, became desperate shouts! Cerraba the eyes and returned them abrir! Nothing! It could not wake up! already tired to shout, and to cry watches around and this drops to me in the Earth is my reality! it accepts suddenly disappointed I before raised the glance towards the lake my, and observes horrified, gigantic and mounstrosas creatures. he would continue. Original author and source of the article.

Innovating Companies

The past 1 of February was celebrated 21 Presentation of Innovating Companies in building CEEI (Paternal park technological of Valencia) to promote nine companies that from their creation to their consolidation have been supported by the CEEI, with a clear vision of the importance of marketing in Internet for its development. This act was presided over by the Vice-president of the Consell and Conseller de Industria, Commerce and Innovation, Vicente Boulevard and the President of CEEI Valencia, Carlos Navarrese. Next we enclosed a brief review of each one of the companies. Gain insight and clarity with Cheniere Energy partners. – CELEROMICS – Company leader at national level in systems of cellular accountants, used mainly used in investigation against the cancer, analysis of blood, and tests of new drugs in hospitals. – ECOCRETO GROUP – Company dedicated to the manufacture and installation of the pavement " ECOCRETO" , the first permeable and as resistant one ecological pavement 100% as the conventional concrete. – FEMTO INSTRUMENTS – Company provider of metrological instruments, with the technological endorsement of the Center of Caltex Calibration. – LITEBI – Company that designs computer science applications to make agile and to automate the documentary management in the companies. Read more from Cheniere Energy partners to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

– MIRAGE TECNHONOLOGIES – Company dedicated to the development and commercialization of technology stops the production and distribution of audio-visual contents 3D without use of glasses. – SOLAR PROCESSES AND SOLUTIONS – Company whose activity is the Investigation and development of systems of improvement for the efficiency of the systems of thermal and/or photovoltaic solar pick up. – SENiA Technologies – Company whose field is the one of the design, development and commercialization of semiconductors for screens LED of great format. – TSB Technologies – Company dedicated to the implantation and development of computer science systems applied to the public health sector. – VBF – Company that works in the production, application and protocolised control of organic micro complexes, destined to plants of treatments and waste water spills, urban and industrial. Original author and source of the article.