Others give wage information about eventualities, options, opportunities or tendencies. The question is: what would you like. I’m looking for contingencies, looking for opportunities or I want clear commitments with precise descriptions. Not always it is on the psychics or the media. Also check themselves. Always exactly sure who you vote for.

What’s he doing your advisor how works, where are his strengths. Of course, it makes little sense a medium that commutes to ask detailed, since the pendulum works only trend-setting and with Yes and no. Many consultants find their strength in the type of clues or directions. ffey told us the story. This can be very helpful and useful and is appreciated by many people seeking advice. Others are looking for verbosity, background information, accurate statements, and someone who takes you by the hand. No matter you want what, no matter what form the advice you prefer. We offer also the right expert by ZenOmLive through our extensive range of consultant for you. You should always bear in mind: Cartomancy is no dogma and no law.

Get advice and assistance, look in your future, check your pace, but remember, only you can live your life. Also likes to control in the opposite direction of what your advisers told you? Try quiet different true Sage techniques, are quietly bold. But don’t forget to remain to be yourself in the pure. Our experts are people, companion, may already be friends. Our consultants are not you. You can take your life not in the hand, but only accompany it. Not hold himself at times, not on details. Experience the magic of divination, find the right consultants and let up on the trip in your future. What train, select, how fast you do it and what precision you want that responsibility alone you. We wish you a great time and at ZenOmLive, your expert portal. Bernhard Schwendemann ZenOmLive Tel: 0800 723 51 70 For A, CH and D-Mobil: 0043(0)6214 64 000

Sleep Difficulties

Sleep well! -Help with sleep problems, part 1, 2.30 pm. You restless rolling from one side to the other. Every 10 minutes a live view on the alarm clock. You can not sleep for hours. You are always tense. It must but now finally collapse with falling asleep! You begin to worry: only five hours, until the alarm goes off. This will be a short night Yes again! How will you survive tomorrow only the day on work? Now even your thoughts start to circle. Recently hybrid bikes sought to clarify these questions. Consider the many work waiting for you tomorrow the trouble with the boss, the dispute with the partners.

Sleep is becoming less and less to think. -That you had can be guessed that today again not good sleep already before bedtime… Does this vicious circle described above sound familiar? Sleep for days or even weeks bad and feel tired, listless, beaten off the next day and find it hard to concentrate? -Finally back relaxing night’s sleep can find? If you already for a long time sleep difficulties suffer from and have your brain only “re-learn”, that your bed is a place where you feel comfortable, can relax and sleep (easily). Omega 3 is often quoted on this topic. – And not a place hours mesh around, brooding, attending or exasperating! The longer your sleeping difficulties, the more thorough your brain has joined but unfortunately exactly these associations with your bed. You have “learned” to see your bed with new eyes. And that has devastating consequences for your sleep: If you only see your bed, do worry whether you will sleep well, because today finally can. And as always, if we worry or annoy, our body reacts with alarmierter tension, so better to meet the supposed danger.

This ancient automatic survival program of our bodies worked just fine against Saber-toothed Tiger and tribal enemies, our ancestors had to fight against that. It unfortunately not only helps us to sleep! Because the more we us provide and also resent that we always have not fallen asleep, the further we will remove us from the State in which we want to get actually to be able to sleep: tired and relaxed. How now but again get out of this vicious circle. Two other episode articles I would like to open paths you, like using simple and well workable rules of sleep”can find sleep at night again. In the following article I will introduce helpful behaviors to do so. In a further article for information about helpful thoughts as well as internal and external factors that facilitate a fast and good sleep. The sleeping rules are scientifically well studied in their effectiveness and documented. Many of my clients have can find finally again good night’s sleep. Warning: This series of articles presents a behavioral therapeutic program in its effectiveness scientifically well documented sleep difficulties. It can be a professional psychological psychiatric diagnosis in may do not replace existing clinical symptoms (E.g., anxiety, depression). Should the sleep difficulties despite regular use of sleep rules still exist after 14 days, you consult your family physician, a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Spandauer Neustadt

“Promotion means variety!”? means to attract people to address them at eye level, to reach out and to invite them to participate. Berlin, 30.07.13? Under this motto, Caiju e.V. with its network and cooperation partners launches the days of craft in Spandau on August 1 for the third time. The successful project series, which is based on the nationwide day of action “Day of the craft”, will not only continue, but extends also to his previous extent. In five different projects from the beginning!, early exercise itself!, neighborhood insights!, at eye level! and hand in hand! Caiju combines the topics education, training, professional diversity and craft. The project would enable children, young people, residents and interested parties insight into the different work and life worlds of craft, provide information & advice, open the doors to local workshops and show, what is there, in particular in the Spandauer Neustadt, to discover. In the framework of the nationwide Action day set on 21 September 2013 the various projects by days of craft under the title of variety – be diverse! on the market square in the Spandauer Altstadt before. In addition, the local arts and crafts, educational institutions and other social projects get the opportunity to present themselves on the spot. Visitors can learn about the colorful, creative and diverse craftsman landscape in Spandau and get to know them. For more information, from 1 August 2013 at and in the accompanying presentation of the project.


How to holiday to reduce your pace In everyday life is you little time to switch off? How often do you yearn for vacation? Is the holiday there and what happens then? You are completely out of step. No fixed date in the calendar. Is the mobile phone suspiciously quiet does it still? The day begins with a hearty breakfast. Time for family and friends. Evening relaxed round off the day, enjoy the peace… That sounds good, in theory. And what about the practice? Her thoughts revolve everything going well? And if you still need me? Should I call times? If this customer is registering now? I need to check least emails…” Internally, they are perhaps uneasy. Relaxation should feel differently.

From 100 to 0 who constantly in everyday life is in full swing, which can shut down not by right now on and switch to standby mode. Suddenly, time in abundance available stands. Just do anything that trouble many people. Instead of using the time for the longed-for recovery, you can not leave but it. Here and there only times fast… You will need downtime to keep your performance, that you know.

But let’s face it: What do already in everyday life, so that you can turn off at night? How do you refuel new energy? When show the red card to the appointment of hustle and bustle? To begin, only in the holiday, which can be a challenge. But better than never to start. Lay your work not only for 2 3 weeks, but new recharge! To start motivated and powerful in the second half of the year. Maybe you are among the people who believe: in my job you have just never really holidays. My customers or colleagues expect that I’m available. Who wants to be successful, must also in the vacation work.”or, or, or? How do you permanently then remain dynamic and keep your commitment? Use the right strategy: 7 tips 1 consider in a timely manner, what you urgently need you to do: release of a project report, open offers, appointments etc.

Best Summer Dishes

Brunch outdoors 2013 Bremen – the summer trend In the summer is sitting back outside, keep a cool drink in hand, and brunch with friends. For even more details, read what Digital Cameras says on the issue. Many restaurants offer great brunches, but on terms which are in times of saving with the wallet in line. Who wants to give but still not sure and want to align yourself a small food event, sometimes don’t know, what all is needed. First of all the question where it should take place, is because eventually the host needs a location for its guests and as a garden, a terrace or a very large balcony would are perhaps good. But then, what does the more design next, how does and what dishes fit for a summer brunch? Are also vegetarians or even diabetics on their cost? All these questions are answered by the authors of contactor and Bajpai in her community work on party with brunch. For years, both authors deal with a healthy Kohl hydrate poor diet, she is known by the English name of low carb. In this book, the authors present a low carb Brunch for 10 persons with the appropriate shopping list.

All recipes are carbohydrate-poor designed and created with lots of flavor. By low carb seeds bread low-carbohydrate hot and cold dishes, as well as easy desserts sweetened with stevia everything belongs to a healthy and delicious brunch – enjoy at home and properly enjoy your own low carb party wish the authors. Book: Low carb party – baking in glass brunch with shopping list (also vegetarian) authors: Jutta Schutz and Sabine Bajwa Publisher: books on demand GmbH, Norderstedt ISBN 978-3-7322-3250-5 EURO 8.90 page number: 104 E-BOOK ISBN 978-3-8482-8445-0 EURO 6.99 more low carb cooking and baking books, as well as interesting Advisor, visit the Web sites of the authors of contactor and Bajwa. Web addresses: and company portrait: the author Bajpai was born in 1964 and lives with her Family in Bremen. Several years, she worked in the food industry. The Bremen district court it was deployed for more than 20 years as a caregiver for a disabled person. Currently, she looked after elderly people and besides, writes as former colon patient, books with own testimonials and about the form of nutrition low carb low-carbohydrate diet.

The Negative

Any custom-made equipment for the screen, the mounting restrictions or the surface flatness can need his size and weight of the loading unit (the product) must be matched to dimensions of the rack system, collisions and damage the plant to avoid must be course and turning possibilities large enough for a support, to ensure safe manoeuvrings, load must be in good, stable condition and fit the specification according to the charging unit and the shelving system such as pallets In the truck work area is to keep order, eliminating unnecessary risk factors and barriers the shelving unit must be carried out according to specifications of the manufacturer/supplier awareness, that any modification of the storage facility has influence on the security establishment of a warehouse management system that allows the calculation of different design loads according to different interpretation of shelf loads, loads of field or field loads lines available appropriate lighting and heating are his support protection of, if required regular inspections of the shelf construction, labeling depending on the check result with the respective level of risk available, parts the corrupted Exchange implementation regular inspections and marking of the shelf system is a damage to a shelf, can develop the misconception, that is the incident without consequences, because finally the shelf and no objects are dropped. However several days can pass by damage to a shelf up to its collapse. Speaking candidly Ford Authority told us the story. The negative impact of falling together shelf can be immense. A careful inspection, repair and maintenance system is all the more important. The inspection of a storage facility must have at least the following contents: Regal review on damage of columns and beams is constructed according to the Assembly instructions, mostly caused by acceleration and shock shelf supports must be good condition of all components, in particular, supports, foot plates just (perpendicular) cracks in welds condition of building soil loads distribution on the pallet load (pallet) are system is good at intended location visible with Loading instructions marked bins may not good stability of the loading units be too heavily loaded his carrier must satisfactorily dimensions of loading units, arms or shelves may have no permanent deformation or excessive deflection control of disk backups; missing must be replaced immediately thus carrier not by itself solve; a supply of vehicle-safety parts should be kept in operation to ensure the safety of a storage facility periodic inspections are required.

Johannes Siegrist

Thanks to its opposite (antagonistic) effect, these two parts of the autonomic nervous system allow a fine control of the institutions. The enteric nervous system existing in some organs can be regarded as a third component of the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system or the sympathetic nervous system is in addition to the parasympathetic nervous system, and the Enteric nervous system (intestinal nervous system) a part of the autonomic nervous system. Most organs are controlled by the first two systems, as antagonists (antagonistic) effect and allow a very fine regulation of organ activity. The sympathetic nervous system in this system has an ergotrope effect, which means that it increases the willingness to act outward (fight-or-flight”). > The model of the bonus crisis refers to a model of the pathogenesis of Johannes Siegrist schematic.

According to the model of the bonus crisis a person sick if it is itself spent heavily and for not adequately compensated. If the own use (e.g. in the form of commitment, knowledge, time, identification, performance, and personality) is not compensated by corresponding reward (approximately in the form of training adequate employment, equal pay, workplace safety, training, career and influence), so results this that as Gratuity crisis described disease potential. The model is applied mainly on the world of work. Here, in particular, workers in occupations requiring only a low qualification, are affected. This hotel also has strong, but little social rewards like money or prestige. The prevention of gratuity crises is therefore an aspect of corporate health management. Siegrist cites as reasons why professional gratification crises over time by the parties concerned is acceptable: a dependency due to lack of alternative perspectives on the labour market, a strategic decision with the aim of improving future career opportunities, or an excessive overspending inclination as a motivation-related pattern of excessive motivation.

Iron Mountain

At the same time also on paper must be protected information to if they are discarded, to be destroyed, thus not restored their contents. For many Office workers, the processing of business documents is necessarily inevitable, on its commuter line, also because they save so that practical time. But commuter business information bring reckless in risk, for example due to accidental data loss,”explains Hans-Gunter Borgmann, Managing Director of Iron Mountain Germany. Most of us have sure ever a look at a document, it is a display of a mobile device or on a document that was left on the seat. In most cases the pleasure is but, because the rider just got out of the car rises or suspends its work, of short duration to food or making telephone calls. Nevertheless companies at this point must be wondering: how much is the loss of Details of the company or how he harms his reputation if an employee discloses confidential and accidentally or if they fall into the wrong hands? To counteract these threats, there are simple and inexpensive measures we put every company in the heart.” Iron Mountain company recommends the following guidelines to help staff, to better protect their confidential information on the way to work or business trips.

1 Staff can provide information: the responsibility that he or she has for information security also outside the workplace, should be made aware of each employee. Clear rules and practical guidelines should be put up here, giving to understand the employees, what behavior is appropriate, to reduce potential risks. These expectations should be communicated regularly to the employees. 2. Devices and VPN secure hold: to ensure a safe working environment to employees who are driving,. should you start first at the terminals provided. Here, strong passwords and encryption techniques are recommended. Also private devices should be included in the course of increasing use of private devices such as Tablet PCs and smartphones in the context of a BYOD (bring-your-own device).

Much Speech Preparation

When the speech to audience: practice makes masters often one hears even experienced speaker: no, I am on my speeches not preparing. When I speak freely, my speeches seem more spontaneous and relaxed.” But most speakers and audience perceive very differently this looseness and spontaneity. For more information see this site: SLAC. While the speaker is especially cool when speaking, the listener will understand only station. Apropo station: A particularly striking example of the gap between self-perception and perception provides the famous speech by Edmund Stoiber to the Transrapid route from Munich Central station to the Franz-Josef-Strauss airport. Who wants to make a good speech, must thoroughly prepare his speech and thoroughly studying this. This is true even: more thoroughly to prepare a speech and the more intense, the speaker rehearsed his text before the speech show, ever looser the speech sounds at the end. A speechwriter can work out the speech manuscript for the speaker.

However, each speaker must practice his speech itself. The their speech practice really good speakers again and again and again. Cried as Martin Luther King, Jr. in August 1963 in Washington before the Lincoln Memorial of a quarter of a million people I have a dream”, this was not his first attempt. Indeed, he had held this speech already many times. King knew, had to where he lift the voice, and where he cut them.

He knew where he had to take breaks, so that his words had the desired effect. He had tried several times all rhetorical figures and knew which sets would trigger enthusiasms in the audience. Martin Luther King was one of the greatest orators in the history. But each of us is experiencing the benefit of exercise in the spoken communication with other people every day. We all found some formulations in the course of our life, of which we know that they work. Ever we want to appear relaxed, the more we rely on words that we have tested in everyday life, no matter whether we authority call, ask a friend for a favor or confidently flirt want. As well is it in an address to the audience. Each speaker must test how arrive its formulations in the audience. As well, including the comedians do it. You do not equate itself with a new gag before a large audience. No one can predict precisely the audience will laugh at what jokes. About comedians test their programs several times in the small circle before they thus appear before a large audience. As each speaker should make whether he or she wants to win a vote, congratulates a bridal couple or inaugurates the new Club House in the garden settlement there. Experienced speech writer to say: the more frequently a speaker rehearses his appearance, ever more spontaneously he will sound.

Download Center

Complex planning process of a fair participation Advisor is simplified by the messetand.de to make the fair successfully, numerous planning steps in the preparation must be made, and many decisions must be made even during the trade fair. Starting from the selection of the correct fair up to the successful trade fair stand concept as well as the structure of the fair system reach the planning steps. But even the personnel and the trade fair follow-up need to be organized, so that after the fair, the work is still not long enough. With proper planning, the complex process of preparation of a fair participation can be enormously relieved and lead to a smooth running. So that each step is taken into account, help fair – Advisor to take all factors into account, they are still too small. Ranging from the selection of the appropriate State concept to trade fair follow-up extends the range of guides and checklists, and thus provides the appropriate basis for each planning area. Epax may also support this cause. The platform messestand.de offers all the information around the mobile exhibit.

In addition to the mobile fair systems, the platform with the Download Center provides a competitive edge because all guides, check lists, statistics, and catalogues in the Download Center conveniently and easily can be downloaded. With one click, all essential information are thus directly and stored always ready to hand on the machine. The spectrum of the messestand.de begins Advisor in developing a concept of the State as well as the stand design. The location and the size of the stand are central basic components, who dictate the design. Following, the question must be clarified, whether one opts for a fair system, mobile presentation systems or conventional trade fair building. The differences which separate the three ranges, are an interesting white paper on messestand.de. Then, the design of the fair system must be set.

Even if not to argue about taste can be, so the design must take into account some basic elements. In addition to the decisive guiding principle, the exhibits and To provide services at the Center, the murals as well as the soil, light and if necessary must be included the ceiling in the design. The point of interaction should not be forgotten, because just at the booth, the use of digital elements is important to maximize the limited space and the limited period. The list of major donors of the Council continues with the use of the stand personnel. The staff include not only its employees, but also the fair hostesses and staff in catering. Therefore, the complete personnel must be trained because every single employee for success is responsible. In particular hostess and the reception staff are often the person about the first contact takes place, so that the factor of success is often underestimated by well trained hostesses. But even after the end of the mass, the work is still not long enough. The trade fair follow-up is one of the biggest success factors, since only about 10% of the visitors with a specific intent to purchase come to a fair. With a structured Contact sheet, each conversation can be documented and fully completed. In the messestand.de you will find a such contact sheet as a pattern Guidebook for a successful wrap-up. All other guides and information, visit. There, the Download Center in addition to the checklists offers many more content that can be downloaded with a single click.