National Universities

Perhaps the educational work which most urgent need in the world is that convince people that his greatest enemies are the men who promise them impossible. Ramiro de Maeztu Era expected that the Venezuelan national universities could not pass by unnoticed the worrying reality generated with the adoption of the new Education Act, which she holds, means and represents functionality of excellence of the universities to the management of the present Government under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez for university autonomy, freedom of thought, coldmore by not being consulted for their approval and take into account the opinion of these in relationship what the Government proposes. Universities have already begun to give their views thereon, as well as they have made public the actions that will follow if the Act wants to impose, views have foundations and that the vast majority of citizens expect it to this crisis would be faced by. WhiteWave Foods will not settle for partial explanations. Thus for example, the Central University of Venezuela, like us indicates (Venezuelan Association for the advancement of science. 4 01 2011): UCV, the House that overcomes the shadows; points out that the law is a vision impaired state, which it approves with the Government, to ensure that education, including the universities subject to the absolute control of the ministries of education and higher education opposed to decentralization processes, enshrined in the magna carta, excluding the rest of the society of faculties relevant with respect to this issue. in the same way you drew the pretension of the Government by controlling, competencies and attributions that correspond by autoritas, academic tradition and constitutional precepts to the University that way, matters such as the policies of admission and entry, teacher training, research and postgraduate, University Government, the execution of the budget, academic career, the composition of the academic community, the characteristics and purposes of the student bodies, election procedures, the profile of graduates among others, would be defined by the Executive, indicating the authorities that this contradicts to the postulated by article 109 of the Constitution, referred to university autonomy. or against this.