Happy South America Fans

exciting hands-on portal opens its doors in the middle of the Internet! Lippstadt, the 20.09.2009: South America lovers can enjoy a new page appears to fulfill all your desires? With the Internet presence of South America fakten.de advertises Christoph Fischer, IT and marketing professional, for travellers to use around the fourth largest continent on Earth. With a bevy of volunteers, he starts the free offer, which has set itself the objective, to provide concentrated knowledge of South America in the center of the Internet. Fans and friends is a platform to create with available and looking a home. Only by the enthusiasm of the individual, so the vision of the simple transfer of knowledge from one person to man can become a reality. We have already collected a small treasure of information and now gradually further expand the platform, content as well as on the possibilities for the user”, white fishermen about the successful start-up package to report. The user takes all independent States of the South American continent already articles and posts in six categories; Vacations and travels, country and people, culinary, curiosities, geography and history.

The reader learns of the only country with Dutch language on the continent, the highest point that a car has ever climbed, a Lake of thousands tons of asphalt, the birthplace of the Incas and numerous excavations in South America, travel tips, tourist attractions and much more. We a cookbook module provide even specially for the page, then a separate search on different recipe groups allow”, tells an enthusiastic project participants, which supports the page free of charge like everyone in his spare time. A specially assembled Forum on the side provides the basis for active cooperation and the exchanges on all topics related to the new portal.

Facts About The Internet

The Internet is no longer an the Internet is a network in which data is exchanged. This Exchange ensures the use of Internet sites. The number of Internet sites is growing steadily. There are millions of sites around the world. It is especially always modern. Filed under: Ford Motor Company. You can no longer communicate in chat with others, but phone calls over the Internet, watch TV and listen to radio. In 1969 was called ARPANET, the predecessor to the Internet.

This program has been used for research purposes. The Internet is nowadays no longer just for there to make themselves smart. On the contrary, it is responsible also for the communication between different people. It is more for fun. Because there are numerous games that you can play for free on the Internet.

Meanwhile, it is also so that each supermarket chain, every shopping center, every newspaper have their own page, where you can inform about current trends and news. Even for celebrities, there are extra pages of news, the report much about life and its problems. So you are always up to date on their favorite celebrity such as Angelina Jolie. This is of course a good promotional tool. The Internet facilitates the job and apartment search very, because there are also specially designed pages. Quite honestly, can you imagine a life without the Internet?

To Save – Coupons

More and more consumers save with the help of discount codes with a few mouse clicks easily from home from shopping: many consumers now avoid the annoying gear in the crowded inner cities for shopping. If then also still just money save and you can snag the products or services much more cheaply, the world of online shopping looks very rosy. Vouchers are now becoming increasingly popular. It is in good hands with who wants to make not cumbersome through the jungle of webs on the search for matching coupons. Coupons, deals and offers from over 300 different online shops are offered here. It is also possible to find out exactly about the online stores.

Whether one is looking to mobile phones, clothing and travel, the portal will find the appropriate voucher! The best part is, no cost for the consumer. Also new is that here no registration is necessary. The coupon codes are easily exposed and can go directly to the order form be entered. Clever saving is possible also in Germany known leaders. For example, you can at the shoe mail order “Zalando” back up vouchers and discount codes and thus save up to 71% with a coupon for Zalando. Also the OTTO mail order a discount of 15.95 for your next purchase, as top action, currently offers for each new customer or customers who take longer than 3 years not be ordered where the minimum order value of Euro 30,00 prerequisite is. A similarly appropriate example is the online glasses shipping trade “MisterSpex”. Here, it is currently possible to get up to 50% discount on its “nose frame”.

Suitable for women offers for jewelry by fossil, bags of case arena.de or C & A, fashion for men discounts at Sony, ATU, or Nokia, for the entire family Preisnachlasse at Toys “R” US or tickets by Eventim.de – there is something for everyone. Who are looking for something more specific things, can be either on the home page of Gutscheinzeiger.de directly looking for keywords or to scroll through the entire list of online shops. Also on the home page the be love test are, to find the latest and the most exclusive coupons. Daily updated offers and new coupons entered. The consumer is thus every day on the date of the Schnappchjagd. And how does it work? Simply using the search function, or on the home page the desired online store find immediately all possible vouchers, will be shown discount promotions and special offers. Either directly enter the voucher code or Gutscheinzeiger.de is the further steps and already reduced the original price of. Gutscheinzeiger.de informs, recommends and you save money doing, 100% free of charge and there is no annoying registration required. Why pay full price when you can save a small fortune with just a few clicks?

Refero Survey

The money is earn with paid surveys possible? The article deals with: How does earn money with paid surveys? What advantages are there? What disadvantages are? What does everything to earn money with paid surveys? Make money with paid surveys provides a good way to brush up on the budget or holiday fund something or have some extra pocket money available. But how can you make money with paid surveys? Earn money with paid surveys one must be first a survey portal (such as E.g. MySurvey, com, Refero.de, or Gratispoints.com) login. Then you will also receive invitations to surveys in more or less regular intervals. Usually, some initial questions must be answered, which serve to find out whether the participants for the survey is appropriate. After completing the survey, the reward usually in the form of points that correspond to a certain monetary value, is credited to either immediately or at a later date. After reaching a You can request a withdrawal to your PayPal or bank account certain score.

It is also possible to exchange the purchased points into vouchers, for example, from Amazon, some providers. What benefits are there? Make money with paid surveys offers a number of advantages. It is very flexible and can be home from work. Earn the money with paid surveys no previous knowledge is required. The effort required is relatively low, the maximum amount of time per survey is approximately 30 minutes.

Sometimes, there is even the possibility to test a product that is the subject of the survey, at home and then assessing this test product to make money again. What disadvantages are there? However, has also some disadvantages make money with paid surveys. The allowances are often low, so that this activity only as an ancillary, but not to to make a living. Often it takes a long time until it reaches the payout limit, because some providers send very few surveys. Sometimes you are Requirements of the survey provider so specific, you don’t allow to answer initial questions to the actual survey. What does everything to earn money with paid surveys? For the money you earn with paid surveys needed only a computer with Internet connection, some time and fun to fill out surveys.

Heidelpay Zippo From

The new website of Zippo shines also offering new online-payment-Heidelberg, November 30, 2009. heidelpay (www.heidelpay.de) is now integrated into the new Web presence of the lighter manufacturer Zippo (www.zippo.de). Complete solutions for the secure payment on the Internet handles 3D technology for Zippo payment by credit card and T-pay online transaction table.. Basso Terra is likely to agree. The digital miracle is available in the online-shop of redcoon.de. Without a doubt: The brand enjoys cult status. And Zippo products are far more than high-quality wind – and weather accessories for smokers they are rather lifestyle accessories for people with taste and sense for the special. The new website meets this requirement with the Zippo is online for a few days.

The werbemacher based in the Westphalian Gescher (www.werbemacher.com) are responsible for concept, design, implementation and ongoing optimization of the new Zippo website. Marcus Diekmann, managing partner: Central task for the relaunch of zippo.de was to the a, the lifestyle positioning the company to implement in the Web. You may find Commuter Bikes to be a useful source of information. On the other hand it was establishing as a information platform zippo.de, where consumers can get appetite on the Zippo products, then buy them in the stationary trade.\” The first figures show that apparently successful,: so the werbemacher almost 42,000 visitors on the new Zippo website included within the first six days. The werbemacher have now heidelpay integrated secure online payment with heidelpay for visitors who prefer online instead of in the stationary trade want to buy your Zippo lighter, as a payment provider. The Heidelberg company handles the online payments by credit card and T-pay online bank transfer. Marcus Diekmann: We have looked at of course precisely in advance the market of the payment provider. Several factors have tipped the scales for heidelpay: heidelpay how Zippo a medium-sized company, corporate philosophy and corporate culture fit so good together is. Convinced the personal touch in handling have us ultimately with each other, the Conditions and the service of heidelpay, not to mention the high degree of flexibility.

New Product Structure

The submissions-Anzeiger Verlag, Publisher of the submissions Gazette newspaper and database for public and private tenders – headquartered in Hamburg, launches new product variants in the summer: Hamburg, in may 2013 – in addition to the new naming – the database products online-light and online direct online plus 20 and online plus 300, the innovation concerns above all the content. The good news for all online customers is that we succeeded, to create additional services and even new product variants, even more accurately tailored to the customer’s request in the online space”, says Florian Lauenstein, Managing Director of submissions-Anzeiger Verlag. So, customers of the former product get online direct not more 200, but now 300 announcement texts delivered by email per month. This additional service such as newly completed, now online plus 300 subscription gets automatically each existing, without having to pay a penny more. For online users, which so far only the free search option in have used the job database, the submissions indicator now offers the online plus 20. This product variant will be pleased just those, which would require only a few notice texts, due to their specialization but on the convenient E-Mail delivery service don’t miss out”, so Florian Lauenstein.

Of course, the free search in the job database for both products is maintained. For all online products of the submissions Gazette, except the e, there is still the possibility to specify search profiles. The nationwide daily newspaper is also an integral part of the product range of the submissions Gazette. The new dismissal times remain as usual short with a period of 14 days for the relevant period and uniform.

Business Network

Everyone dreams to enjoy his life. No hike worries by everyday. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, because daily lot of organization is on the agenda. It was also only the annual tax return which costs much time, a legal charge, which applies to cope with it or a House, who wants to be well planned, stands before the door – everybody has problems. What if someone would just take over these tasks? At first glance, that sounds like a lot of work. Eventually such companies must be found first, dealing with tax, legal, or technical questions. But this is not as hard as it seems at first glance.

In ancient times, everyone to his proverbial stuff had to worry. Today, there are 10Scouts. This portal is a central professional business network that takes care of all possible issues. It does not matter whether architect, lawyer, or event Manager is needed for every desire the right Scout immediately to the spot. My Scout takes care of that already! When, for example, a large company party, guests expect a fast paced program. Should the Organizer does not provide this, all visitors go disappointed. None can be expert in all areas.

That’s why you shouldn’t remove the work of professionals. At least occasionally. The business network has the right expert for each task at hand, regardless of whether it is a private project or a larger enterprise task. Each receives the appropriate experts. At Andi Potamkin you will find additional information. How does the business network at all? Is it connected to a potential registration cost? The operation is simple. First of all you must opt for a particular Scout. Then, a request can be made. This is non-binding and includes only information that reveals the applicant voluntarily. For this request to the business network, no one is taking a risk, because all data is kept strictly confidential. More precise the Indicated, the better the deals. Of course, the customer wonders whether certain suppliers are not preferred. Is there a secret agreement between 10Scouts and the service providers? All right things goes to the business network. Indeed, a prospective buyer receives the offer that best suits his ideas. But not only that: In the normal case, it remains not only at a range, but to offer more service providers. So, a customer has the choice and can choose the provider best for. Service, right on the doorstep In the Internet, there are numerous offers with good prices. Often, the companies are but then mostly at the other end of Germany. Not so with the business network. Depending on the customer’s request, company be contacted when a request, are located in the immediate vicinity. So no one of his plans to travel long distances, but may discuss with his Scout on the same day about his plan. Who wants to effectively save time, no way around this business network. And: no one buys the cat in the Bag, all experts can prove its special abilities with certificates. Company contact: B & P Internet Management GmbH Mr. Oliver Preikschat Rankestrasse 26 10789 Berlin Germany fon…: 030 / 219 96 99-0 fax..: 030 / 219 96 99-29 web..

Travelescort Network

The familiar network offers an enormous audience for a job market with a growing number of members and connects members and interested parties to an active community. familiar is a network that positions as Travelescort or premium escort offer already on the familiar job Lady a network for professionals of renowned escort agencies, to accompany solvent guests or VIP BBs for an extravagant escort appointment or as a pleasurable companion to New York City, Dubai or the Maldives. The same, if different also in the basic requirements, is seeking employees for wellness massage, Tantra, or classic massage. People searching for this familiar clientele in the foreground are reliability, specialized training, as well as enjoy the soulful dealing with people. Contact information is here: Secretary of Agriculture. Quickly and directly is the trusted editorial team for all members around the theme of job offers and jobs available and provides advice on request on the appropriate formulation and placement. Innovations with added value at the beginning of May 2010 has an innovative Apple entrusted its members and visitors as the first adult network in Germany iPhone optimized version of its mobile client for free made available and consistently continues the development in 2010. Today provided free job, familiar allows the logical consequence of networking and community for the production of new employees and expansion of the company its members.

After completion of the test phase in week 36, vertraute.de will include a technologically maxed out and huge promotional event calendar for its members. Erotikdienstleister like a FKK sauna Club or swingers Club can hereby, in easy to use manner, targeted and prominent upcoming events like motto pointing to parties, events and trade fairs. The event calendar by familiar, events such as Swingers parties know targeted industries, sensual moments in the Castle or bizarre events there and always informed about all details. High will be the result here events. Garbage is provided by fully automated archiving algorithms no room in the current map. Quality and resistance familiar has the target set by performance and quality to convince every day on the new. Therefore, do we listen to our customers and constantly expanding familiar to more innovative services and functionalities. As the first and only social network for the adult industry, we set standards in the field of professional Internet marketing. Familiar brings advertising to the point of further information we provide familiar available

User Experience On Tour USECON Roadshow 2010 Shows How

“The 3Us to success: usability, user experience, user interface design USECON enters July with user experience on tour the 3U’s success” on Austria Roadshow and invites you to a first-class event! Usability, user experience and user interface design can be the 3U’s success through short impulse lectures, practical examples, live demos, case studies and exciting guest lectures, our customers and partners bring closer to you. The users with all of their needs, their ideas and their criticisms also are at the heart of the 3U’s. Create also optimal product and service experience for your target groups using the 3U’s and thus influence the success long term. Check out Secretary of Agriculture for additional information. USECON shows how valuable is the comprehensive analysis and user-centric perspective in the development of your products and services. On the basis of demos you will during the road show user interface prototyping experience live and see how your users make successful emotional and persuasives design interfaces. Discuss specific issues in your industry or your application with our experts and live be they in a usability test. You can expect an exciting and varied program around the 3U’s usability, user experience and user interface design”, which among other things lectures of by USECON experts on the following topics includes: the U’s to the success. Usability, user experience, user interfaces Eureka! What do you know about your next product we wanted to answer how is this actually with your specific, industry-specific questions to the 3U’s usability and user experience in action: customers and partners by USECON experiences and case studies please present why the clicks there? 10 minutes in the life of a user’s blue? Red? Square? Round? Good user interface design de-mystified are user experience sprinter, marathon runners are better: as you prepare your company with strategic user experience end when networking buffet USECON is looking forward to your participation! The dates at a glance: Monday, July 12, 2010, Vienna: USECON, Businesspark MARXIMUM Modecenterstrasse 17 / object 2, 1110 Vienna, Austria Tuesday, July 13, 2010, Linz: Hotel am Domplatz, Stifter road 4, 4020 Linz, Austria Wednesday, July 14, 2010, Innsbruck: Hotel Innsbruck, Innrain 3, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria Thursday, July 15, 2010, Graz: Hotel Daniel, Europaplatz 1, 8020 Graz, Austria information, programme and registration at. Note: Katja Zimmermann Tel.: + 43 (0) 1 743 54 51 0.