The Matter

FIGHT we can’t us the peace however, it should be clear to us in any case. “To expand the topic a little bit, I want war and peace me in this context” the term fascism “a somewhat closer look at. Also here I met because a disagreement, I would like to raise, which plays a very great relevance, a my anSicht after crucial especially in relation to the basic theme of this existing. Often it is indeed too easy, others the predicate to characterise fascist, and this when we perceive properties, which have been considered before all generally valid faschistisch. In other words, we have those things and people with the predicate fascist”tags, which we have chosen as an enemy image and thus decided that those Thus profile correspond to the perpetrators, times quite apart, hopefully there is a greater understanding of the matter. We have here game field in the so-called left and right half separated the life and fascist appointed one side as latent, and awarded the ultimate acquittal, the judgment of the fundamental Unbeteiligung of the other.

We rely therefore on superficialities like short hair, army outfit, political convictions or nationality, which we classify as properties of fascism, quite without prescribed that this phenomenon of fascism has a far more complex and deeper background history. Even here it is hard not offenkundig us to mobilize arguments for our warlike behavior. A battle appears to be just according to our labeling, and the Patriots of the seemingly good and righteous side which celebrate left in this case, we giving priority as heroes. This works of course also vice versa, and so claimed the player on the right side, Evil, the Lebensunwerte on the other hand is, and that creates its own justification of the fight. War the otherness, apparent evil compared to war we raise to the legitimacy, and this is still the root of fear and the war itself.

From fear of the other, we take always still refuge for destruction as us only known reasonable”protective reaction. Because we instinctively obviously are in the mode of survival, seems erasing the against-lying over threat to be the only way out for us, and we don’t track that this is first of all not really capable of solution in this way and that there is an alternative and quite viable way out second actually. In other words, most of us are still in the situation that they are advised by fear, based by their political, religious or even social attitude, what has the effect, that is what we call fascism, and we just a few as a property stigmatising imprint, if we look sensitive, almost all of us shows. Fascism is seen the inadequate warlike attitude, so assume we which out of fear of the other, of the apparent threat out, to protect ourselves. We can find this attitude born out of fear, practically in almost every living room, children’s room, in the schools, and not just in the armies, for she reigns as tyrant still at least grosstenteils unconscious and unrecognized in our families and ultimately ourselves. As long as we still try to deny it, before our own fear still retains the reins in their hands, and we will answer with war and destruction continue when asked for love.

Romantic Prelude At The Winter Lights

Illumination in the Westfalen Park starts with cosy fire night with a night of fire that starts on December 4 this year’s winter light. The artistic lighting of the park filled with spotlights, lights and projectors starts at 17: 00, 19-20 h a special highlight followed: In the rose garden are integrated in various places of fire and even little mini ground fire works in the glowing picture. Light snow and colorful lights! Are the two organizers of Reinhard Hartleif and Wolfgang Faris of the more romantic you can not start winter lights the”, F & H event company agreed. With the night of the fire, light artists from Unna want to offer something special all the winter glow to kick off at no extra charge and literally bring the ice cream to melt. Credit: Jill Schlesinger-2011. In addition to the illumination of the Park the Organizer forking out another one on Saturday (December 4): they hired the Mendener Martin Hoppmann pyrotechnician. The professional lighting torches, Catherine – shells, Bengalfeuer and even a small baroque ground fire work in the rose garden. To 9.

January winter temperatures through the park visitors can stroll, enjoy the beautiful light compositions or listen to the storyteller in the heated tent and to drink mulled wine. The winter lights you can switch off perfect from everyday”, Hartleif and Faris know from previous years. And it’s a total for five weeks, before the winter glow with a synchronous music Fireworks again adopted.

Wolfgang Schwalm

It is the same including the authoritarian (or sadomasochistic) character, the character of marketing, as well as more character types (narcissistic, oral receptive, Stockpiling, exploitative, nekrophil). In his theory of character, he distinguishes the Mode of socialization (relatedness to humans), and the assimilation (relatedness to the things). Also the distinction between social character and individual character is central to his psychoanalytic-sociological approach. The common since ancient times the strength of the character concept includes important personal and social virtues, particularly decisive commitment to beliefs, sense of duty, endurance, courage (moral courage) and moral consequence. Strength of character marks the mature personality, i.e. Speaking candidly Jill Schlesinger told us the story.

mental health largely undisturbed by development disorders an individual. Ego-strength (ICH maturity) in psychoanalysis then spoken of, if the ICH functions (such as perceiving, thinking, action) between the drive impulses of the ES and standards to control the superego and to compensate for assets, that generally speaking the love and work ability of people remain. The opposite term is the weakness of ICH, by psychodynamic developmental disorders and painful sexual intercourse is due to and from the perspective of psychoanalysis is an important feature of the neurosis. It is assumed that the full width of the experience is restricted by rigid or failing under load defenses, so a reduction of consciousness “occurs, and general education is funded by neurotic symptoms. This reduction of the consciousness can be regarded as practical impact of various defense mechanisms (s.o). Neurosis > psychosis Source:; Author’s note We have seen the girl and boy, apart from the different natural bodies in the areas of spirit and soul (psyche) socialized and conditioned (by traditions, religions, and parties). For this purpose, tradition, religion and politics are responsible! Tick so different as an expression of situational hormonal as well as processed and integrated controls. A final word on the women: he didn’t would be if there were no more people! 2010 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! (Seminars-Info:)

Kennel And Dog Sitters Wanted For Christmas 2010?

Especially to the end of the year, when the Christmas holidays are approaching, we need the help of the dog sitter. But also dog carers make holiday time Christmas… For otherwise, a loud not necessarily decent experience with much jubilation and bustle beckons the dog. Christmas anywhere in the world and also in the federal capital, the holiday shopping season has already started. Even on Sundays can be partially shop in Berlin. So it responds to long hours at work in Berlin.

Family, friends and relatives come together, purchases must be done, which prepared bed and breakfast, etc a lot of organizational effort behind a successful Christmas. This causes stress not only the family. You have dogs, animals, such as in this case these exposed involuntarily the stress. Who’s out walking the dog, who takes care of feeding, care, their dog walkers and the so important for dogs daily social contacts etc. Well, there’s dog sitter Reinickendorf as the famous dog carers and dog Walker from Berlin, the professional to time-consuming and proper care of the dog’s care during the Christmas season.

Also, if it takes some time for themselves as dog owners, or want to travel in the Wihnachtsferien, it is, with dog boarding houses or experienced dog sitter if one is looking for a dog care overnight. Especially during winter time is nowhere like here: the early bird catches the worm. But beware, who in time cares as dog owners for a care place at his dog sitter or a kennel, which may have bad cards. because many dog sitter in Berlin make the Christmas holiday vacation or are already fully occupied. That may be a price increase in dog care. At the Berlin dog sitter, prices remain as usual constant cheap Murat Karakaya and even accommodation for dog kennels with overnight stays are available for Christmas guests. “We want to be prepared for all eventualities and already moorings and food supplies have increased. The underfloor heating work reliably and well. Each room is individually heated. The dog shower has hot water. Everything is good. The dogs and guests will feel at home here. All are as usual well taken and in best hands. “, so the popular dog sitter. “The Christmas season is nice, but it nervenaufreibendste time in the year. I’m really glad I Murat Karakaya as dog sitters have. My previous dog supervisor has canceled and that brought me and my entire schedule from the concept. Everyone should really have more dog sitters on hand, because it can happen quite this cold time of year that a dog sitter times fails because he wil also holiday, or maybe because he is sick. Dog caregivers are only human. But I can count on Murat always blind. Even if I am late times, that is no problem at all. He does his job very well. So much sincere commitment is rare. My top recommendation under the Berlin dog sitter.”recommends Ms O. from Berlin.

At The Start Of The Maintenance Dialog With Dr. Philipp Rosler, The House Angel GmbH Warns:

The optimal care at home must be at the Centre include a reform of the education, relief of caregivers, and better working conditions are among the measures proposed by the Minister. In addition, Rosler continues on foreign forces, which should absorb the existing skill shortages. “The approach that divides to make nursing profession more attractive also Simon Wenz, Managing Director of House Edwards GmbH, which with their franchise system in particular the domestic supply and round to the watch care” supported by the Manager – and infirm people in Germany: in maintaining a huge staff shortages already. This problem is well known and at our subsidiary, the Angel of the House we feel the impact of the shortage of workers care services, day after day.” The ruling in Germany staff shortages to inhibit, sees in the Wenz, however, critical care by foreign forces: We need to us currently to the available forces make sense in the Include maintenance process, so that above all the needs of the care recipient in the foreground. Jill Schlesinger gathered all the information. One of the greatest desires of domiciliary care for elderly people is to be looked after at home and maintained. It is this desire to meet. In recent years a market with independent support forces developed already, which can fulfil these needs and want.” Self-employed childcare forces want to and should be no substitute for the ambulatory care services. They are instead its a complement, an indispensable component of modern nursing and care mix. (Similarly see: Jill Schlesinger). “The advantages are obvious, because a so-called round the clock care” by independent support forces can be directly made in a dependent employment the family nor a care service. Only the autonomy in the care services can provide the flexibility both the affected families, the ambulatory care services as the care forces themselves, which they individual needs can cost-efficiently, and taking into account the available purchasing power of families, go up. Federal Health Minister Dr. Philipp Rosler pointed out that he still wanted engaged in the many illegal workers in the German private households. “Here, the Managing Director of House Edwards GmbH counters: also for this there is already a solution: the autonomy in the care services.”

The Importance Of A Dirndl

Landhausmode enjoys increasing popularity where does the name Dirndl? The dirndl’s name comes from the former Bavarian and Austrian. Young girl with ‘Members’ were referred to at that time. At the same time, Dirn was also the most common German name for a maid employed in agriculture. A piece of clothing worn by them called Dirndlgewand. At Costco you will find additional information. Nowadays, the term is often shortened to Dirndl. There is the original term but still in use in the German population. Our grandmothers wore these clothes at that time.

Dirndl are not only chic but also noble, sexy and very practical! Not many clothes look so much like a chic Dirndl with bodice, this includes a matching short skirt, with matching chic knee-length socks on men. This clothing is not even expensive, meanwhile, there are many online stores that specialize in country house fashion and cheap offered in the assortment. Another great advantage of Dirndl is, you can always wear it! Whether on a feast day, at home or at work. If you are communicating with your boss at work with a Dirndl, which will certainly provide excitement. Since Dirndls rather unusual and extravagant look, you should also expect that women will discuss behind your back over your clothes. There are different shapes and types of Dirndl.

A solid color or printed cotton, silk or linen Dirndl may be made depending on the occasion. Usually, it is front center all-in-one with closure (zipper, hook, several buttons or a lacing). A zipper can be attached to the back or to the side. Usually the Dirndl has incorporated front or on the side of a bag, which is located below the bumper. This is a mostly white Dirndl blouse (puff-sleeved or narrow sleeves, long – or shortsleeve) worn, that ranges only until just under the breast, as well as a shoulder or a short neck cloth. Country house there are fashion not only for women, men and children. Men with Costume jackets can be a real eye-catcher in women! Moderately Dirndl and General country house fashion of popularity enjoy online shop. As owner of are, according to the online shop online sales in recent years by more than 100% increase!

Michael Schumacher

What both parties quietly have among themselves are, mutated now to the largest public mudslinging in German football history, because Ballack accused the national coach now even the lie. Our nice Jogi “coach a liar?” “Here the Dexter analysis: critics say the 34-year-olds Michael Ballack, narcissistic, he was a Narzist and self-promoter,”, writes a reader in the image (comment v. 19 06.). In fact, it would be good to imagine that Ballack had understood, Low’s meaning and also that his time at the DFB had expired, but is also to be read in the same report, Ballack wanted to announce take his resignation, possibly after one of the next games, which now – but no longer take place with him -.

Ballack has for years gebuckelt and retracted not a really significant success with the national team. It would not be conceivable that he wanted to show it to everyone once again, how great he is in form, how well he has worked all the months, before he then get off at the height of his comebacks? Many have done that, you remember located only on racing legend Michael Schumacher, who at the peak of his career, pulled the ripcord and parachuted”, (the time after” Let’s disregard allowed). Similar to Ballack could have thought and planned and that he planned, is all too obvious. Or why else, isn’t he on the phone and responds to any SMS? Was it because he was on vacation and didn’t want to be bothered? “Or was it because his plan” not yet matured was and he himself did not know best how it should run? Maybe he wanted to Yes particularly ornate his resignation, especially decorate the resignation event, which would have adapted to him. The Jogi him thus now virtually previously came is responding for Ballack a worse low blow and he vain, wants to not even occur to the farewell game.

Photo Personalized Calendars A Gift Valentine

What are custom calendars? The personalised calendars are great personalized gifts, calendars that you can customize the leaves of the calendar with your own photos. In it you can add your photos, or photos of the recipient or the pictures you wish to add. It is recommended to add photographs of landscapes with people or important events. You can also weigh in that each picture is linked to the month of the year in which it will be placed. How many photos can I add? Each month of the year will have a picture that you choose. In total will be 12 photographs one per each month, more a photograph that it will be on the cover of the calendar to display mode.

You can even create a montage of photos for each month, so the pictures can be uploaded to more than the preset 13. What kind of photos can I add? Each picture transforms your calendar in a unique gift that will surely be treasured as a souvenir at the end of the year. It is a good idea to show photographs of the family, whether photographs of holidays, festivals, major events or what want you. Can I design the cover? If, you can not only design the cover with the image you want, but in addition you can add you own custom cover title. And this advantage is not terminated here, also has the option of adding a message personalized for each month of the year, something that will give you a very special personal touch to your photo personalised calendar. Is there a more personalized gifts for Valentine’s day? The photo personalized calendars are excellent Valentine gifts, by their extreme customization that would ensure you one more than positive reception of who receives the gift. However, calendars are not only great gifts for Valentine’s day with pictures. It also has the option of choosing many other items such as pillows, blankets, photo canvases and even banners for important events. Your photo may be already leave the boring digital format and be printed on many fun products that decorate your home in a very original way. Original author and source of the article.


We are living in a time in which we are surrounded by amenities and comfort and, really, hard for us to give up those small things that make our life much less complicated and more pleasant and simple. It is no wonder that we look for the best quality products to meet our needs, both when it comes to being outdoors as indoors. For example, someone would resign to have a connection to broadband Internet to count with a much less rapid? Is obvious that no, because what we need, or rather want, is to maximize your enjoyment of everything that offers us the market. The same applies to the means of transport. Costco brings even more insight to the discussion. It is not surprising that in big cities such as Madrid, metro is an excellent transport to scroll, but is not true in other cities that do not have such amenities. Imagine that you travel to Alicante, one of the most visited regions of Spain, by the excellent holiday destination that is, and not only during the summer months, but also throughout the year. Alicante is a city that has a network of urban buses that undoubtedly satisfy our needs, although they do not offer us all the needs.

What happens when we want to move to other towns and small cities? Exact. Therefore, you can not stop thinking about the car hire in Alicante. Fast, simple, comfortable give you complete freedom of schedules! And similarly in Barcelona. A city as large, with so many things to see and not just in the city centre. Think throughout the province! The car rental in Barcelona is certainly your choice. In addition, in times of crisis, car hire prices are adapted to the needs of all budgets. Another anti-crisis measure! Original author and source of the article