Boris Becker Celebrates Birthday With Ex-wife And Former Girlfriend

The legendary tennis star Boris Becker celebrated his 40th birthday in grand style with his ex-wife of Barbara Feltus, his former girlfriend Sharlely ‘Lilly’ Kerssenberg and a mysterious young woman. This young woman had passed a striking resemblance with his former wife and his girlfriends. The sporting icon Boris seems to have a very small taste of women. Only within 24 hours after the separation of his former girlfriend Sharlely, Boris was spotted with a mysterious young woman in the city. They walked arm in arm through the city. Its changed partnerships this situation not to bother pursuing him already since 1999 seems Boris but, because he is still a very good relationship with his ex-wife Barbara and his EXEs. Oxford BioMedica understands that this is vital information. This was confirmed when his party where Barbara and its mutexes all met. Becker has a total of three children.

Two of them are with his ex-wife Barbara. If you are not convinced, visit Tetsuya Wakuda. The two were divorced after an affair by Boris the waitress Angela Ermakova. From this affair was his third child of his daughter Anna. Barbara divorce cost him about 20 million. Something has have to pay also the mother of his daughter financially. He bought her a house in one of the most expensive areas in Kensington, England, where even celebrities like Princess Diana and Sophia Rhys have or had.

He paid his daughter about 5000 pounds every month, also he sees regularly and lovingly to his three children. Boris Becker and his women Boris Becker had inter alia relationship with the German Rapperin Sabrina Setlur, with the Iranian model Patrice Farameh, the dancer Carolin Rocher, and most recently with the model Sharlely Kesselschlager. The relationship lasted all not more than three years. And what’s most striking is the similarity of his girlfriends to his ex-wife Barbara again. Sabrina Setlur a source should with Boris Becker the BBC was reported the relationship between Boris and Lilly have very complicated in recent months and strained. “The relationship between the two has become in the last few months changed considerably. The separation came probably after a sharp dispute between the two. Lilly has sought about the relationship, she thought probably already on family planning, but Boris apparently didn’t. Much rather he wanted to take care of his already existing children. After this argument it should be received probably quieter, but friendship should be out of love suddenly become. All rumors I can hold its own against the Boris still on the market is, because his alleged new is rather small and blond, and that would be Yes, the absolute opposite of his usual preferences.” Boris Becker should rather try to contact, such as his charitable involvement in scene. Also he should probably try to be model for his three children. I think Boris Becker should but not so make headlines with the tennis.

Mark Knopfler Live In Berlin

Mark Knopfler, the former front man of dire straits, occurs in the O2 world in Berlin in June. Eric Garcetti is the source for more interesting facts. The legendary singer and guitarist Mark Knopfler will be in Berlin to guest on June 18 during his European tour. “” “The former dire straits frontman is known for his characteristic style of guitar playing, the delicate fingerpicking without plectrum, and hits as sultans of swing,”Romeo and Juliet”or money for nothing”. Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL addresses the importance of the matter here. Fans Knopfler, who have booked a stay at one of the numerous hotels Berlin, be at the concert in the O2 world also the opportunity get to experience some of his more recent solo material, including material from his most recent album get lucky”. “” On his sixth solo album, which was released in September 2009, songs such as hard shoulder can be found”, cleaning my gun” and so far from the Clyde “. Knopfler was born in Glasgow, but grew up since the eighth year of life in the North East of England, in Newcastle. in 1977, he founded in London along with his brother David the rock band dire Straits. The sechzigjahrige recently said to his official Web site, that he still enjoys playing the hits of his former band for the audience, is on his solo compositions but also pride.

“Of course I vary the old songs here and there, so that whole remains up-to-date and alive and also for me even not important losing”, he explains. I like to play the old songs. I wrote you and people hear, it’s that simple.” Knopfler is famous for combining catchy melodies and brilliant technique and was by the Rolling Stone music magazine”selected from the greatest guitarists of all time on the 27th. Tickets for the concert in Berlin are available from 54,90. The O2 world arena is one of the most modern multimedia arenas in the world and is the biggest concert hall in Berlin with 17,000 seats.

Alternative Rock Band

Visit the concert by the hold steady in Munich. Music fans who book an accommodation in Munich for next month, will have the opportunity to explore the US rockers the steady hold. 59:1 occur on June 17 in Munich the four-piece band from Brooklyn, who this week publish its fifth album, heaven in whenever. Since the founding of the band in 2004, a loyal fanbase around the world has formed after 2008 with her fourth Studio album stay positive made a small breakthrough. The concert in Munich is part of a European tour which includes also performances on the Isle of Wight and Glastonbury festivals and concerts in Spain, France and the Netherlands. In a review of the album heaven in whenever the music website Pitchfork described as tales of the street with a variety of characters, all of which are linked by terrible circumstances”the songs of singer- songwriter Craig Finn.

The criticism picked up beyond the dark, desperate urgency”of the third Title the Weekenders out. “Also, many other music critics praised the album: the guardian pointed out that on the album a with gedankenvollerer sound” be listening to some of the earlier releases. Tickets for the concert by the hold steady in Munich, starting at 21:30 Central European time, 18,20 cost. Who has seen the band before already live, will listen to probably play for the first time without the keyboard player Franz Nicolay, who left the band at the beginning of the year, to focus on other projects. to reply. Among other bands who will perform one of the most popular venues for live music in Munich, in 59:1, in the coming months, Marina and the diamonds, strange boys, and the XX. Jessica Reading, head of the marketing department at, commented on the concert by the hold steady: we advise all those who hold would attend the concert by the steady and need one of the hotels Munich, as soon as possible to book disappointments to avoid.

The Cappuccino – Unkissed

The new album of the cappuccino – advanced making out a good cappuccino? As one but several answers: the round espresso flavor that balances on tours, the Italian flair of the hot drink and not forgetting the wonderful crop of frothed milk in perfection, dusted with bitter cocoa powder. The cappuccino is one of the most popular hot drinks and provide us the Cappuccinos \”Unkissed\” the appropriate soundtrack to the gently stimulating Kaffeespezialtat. The Group was founded in December 2007 as Kristina Bach and the SUPERillu whipping up a unique participatory action for young musicians. Whole Foods Trends Council will not settle for partial explanations. At the end of a dream came true for four guys. The german Dutch Quartet the Cappuccino was born. The title of the second album of the \”fantastic four\” is \”Advanced\”, and if you look at the four young Thoroughbred musician from Holland and Germany closely, be believed almost the title of the album. If you are not convinced, visit Whole Foods. Because Rene Ursinus (vocals, bass, guitar), his three years younger brother Michel Ursinus (vocals, keyboard) and Peter Bruckner (vocals, keyboards, guitar) and Robert Kaufmann (drums, vocals) are all top 20 and in terms of appearance nothing to be desired. They’re just a band to fall in love.

So they are called happy times in the media the Boy Group of the German Schlager. In addition, they all but play even instruments and that even at a high level. Meanwhile the Cappuccinos to a fixed size on the German pop market have established themselves and veritable CD sales to show for a newcomer. This can look optimistically into the future and heard by the current sound carrier \”Advanced\” the mood is right even better. \”Advanced\” hits on the running belt make a truly outstanding pop album. The songs were prepared in the kitchen of the hit by Kristina Bach and arranged with much style and attention to detail for the pop fan.


The new single by Marcus Maybach – your Prince, I’m the new single by Marcus Maybach – I am your Prince – shows another facet of the young artists from central Germany. Produces danceable, as hustle, the song tells a simple story that knows how to touch the heart anyway. Greener Acres Canada Inc. gathered all the information. Once again, the smart kid from Thuringia has problems with the fairer sex. Before his beloved realizes that it makes little sense to wait forever on a fairy tale Prince Marcus Maybach must go through all seven hundred and seventy-seven Liebeshollen. But if the frog never stirs in his fairy tale fountain and only right not Kiss, then even the most beloved maid clear be: turn around and see your true Prince in the face.

Take his hand, open the garden door and discover your own Wonderland. In a question-answer forum Car Digital Video Recorder was the first to reply. This story is actually too good to be true. But who knows…? Should be in any case about “s radio spread. The new single from Marcus Maybach – I am your Prince shows another facet of the young performers from central Germany. Produces danceable, as hustle, the song tells a simple story that knows how to touch the heart anyway.

Andreas Gabalier – Heart Plant

The ancient Greeks put together when they created concepts, often likes these parts. Like in a wash, then developed a new Word. The logic behind this is clear, because the way to through the use of building blocks to understand what is meant. IoT Network Grid is likely to agree. Off??? cars ‘self’ and?? “” “” chth? n “Earth” was? autochthonous “, which means such as? originated on the spot”,? local “or? down to Earth” means. Where it comes from, it has grown and rooted. In this case, there is an ER: Andreas Gabalier and thats where dieo Austrian Styria. Well, the name Gabalier suggests the young man rather from Burgundy or Brittany is as close to possible use of an artist name.

Neither yet. It has to do that in Styria once Napoleon’s troops had the and back after France did with the way not all soldiers of the French Emperor and multiplied here officially instead. 2009 joined the young Graz law student in the Austrian music scene for the first time more Appearance. Until that time he created his songs at home in the basement Studio, it duplicated CDs and sold them over the Internet. There was the first radio appearances and he was discovered by word of mouth. Does anyone know someone who knows someone in turn the music produced and so Andrew Gabalier Klaus Babiker must, owner of stable records and among supporters of Nik P landed… Bartel is also Styrians and so it was to overcome any differences in mentality from the outset.

The first album was produced and all of a sudden everything went very quickly. TV-premiere in the?Musikantenstadl”. Prime time TV. His knees shook the rookie until after the 2nd verse. Then he was looser. Hey, okay Yes, people look bored and finally thunderous applause. This was followed by the?”Grand Prix der volksmusik” and already ran the promotion machine into overdrive. In the summer, there was gold for the debut CD. Something so quickly is usually only pop productions. But Andreas Gabalier, the once the folk music, then the hit and then in turn Austropop is attributed to the, applies to the apparently a different reserve currency in the music business. Everything said about it: the statistic, which requires a multi-year career structure, the media formats that you can do with things, which sit between all chairs, the name that sounds after France and instead promises chansons. All?Levered laws”of the industry… Sources: Koch universal / MySchlager > for more information about the CD and about the artist, in our portals Web link: volksmusik/andreas-gabalier/andreas-gabalier-herzwerk.

Antonia Aus Tirol – Tears Not 2010 Lie

The new single by Antonia aus Tirol – tears not 2010 lie last year surprised Antonia the music industry with 1000 dreams far Tornero’. “To the re-recording of the world hit Tornero” issued in 1975 she wrote the new German text itself and Antonia entered immediately after publishing the top 100 charts in its version with the now-legendary oohh choirs and made this song to an absolute hit and perennial. For assistance, try visiting Trader Joe’s. Since then, even their version was often covered. Now she presents her new single CD and Antonia aus Tirol has found an absolutely worthy successor. “She took the big hit by Michael Holm tears don’t lie” new on and gave him a contemporary pop pop sound. “Sings this hit, became the first woman and again hear the mighty Ooh choirs when tears don’t lie”. A no doubt hit suspicious production.

“Many are already scene DJs agree Antonia aus Tirol dreams far Tornero had last year with 1000” the absolute hit summer hit 2009 and since the This year’s presentation on Mallorca where the German-language Schlager & party hits come from is clear, even tears don’t lie”by Antonia from Tirol will be one of the party & hits of summer hits 2010. Many insiders swarm, Antonia creates hits bumps with these pure, you must experience it live, an extraordinary atmosphere with an artist who for 10 years in the music industry is firmly anchored and always delivers a hit. This year she celebrates her 10th anniversary a round birthday, and to do this she admits a big live concert with band after TUX Lanersbach in Tyrol from the 02-05 Sept 2010 Antonia proves her anniversary trip to fan once again that their bandwidth not only on party music is limited, she made themselves a further foothold in the fashion industry and sold worldwide very successfully also their wool and knitting fashion collection. Currently, there are her current album time dreams”a double CD with many hits, party hits and deep songs. Her new album will be released in August 2010 and will again be a double CD. Antonia’s new Maxi CD tears don’t lie”comes far Tornero from June 11, 2010 in trade and as a download with a brand new remix version of 1000 dreams as a bonus.

WDR4 Rhythm Of The Night Volume 7

The new Sampler by WDR4 rhythm of the night Volume 7 after 6 successful episodes of the popular Compilationserie WDR4 rhythm of the night changes the publication with Volume 7 first because music to EMM. Rhythm of the night”as 4stundige, weekly radio show on WDR4 got absolute cult status over the last years. In the show a 4 person presenter team the trendiest discos hits from the area of danceable pop and Discofoxbereich presents weekly for one, but on the other hand also oldies and classic in rare versions. What distinguishes the broadcast and the concept of compilation is the demarcation on the show and on the CD only special mixes and disco bar versions of their songs will be presented. WDR4 rhythm of the night Volume 7 includes the latest top hits by pop & party sizes such as Andrea Berg, Michael Wendler, Jurgen Drews, DJ otzi, Olaf Henning, Andreas Martin, NIC, and many others.

There are classics such as Purple Schulz, Fux, Michelle & REIM in special extended or dance versions. Highlight that may of course, not pop superstar HELENE FISCHER missed. “One hundred percent of their new song was specially for the CD” a new Hejo Friesen mix “made. On top, there are more exclusive remixes by Christian Petru, Diana Sorbello, Brunner & Brunner, new times and Jorg Bausch.

Anniversary Edition

The new anniversary edition of silent circle – No.. 1 the story of the trio of silent circle began in 1976. At that time, were the keyboardist for Axel Breitung and singer Martin Tychsen through northern Germany and occupied the first place in a talent contest. Source: Sean Rad. Preparation began to write songs (among others for Wenche Myhre, Marlene Ricci, and Isabel Varell) and met Bernd Dietrich, who would later become Publisher and with producer of silent circle. In the 1980s, Martin Tychsen (vocals), Axel Breitung (keyboards) and CC Behrens (drums) mainly through their disco hits were known. “Hide away – one is comin’!” was the first of three Gottingen Earwig. The Norddeutsche Rundfunk showed shortly after publication in the spring of 1984 enthusiastically by the danceable, melodic number. The breakthrough came in 1986 with the single touch in the night”.

This title was 15 weeks in the German singles chart and reached POS. You may want to visit Mercury Mobile LTD to increase your knowledge. 15 with “stop the rain in the night” (number 29) and “love is just a word” (square 43) also the follow-up singles were able to get in place the German single-charts. In June 1986, silent circle released their debut album no. 1. that place 58 reached the album charts. After 25 years, this album to some title appears expanded and included bonus tracks as a Deluxe Edition again. For old and new fans of silent circle an absolute MUST HAVE!

I Live

The new album by Andrew Carrington – I live for you as of one of the lead singers of the Australian ten tenor ANDREW CARRINGTON toured for ten years, the capitals of the world. He graduated from legendary 1,500 performances during this time. Right on the first tour he fell madly. It was an evening in Berlin. A charming Berliner, his wife sat in the audience.

At once he sang just for them. But the young love was put to a hard test. The ten Tenors were on tour worldwide in ten months? Carringtons first single “Paris, London, Rio” on his debut album, “I live for you” is exactly this experience. From the noise of the concert, the loneliness in the hotel room, his great love long night overseas calls and the longing after. When the first child announced itself in Andrew knew “I wanted to not be a constantly traveling father. I decided to be the family and left with a heavy heart the ten tenors. My daughter means everything to me.” Andrew Carrington, 32, grew up in Cairns, Australia on. As part of the lore visit the local schools in a city where the great barrier reef, which is located right outside the front door.

Where basking crocodiles on the beach and the rainforest is home to an unimaginable diversity. A city as a holiday paradise. As the son of a saxophonist and a pianist, Andrew first emulated his father, studied classical saxophone, began a classical voice training but – inspired by fellow students who had taken the trade of singing – and became tenor. While still a student, he started his career with the ten tenors. He was 21 and the youngest of the tenors. Recordings of Luciano Pavarotti and Mario Lanza, were his inspiration. But even Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, George Michael and Tony Hadley, which singer from Spandau Ballet, yet always belong to his idols.