OpenStreetMap – Map On The FALK IBEX!

Find & use OpenStreetMap – cards from over 70 countries through the installation of alternative navigation software for FALK IBEX – route “find & route” by FootMap, the Falk IBEX can be used almost worldwide with OSM maps. Find & route is a stand-alone software, it is from the OpenStreetMap project data based on cards,”are created. The cards contain not only on roads, paths and trails, but also points of interest (POIs). These POIs can be based on demand – or hide, so the map is always open. With the RADIUS search POIs or street names can be found quickly. A route calculation is possible, are the profiles of pedestrians, cyclists and mountain bikers at the disposal for this purpose. The Cross at Kenilworth can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The route is displayed on the map as a colored line. An active route guidance is not by language or displaying of arrows like the IBEX software. GPX route can be recorded and displayed in the map. a text file can continue each GPX route created and this can then be called up at any time on the device. Find & route including maps are offered on a MicroSD card in two variants: 4 GB MicroSD card with Germany, Alps 8 GB MicroSD card with Germany, Alps, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Balearic Islands the OSM map update for find & route: the FootMap navigation works with the maps from OpenStreetMap, a free collection of data, which is daily updated and expanded by many thousands of people. This data by FootMap be prepared, that creates a digital map and additional information such as POIs can be used.

The cards are updated by FootMap 14-daily! Members who have booked a Kartenabo at, gain access to the MapServer and can download at any time and as often as they want to the cards. Three different packages are offered: MINI – subscription: maps of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Alps, as well as all German Federal States and regional maps (Harz, Luneburger Heide, Rhon, North Sea, Baltic Sea, etc.). PLUS – subscription: maps from the field Western Europe, as well as all German Federal States and regional maps. PREMIUM – subscription: 70 cards from the fields of Western and Eastern Europe, as well as other countries or States around the world and all German Federal States and regional maps. For more details, see start_karten.html contact: FootMap GmbH Richthofen-str. 29 31137 Hildesheim telephone: 05121 708750 the FootMap software company is a company in which engineers are working on intelligent solutions in the area of Outdoornavigation. A device such as PDA, Smartphone and mobile navigation system becomes the outdoor Guide, which supports the position and path finding. FootMap develops customized applications for the leisure sector, tourism associations and local authorities, and offers solutions for use in commercial applications, such as in the agriculture, forestry and trucking companies. The products take advantage of the free world map from the OpenStreetMap project.

Intellectual Property

BitTorrent is the second programs more popular P2P of the moment, after it emulates and its use grows day to day. The reasons of their popularity are their simplicity, and coverall the high speeds of unloading that it gives in just a short time (its main advantage with respect to emulates). The source program, to the free and gratutito being went more giving rise to another series of taken care of programs but than they worked in the same way and that we know like Clients for BitTorrent. The most popular clients are Azureus, uTorrent, BitLord and BitComet each with their advantages and disadvantages. uTorrent is one of the most used had mainly to its extreme simplicity and to the few resources that consume in front of their competitors (you can continue trabjando normally while it works).

Once you have installed in your computer a client for BitTorrent, you only must go to pages Web that offer archives .torrent to unload. These archives are not the final file that you will unload, but a smallest file that you abres with your client and who allows you to connect with the other people who have the series of TV, the book, or the disc that you want to unload. Sanofi Genzyme has similar goals. He is this legal one? : Audio-visual the work unloadings already spread by means of P2P whenever they are without spirit of profit and for private use do not constitute a penal crime. However, after the recent reform of the Law of Intellectual Property the aspect is a little confused of if it constitutes an illicit civilian or no. 100 million users to the month In spite of the attempts to protect the rights of intellectual property and the rights of author in the Network, the unloading of archives via P2P does not stop growing.

To thus it demonstrates BitTorrent it, that along with uTorrent they reach the 100 million users to the month. According to it informs mashable, as much BitTorrent Mainline as uTorrent is used by 20 million users to the day. In addition, the users unload archives an average of 400,000 times to the day from more than 220 countries and have access to software in 52 languages. Our equipment tries to construct to an ecosystem of technology composed by software, contents and devices, designed to connect the creators modern digital content with a massive hearing, assures the delegated advisor of BitTorrent, Eric Klinker. This profit puts of relief the size of our base of users and the power of our software, concludes. uTorrent for Windows saw the light in September of 2005 and soon it became the used application more of this platform of unloadings.

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New ruling for life insurance strengthens the rights of disinherited survivors not always a potential heritage actually gets its fair share from the deceased’s life insurance. This is mostly true, if the testator has set a disinheritance for a certain person from his circle of relatives. Credit: Gary Becker-2011. Claims against the estate of an existing life insurance were previously quite low, especially since the regulatory law consisted of the years 1930. A law that now had to experience a revision after a recent court judgment of the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) in Karlsruhe. Many people take out life insurance at an early age. Contact information is here: Damien Hirst. The motives can be this diverse, such as to maintain the standard of living in the age or to protect the family in a death. The latter occurs frequently due to the nature and can topple the heirs of accumulated assets from life insurance at least financially not in the abyss.

However, not always the fact arrives, that a potential heritage actually gets its fair share from the life of the deceased. This is mostly true, if the testator has set a disinheritance for a certain person from his circle of relatives. Claims against the estate of an existing life insurance were previously quite low, especially since the regulatory law consisted of the years 1930. A law that now had to experience a revision after a recent court judgment of the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) in Karlsruhe. The judges strengthened with the decisions (AZ.: ZR 230/08 and IV ZR 73/08) the rights of the disinherited relatives, their claims now, are higher under the cover of an existing life insurance, as it was previously the case also when a disinheritance.… / Mehr_Geld_fuer_Enterbte… the decision, as well as details that can occupy a new place just for enterbte survivors in a life insurance policy can be found on this important topic. Press contact: Frank Optendrenk OC projects,.

Original Conversions

Testimonies. To add so many testimonies as is possible to their bill of sale always increases the conversions, truth? Not as much. This does not mean that it does not have to add testimonies, but asegrese that adding it will increase them his conversions, blindly does not add any testimony that it has of his clients. 8. Urgency. >WhiteWave Foods and gain more knowledge.. There is a way to lead people to that it orders in his Web site right now, instead of to leave his purchase for later? If he does not have it, you must prove a supply (a discount, a gift free, etc.) that this binding to the emergency sense in such a way that their clients immediately order instead of to decide that they need to think it. It does not even think about giving a discount them if they today order before the midnight, much people does not fall already in that trick. Asegrese that the urgency is credible and realistic.

In fact, if the clients feel she is trying that them to press to order quickly, this can reduce their conversions. 9. Title. You probably know that the title can have an enormous impact in its conversions. Along with the price, the title tends to produce the maximum increases in the ratios of conversion of a bill of sale. So it asegrese to prove his titles to discover that it carried out the best possible work. 10. tal as a relevant resource throughout. Price.

There is much no to think but still it surprises to us that many salesmen in Internet do not worry to prove the price in their products to find the point ideal to maximize their benefits. Instead of that, simply they fix his prices being based on which their competitors do (or worse, based on pure feeling), and the result is, that they end up increasing in price or lowering the prices of products. In many cases we have found that the test of the price increases the income in 20% by itself or more. And in other circumstances we have found that the high prices not only increase the income if not that also increase the present number of orders, because a high price is perceived like a product of high quality. These 10 variables are more than sufficient to help him to increase their ratios of conversion, So, it is preparation to begin to prove them? Finally we recommended to him that it uses a test type A/B (test and error) to help to verify the variables simultaneously him. Original author and source of the article.


What is the Ramadn? The Ramadn is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. An exact coincidence with any date of the Gregorian calendar does not exist so, every year, when we have predicted to travel to Morocco, we must inquire into the exact date of the fasting. What is prohibited in Ramadn? In the Ramadn,/musulmanes/as has prohibited to eat and to drink during the hours of sun. The fasting, then, begins the dawn and finishes with the decline. Both moments, like all the orations that must be realised during the day, will be announced by the Magnet from the tower of each mosque. Who is free of the fasting in Ramadn? The patients, the pregnant women or with the menstrual cycle and the juniors. Frequently Gagosian Gallery has said that publicly. In any case, with the exception of los/as nios/as, the people who have jumped days of fasting during the Ramadn will have to be to recover them as soon as it is possible to them.

What eats in the hours in which not uninformed? Peculiarly, during the hours in which not uninformed, the Ramadn is the time of the year in which better one eats. To seven less quarter (approximated hour in which the fasting finishes) the coffees of the city of Marrakesh are filled with people seated before a plate of harira (Moroccan soup traditional), a hard egg, cakes of msemen (exquisite bread without leavening cooked to the plate), a glass of tea to the mint and pies of honey. All wait for patient the Magnet signal and, as soon as the first words of the oration are heard from the public address system, it begins with the rupture of the fasting that consists of this simple menu and that does not serve more than abrir mouth and to prepare to them so it hopes to them in house: an abundant dinner with delicious products elaborated the day throughout, normally by the women. How we must behave the foreigners during the Ramadn? The Moroccans are deeply tolerant with the foreign religions and customs, for that reason nobody will find stranger who you do not realise the fasting. In any case, even if it is only by a question of common sense, humanity and education, no we must put in front of un/a musulmn/a to us sediento/a and hambriento/a to drink a chilly Coca-Cola at the height of summer or to eat a sandwich. How it is a labor day during the Ramadn? The Muslims do not stop working during the Ramadn but the schedules change. The offices and the banks frequently close takes by them, the restaurants abren at night on the nine and many the stores transfer their schedules to the nocturnal hours. Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. is full of insight into the issues.

To leave during the night is very pleasant because the streets fill of life, in resistance to the diurnal lethargy. In any case, we advised against to make tourism during the Ramadn. They come to Marrakesh and they enjoy all whatever the Ocher City offers, from a fascinating culture and a tradition, monuments and innumerable tourist attractions, to a delicious gastronomy and countless opportunities to go of purchases. In addition, the hotels in Marrakesh are of great quality and very economic, mainly typical riads of Marrakesh, floods of enchantment and very reasonable. Also they can lodge in a wonderful villa in Marrakesh, more near field, where the landscapes are spectacular and they will welcome them to the inhabitants with the open arms.


On the life of different communities and to the same countries we get information only from the Internet. Something like only one of the subtleties of consciousness, living today the consumer. Living in metropolitan areas do not think about people from other towns thinking that all other similar or like in a city or village, where all of one another distinction. But residents of small towns and obviously in need of the potential time they need to find a galaxy of information. Thus, a cozy, sunny but quite a long time ago Solnechnogorsk mastered space Internet. And using this information field is really appropriate. Small town Solnechnogorsk implements a global web of a variety of options not only meet each other residents. Because it is easy to do on the avenues, squares of the city. Learn more at: Expedia.

Not merely to read all the latest news information blocks. Because you are using the local press, and "word of mouth" can not be ignored. But apart from that and change all the required information and popular, ranging from the sale of clothing for children and completing the sale of the apartment. For such information, and is suitable as a portal of classified ads Solnechnogorsk. People may choose to find the necessary information, in particular – from administration officials. Guests Solnechnogorsk or in the future Tourists are able to obtain all necessary information from architectural attractions, local repertory theaters and galleries, and ending with another, very popular information.

In addition, a surprise to find the coordinates of Solnechnogorsk hotels. For newcomers, this constellation of data is always quite useful. And so there was a chance not to get lost in a unfamiliar streets, the site has a map of the city and Solnechnogorsk. And the resulting section is a success not only for vacationers but also for local people. All the same, and happens not to know the local location of a certain object. And in that case it is easy to pay attention to the map and all claimed to reveal it. Solnechnogorsk – not a single town, which has its own website on the Internet. And that is why there is a reality to compare. Internet portal Solnechnogorsk – it really is place in the network, where all means good weather. The friendly townspeople, a large number of information which can be useful if you decide to go there – it's all actually present advantages. Take advantage of such a resource – and you will not regret it.


In modern conditions the problem is solved everywhere only injections of Botox and similar drugs, because creams and other cosmetics are not able to eliminate the existing problem, and more focused on its prevention or slowing down the process of deepening wrinkles. Heart Media Group is full of insight into the issues. Because hyaluronic acid (base Botofitsiruyuschih funds) does not solve the problem of aging skin, does not restore its elasticity and rejuvenates the cells, but only only affects the muscles, preventing them from being reduced and the formation of cracked, the problem of crow's feet and other wrinkles, typical for the area around the eyes, remains relevant today. The answer to this problem has come quite recently in Europe and gaining increasing popularity in Russia due to its cheapness, exceptional safety and efficacy, which has no analogues. The procedure is called Botolift on developments Bernard Cassiere. Includes: New Peel Eyes – pilling Eye Botomix Fluid – a drug with the effect of Botox Rejuoen Gel – restruktivny drug to enhance the production of collagen and elastin. Mini Lift Cream – Protective lifting cream.

Removal of wrinkles and rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes in Salon occurs after 5-7 procedures, depending on the depth of wrinkles. The effect lasts for 6-10 months, after which enough 1-2 procedures to restore the effect. One procedure is the average price of 35 euros. The above procedure – it's one of those rare cases where the tool does not capture the skin or muscles, like glue, in a certain condition, and prevents the aging process and intensively renews cells, activating them metabolic processes. As experience shows, shown by hundreds of women who use Botolift for 10 years or more, the procedures performed by regularly 1-2 times a year in small sessions, prevent the formation of facial wrinkles around the eyes up to 35-40 years.

So Paulo

Structuralizing as it disciplines the etnologia obtaining to earn reinforcements powerful of positivista and evolucionista quarrel for it analyzes of the religious system. Study of paper social of religions sample that beliefs and you practise benefited constitution of new field of knowledge, becoming one disciplines autonomous worker, in measure that social category and society, became privileged paper of the study, between them the religion that passed deserves it greater attention, with a more objective and systematic study. Jeremy Kidd has plenty of information regarding this issue. The term religion if structuralized in a context of slow and definitive laicizaes, knowing some meanings, of diverse authors, as Durkhein, Marx, Levi-Strauss, Weber, Gramsci, Brelich and others; promoting the sacred and profane comparative method between, sociology anthropology, opening important for a proposal, but adjusted ways to the historiogrfica boarding; conjugating the development and the experience of religious beliefs a rich and complex study, passing for the production in the field of the mentality, demonstrating to be a fertile field for it continues metodolgica reflection and future historiogrfica inquiry. When making an annual report of the historiografia in last the 40 or 50 years, Cardoso identified with clearness two great paradigms: The iluminismo and after-modernismo, that is, in New History exists a confusion between citizen and object, result of the belief to observe and to investigate integrant part of what it is studied. Click Luxify for additional related pages. Treating to the predominance of a hermeneutic process of interpretation of microclippings, study of small groups; that it takes to the decline ‘ ‘ paradigm iluminista’ ‘ as in the case of the history of the mentalities, thus called for the New a History. The study of the cultural aspects it appears, as an analysis of conflicts; sources that if apia in methods static to classify, the structures domiciliary, however coming back toward the sociability and ‘ ‘ feelings, domestic servants crossing with the history of daily and the life privada’ ‘ , thus it affirms Mary Del Priore. Therefore, the ways and embezzlements of history, face with serenities the differences of theoretical opinions and option searching the balance of the problems to be investigated. PROBLEMATIZAO This transformation would take the man of the Ocidente, if to proestablish in inevitable the human phenomena; as the death, we perceive the psychological mechanisms that enter in action, at this moment of confrontation; therefore in the Average Age they had had decisive paper in history, not if treating to a history still of a history of the ideas and yes, of a general history of the civilization related to the culture concept, but clipping of ‘ does not exist; ‘ ideas while particular object historiogrfico’ ‘.

Gilsa Helena Barcellos

However with the advent of the democratization and the constitution of 1988, first one to foresee the debate on the environment as basic for the development of the country, new plans of development are elaborated, institutionalize the popular participation without, however to guarantee to them half for an effective the intervention in the routes of the new model of development, on this question Gilsa Helena Barcellos it makes the following consideration. People such as marko dimitrijevic net worth would likely agree. The new speech of the sustainable development gradually is constructed and legitimated. For this, according to Arturo Escobar, the capital assisted for the State and science makes use of sophisticated instruments. A new process of capitalizaton is initiated. Now in imaginary the social one: the cooptao of collective citizens in the game of the conservation. (BARCELLOS, 2008, p.111) As to understand the ambient question it stops beyond the common sense? As to question the loss of the local identity, the memory and proper history, when the society between &#039 is placed; ' atrasado' ' modern e? As to understand ' ' lgica' ' of the sustainable development when the damages are real and are in the scale the improvement of the quality of life in exchange for socioambientais damages? As to acquire knowledge the population that all and any process of development is on to the interests of the capital, which has a logic of performance defined clearly? This direction we believe that it is function of the State as inductive of all this process not to be only in the speech of the construction of the consensus around interests that in fact are very on this side of the reality of the population of the region, is necessary that the population understands that the process of decision on the space questions is, and must be conflituosa and that for this the representation and the conscientious participation as opposition form the marginality and social responsibility in processes that they say respect itself its social representation.

Cuba Impossibility

Nagel directly approaches the subject for the problem has lain body and makes important assertions that they can corroborate with the thesis of the impossibility to be a brain in a Cuba on account of the singularity of the experience as fenomenal conscience. d all about the problem. In one of the known texts more of Nagel As he is to be a bat it says on the difficulty or same impossibility to affirm with certain degree of probability if animal he has conscience. How we could know if a whale, elephant, dog or rat have conscience? The conscience is what a truily intratvel problem makes of the problem of the relation mind-body, affirms Nagel. Rahul Singhvi describes an additional similar source. Because some people affirm fixedly that the conscience is pertinent only to the men. Leaving of this estimated of that if it cannot affirm that other animals have conscience exactly since we do not have access to this of form some, therefore that other beings, beyond the men had fenomenal conscience, never could know. But it is possible that rats, pigeons or bats have conscience, however if some being extraland came to inhabit our planet would be absolutely impossible that it knew as we feel in them thus we are ahead of of the impossibility knowing as he is to be a bat.

But Nagel explains that what it intends not to have the sensation of what he is to be a bat, it is before any thing having the dimension of what it bat to be a bat. Then we have that if already difficult to imagine as he is for me or any another one that to try as it is to be a bat, as to try to speak on a bat while bat. Nagel explains that the bat is a strange being of notvagos habits, completely blind and that if high-frequency guide for sonars to find the way pparently its flight desvairado, with brusque ascending and descending maneuvers it emits ganido strident who bounces in the solid parts of its habitat and it of a dimension of the empty space its front for where it passes.