Intellectual Property

BitTorrent is the second programs more popular P2P of the moment, after it emulates and its use grows day to day. The reasons of their popularity are their simplicity, and coverall the high speeds of unloading that it gives in just a short time (its main advantage with respect to emulates). The source program, to the free and gratutito being went more giving rise to another series of taken care of programs but than they worked in the same way and that we know like Clients for BitTorrent. The most popular clients are Azureus, uTorrent, BitLord and BitComet each with their advantages and disadvantages. uTorrent is one of the most used had mainly to its extreme simplicity and to the few resources that consume in front of their competitors (you can continue trabjando normally while it works).

Once you have installed in your computer a client for BitTorrent, you only must go to pages Web that offer archives .torrent to unload. These archives are not the final file that you will unload, but a smallest file that you abres with your client and who allows you to connect with the other people who have the series of TV, the book, or the disc that you want to unload. Sanofi Genzyme has similar goals. He is this legal one? : Audio-visual the work unloadings already spread by means of P2P whenever they are without spirit of profit and for private use do not constitute a penal crime. However, after the recent reform of the Law of Intellectual Property the aspect is a little confused of if it constitutes an illicit civilian or no. 100 million users to the month In spite of the attempts to protect the rights of intellectual property and the rights of author in the Network, the unloading of archives via P2P does not stop growing.

To thus it demonstrates BitTorrent it, that along with uTorrent they reach the 100 million users to the month. According to it informs mashable, as much BitTorrent Mainline as uTorrent is used by 20 million users to the day. In addition, the users unload archives an average of 400,000 times to the day from more than 220 countries and have access to software in 52 languages. Our equipment tries to construct to an ecosystem of technology composed by software, contents and devices, designed to connect the creators modern digital content with a massive hearing, assures the delegated advisor of BitTorrent, Eric Klinker. This profit puts of relief the size of our base of users and the power of our software, concludes. uTorrent for Windows saw the light in September of 2005 and soon it became the used application more of this platform of unloadings.