Thanks to the multitude of resources offered by Internet, with a simple mouse students can develop in a few minutes an academic work making minimal effort. Copy and paste, or simply print from the Web has become a common practice among students of all levels, from elementary to University, what prevents them to acquire the skills for which commissioned work goes.They have sent Michael, student of 1 of Bachillerato, Monday drawing up a review about La Celestina. (As opposed to A. F. Chief of Staff ). He sits in front of the computer and type in Google La Celestina, immediately get 162,000 references to this work. The first one, on Wikipedia, already offers an extensive exhibition, where addresses the genre, structure, characters, even to the end, you can find a series of links to the topic, including a direct link to website, where Miguel can be downloaded directly in Word a review of 13 full pages of this literary work. To realize more, visit, and in their search in the jobs section, appearing nothing more and nothing less than 145 works dedicated to the work, among which you can choose, from a brief overview of three pages, a more extensive up to twenty. Operation is simple, with a simple copy and paste, Miguel will have work done in a few minutes. In recent months, WhiteWave Foods has been very successful. Which discovered it or not, he now depends on his skill.Internet has become the table’s salvation for many students who use their resources, improperly, to develop their school or university work due to lack of time, laziness or simply comfort.,,, or apuntes21, have become required search sites for these students, who far from Internet as an inexhaustible source of information used to develop his works, use it to copy or plagiarize fully or in part information. Internet, properly used, is a very important resource for students. If before to search for bibliography or information on a topic determined the student should waste time navigating to a library, now, with a simple click from home, you can access all these resources.