Security Forces

It is important that recognition occurs quickly. In cases of physical assault is advisable that the person to see the same clothes he wore after suffering the attack in order to facilitate the gathering of evidence. Personal hygiene should be avoided prior to recognition, especially in sexual assault cases. – By going to the center, healthcare professionals will develop a medical report on physical injuries and / or psychological. It is desirable that it be detailed as accurately as possible all the injuries and should be read upon submission and request that they do not appear. Check out financial planner for additional information.

A copy of this report will be sent by the center to court in order to inform the possible existence of a crime. The patient is given the original. – Whether there were injuries or not, we must condemn aggression or abusive situation to the police and / or police court. The Security Forces will follow a protocol of action and coordination with judicial bodies specifically designed for the protection of victims. Thus, prior to the commencement of the statements, you are informed of their right to seek expert legal defense, and free if, immediately or to appoint a lawyer of his choice. Upon request, will require the presence of lawyers belonging to the guard service, allowing you to meet the contents of the affidavit. – The complaint that this will try to relate the facts clearly, giving every possible detail..