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But the question is not whether to make you a few steps toward Reformation, and how quickly stopped. Where does the desire ‘to treat and help all’? The reasons can be many. Very often, this unmet need for recognition and gratitude or a desire to say to myself ‘I’m good because I helped a man ‘(which, incidentally, is also associated with the recognition of) What’s the risk? When you become a psychologist, everywhere and always, it eventually kills the self-reflective and creates the illusion of ‘omnipotence’ and on this your professional development stops. And the job without requiring in most cases simply do not help a person – he or replace all the words out of his mind, or will drive the problem deeper and farther, but still aggression may respond if the psychologist really gets to the root of the problem. And most importantly, when the psychology of your life becomes too much, she can just get tired – as tired of almost everything consumed long and in very large quantities of what to do? One of the most remarkable examples antideformatsii I have often before your eyes – it’s my fellow therapist. Very attentive and professional in work outside study, few people can generally assume that this person is a psychologist.

He poisons stories and anecdotes are not talking about psychology in general and just lives – like most ordinary people. It clearly separates the profession and life. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jack Fusco on most websites. I think that the danger deform he negligible. I have done myself, when I caught myself on trying to ‘cure’? Abruptly switched the subject to something very simple and unpretentious. If a man tried to continue the theme, I discreetly went to the topic still under the pretext of some fatigue from work and the desire just to talk about abstract themes.

It usually worked. NAT, chtozanimayuseelichnostnym growth thoughts. “Yanetrener, yamuzhchina – skazalya myself isvidanieproshlootlichno Psychology – great science and it can help a huge number of people. But if you use it every minute of his life, then life can become dull and monotonous, filled with only advisory and training sessions. Someone from the experienced leading probably can tell by reading the text: it is not true for me, this is for beginners. I myself thought just as long as several times not witnessed as a group of psychologists (coaches or therapists), without any request for a ‘cured’ of his colleagues – has consistently and relentlessly)) Adrugayamoyaznakomaya, molodoypsiholog even , vspominalaklassikov (kogdaona protsitirovalPlatona, yabylvpechatlen). psychology etookazalosochen, very trudnymzanyatiem. Psychology – it is only part of life, although it is very important. But not all of life. Let us live and colleagues Continues to move!