Environmental Pollution

Ignore the nature is the cause of human misfortune. Epicurus not can ignore what is currently facing in environmental pollution in the countries that integrate the planet Earth, the neglect that many Governments have made in favor of preserving not environmental pollution with regard to water, air, soil and everything that is life. As well as what others say, that Venezuela has been under a scheme of development without ecological awareness which goes back to the 1950s, where both politicians who have led the country as the national and international private sectors think only in the short term business and are ravaging our tropical ecosystems generating poverty and destruction for future generations and the extinction of living beings who have lived together in balance without human interventionjeopardizing even species that may be source of biomedicine for many diseases that currently humanity suffers. Faced with this reality, the graduate program of the specialty of quality management and productivity of the postgraduate Area of Faces of the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, within its lines of research has given way to everything related to the role of enterprises and their commitment in relation to environmental pollution, especially with regard to production processes and the proper use of products that are manufactured. Considers the program, that there is a great social responsibility at present, take seriously what represents for the company in its operations contribute to the pollution of the environment, have a good environmental culture within its organizational culture, which allow that all those who work in the company are fully identified its role and commitment as regards protection of the environment. Takes very seriously when he says, that: the only being able to hunt massively is the man, including whether same, and is obliged to auto regulate to restrict its unlimited predatory capacity trains and educates its specialist, agenda, under consideration, all those aspects that guarantee in exercise of its profession, especially before the commitment of no environmental pollution, providing all those basic skills that should be taken into account for non-pollution, both in the inner heart of the company, and in the external environment.