Environmental Harm

The proper handling of toner for the sake of the environment is not recommended to use low-quality consumables for copiers and laser printers. Especially when toners should be taken on good quality. Black and white copiers and laser printers are equipped simply with black cartridges. However, the trend to color copiers and printers. This is mainly because that the inkjet printers are no longer meet the requirements of many companies. Not the same inside each printer color ink-jet printers have cartridges that can be used with multiple colors.

Colour laser printers and copiers, however, are equipped with multiple toner cartridges. Without hesitation Japanese Engineers explained all about the problem. Black, cyan, magenta and yellow each color has its own cartridge. Other colors are needed for a merge or a copy of these are mixed it. It is important to note that it is connected to the onset of toners with a strong effect of dirt. Copier or laser printer with a home vacuum cleaner must never be cleaned. For this, the market offers special Toner vacuum cleaner on, which retain small toner particles and give rise to no electrostatic charge. Otherwise the printer or copier could be badly damaged. The right toner must be purchased for each device.

Hewlett-Packard or Epson for example are good brands that you can trust. On the market there are also cheap oversleeves. These replicas are however not legal and the quality leaves to be desired. Who attaches importance to precision and intense colours, is not happy. Besides, patent law prohibits to make cartridges for toner. Toner – eco-friendly or environmental scare? It is not difficult to refill ink cartridges. This situation is different with toner cartridges. If these are used, they must be replaced or thrown away. Because toner remains very harmful such as groundwater, a disposal in the domestic waste is not permitted. Dealers are very pleased to accept the toner cartridges. He then decides whether it the cartridge in accordance with the Waste law disposed of or be newly filled. The toner refill to the new filling of used cartridges an environmentally friendly alternative to buying new. This method, but no worn parts are replaced. A toner refill is very easy to do with a manual and the correct accessories. There are also companies that fully prepare used toner cartridges. This not only newly filled cartridges, but also worn parts checked and replaced if necessary. After this procedure, as rebuilt toner cartridges come in the sale. Also here you should put quality and buy Berlin, for example, the toner factory. Kerstin Dreesen